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January 25, 2001     Jewell County Record
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January 25, 2001

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I t 3A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, January 25, 2001 I C-i-ub members sew lllli Alexander promoted " Births " 1^. wA I....-I+.,I Ilil= ! Mankatonative, WynnAlexander, 4-H News I "" .a 1-v.V.,.=- was recently promoted to executive JoeyandStacyBehrendsannounce | _ GFWCofKansasProgressiveStudy /-,, ,11iml 4 president by the board of directors of the birth of their son, ReidDavid, bom Kent and Linda Wood, Mankato, ] Club met with Nevada Vetter where i" "~ll~'W! People Bank, Coldwater. Jan. 16 at Mitchell County Hospital, and Alan and Janct McKin~y, Onaga, | _n~-.mbers did sewing for veterans in PP~ -'~ll[ I Alexander has been with Peoples Beloit. He weighed 7 pounds, 14 1/'2 announcetheexlgagemmtofthdrchil- Southemt Coyotm | VA hospitals. ~t rags" lap robes, /11 Bank for five years as ag loan officer dren, Jamie Ranac Trimble to Joshua A fact about Kan~ls was the subjeet | ~mebagsandlaundrybagsweremade ~llM and more recently as executive vice- ounces, and was 21 inches long. He has a sister, Remi. Grandparents are ...... Michael McKinsey, both of Emporia. for roll call when the goutheast Coyote JamiegraduatedfromMankato Jun- 4-I-I club met for the January meeting. | production line style. Somesewed, i I Ill presidenl. HeisactiveintheColdwater Dave and Patti Blackmore and Jerry ~ ior-ScniorHighSehooland~__aet Seven mernl~T& one leader and two ] Some rolled carpet rags while others I, ' I 11/ City Council. SCES Site Council and and Jeanne Behrends, Jewell. Great- cut the ~'abries for the pr~jo'eets .... , " Economic. Development Foundation. . HillsTeehnieal Colle~eL~ - paxent8 were present.. j An etl.,rdcluncheonwasservedat IIII Boardoll)irectors. He isacnvewlth grandparentsareJoeandNadineOross" PortHuenemc, Calif.;GeorgeandJean ,v tical Nursing Program. She is cur- For recreation, the group went out- i fa0 n with each member bringing a I[r'W i l/ his church and family and a spttns Blackrnore, Walnut Creek, Calif.;and [, rently employed by Admire Bank, side. ErikaJo~lgaveadubprojcct | ood representing her heritage. Each l enthusiast. Alexanderisactivein farm- Doffs Abram, Randall. N Emporia.joshuagraduatedfromOnagaHi~ mum.n whatAfterthe thePledgemeetingf AllegianCewe had re- | ~la~ed a bit of family history. Elaine I[ l~ll ing, working with his family in Jewell AM, representative l Sclagol and is attending _l~_~_p~__.S,t~ freshmcnts. Tl~ ~xt meeting is Feb. i u - , tmg. the Central Na- ers ~ six par~. ts. M O. ll i~ ~k Us ters.coaducted the business meet- [. Jmll County. Beloit, Tinton JoannaThe minuteSJacktefrOmjenscnthe previOUSgave a foodsmeet" mS. Members answered roll call with III ll His wife, Kim, is a dcnt:d techni- earns FIE designation 1 UdYversity pursuing a bachelor s as- 10 at the Randall Library. f~tsaboutacounlry An e-mail from l Ill clan, working in both Ashland and gr~ in nursing. He is eurrerRly era- | tl~inti;nationalprcsidentwasshared, l I / Coldwater. They have four children, Kent Bctten, Oak, has earned the l ployed by tbeLyon County Highway Jewdl Gemstones 4-1t ] .Thar~youn6t~werere~ivedfrom[] ~l/ Devery, Brena, Key, andRylee, dtlcofl-:ratcrnallnsuranceCounsellor l Department. "E.R.! Wild Diseoveryl" were | UleBeloitJuvmileCorrectionalFacil- ~ i Alexander is the son ofNewell and (FIC)bycomplctingtheFratemaIField l A June 9 wedding is planned in answers for roll c~,l, "What is your ] l_tyandfromJewdlCountyLongTerm' Couple ~In Doris Alexander, Mankato, and is a Managers' Association fraternal sales m Manhattan. favorit~TV show?,' when the Jewell ] Qlre. Volunteers are needed at the A .J ............ graduated |rein Mankato High School trai ning program. ]['IAk~ lib n~ur gemstones 4-H club met for the Janu- ........... ary met ' I ~ .l~ty to assist with several tasks, z2A-i~ualgt ~l~altOaa~, in 1987. Bettcn is an Aid Association for !-,, ,. | .raainereportedfroml GFWCMaga- _ Jessi AnnetteEmmom. andMark Lutherans (AAL) district representa- tmwnng employee at ballk MarlaBohrtertpresidedatthemeet- | zn . on"KindNews, anewspaper 5chlotterUac weremarrledOct.2 at I I[ A' J+A ffrnaa tilde.till rive with Bassler &Associates, [+in- -- MarkHake, Tipton, will be serving tnga byl9members, twolead- ......... ~,'-----r .... coin, Neb. He serves Lutherans and s ]its M. St 2-4-7 9 10 D Reed 1 2-4 6- | mr elementarv children and on Montv, the Umvers ty Club m Phoemx, Ariz .... I.lhe Moo -a'traveling creature wise Vows were exchanged at.sunset with register tapes their, family members, in Blue. Hill. "" , " " lllillliil tional... Bank oft.., .. inSSarahptmapnreycritiquedthemet'because it was a model meeting t l lped a class learn geography. Ne- M m.c Cavness as the premding jusuce Members of Family, Career and yron, Chester, Dcshler, Fail'bury, Cla~k 3-7-102-7 I.Omnm4-10,F. Smmp3-10,E. ; :t v_a la told of an Operation Smile trip to of the cou lear Dianeand Community "I: ders of America at Gilead, Hardy, Hebron, Hubbell, Red I. e2-7. ' ~tp children with facial deformities, are ts p e Mankato Junior-Senior High School Cloud. Rosemont, Ruskin and Sups- TUESDAY reX. ~ ~. r~ a ~ Glen Elde~and ingwere read and ~ved. [ They visited five vlaees seeing up to George Emmons, Phoenix, Sarah are narficinatin~ in the school ~rvice rior. AC 51-21, Pmm~' 42-30,11red,haw Insurance 29 11 ~ Superioras as- june Pumphrey gave a leaders re- ...... r--- ........ B . . , ..... 2-.421f2,viaoo21 ]n-s0 m sme:k t sistanttmstof- ort. She reported that County Club +[ 300 children oer ston,__ ..Schltterback'Mankat'.... _ _ .. _andDr'Wfl'.. nraiectaf vinoreoi mrtane_ foredu-r._ ......... o -o ...... ,- ..... siren jo, ned AAL s held stall m ts3 s I: :k 179 I OmnmiT1. Hishmi :$. ricer vays in Feb. 26 and the entry is due to nam: cmotteroactqt=aroonome, carl"-"' .... 1997. l~490, L~475,J,,DavismdLlletms He will be at the office soon. She also reminded - - n A "n 463. Union Chapel meets There were no atte dants., sm g Register tapes may be collected JeweII County SSlC hmderTnr 45]rZ-26V2, the bank in members to fill-out Fami Fun Night v ............. quartet played thr.ougnout me cer- from any of the sponsoring Thriftway nmhnlnno_ , n m'a ti, ,aSt, at4 - .m Mi n,4S , Mankato on volunteer card. Every tamily is to _j .,_ L3an uav s" ix'emam pres ea at emony and during me post-ceremony in lndino Ki r' 25,2 nlJta .u .m tmg. otumon "t=na_Pe_ dinner and reception. Jean Booker Thriftway, Mankato The tapes will be .............281/2, MidAmedcaBmk33-39,atm'Oaklhrand " m Monday and bringacakeandpie;foodprojectmem- RecoraJ| mtcoMemomstwomenmenomeox sano CarolvnLaneandC~t Michael .... " .... Jan. 16: Donn Stephens, Webster 28-44, Sm m22-50 Sine: P. ____t. Hospital to Mary Lanmng. , .... All e. -v. reoeemm uy me scnoot tor e uca- Cram v ' " wqm= t ro , K hom, m# Wednesday and by appointment, to a..pie or decorated t of ene Daws. Seven members an- Schlotterback, brother of the room, .:^_^, A....- ........ i. ............ I4"~ni(al ~'tm:P. Wssner496,1LThom~467,T. gird460. MarkisanativeofTiptonandisthe P~AW~. jerry U~ll arlnouncPA1 " " ~wer " " the ~ HULI~U. Ut.lutpztl~ttt ~ttt,tt a~ ~utttlJttt~,s~, Divisiot .. ed roll call wtth something y and Shawn Ernmons, sister-in-law of o..a ..... ;..,,.,, ho,, "2.- ....... shins. ,,tsoU,40-2 . =as 3s son of Clarence and Marilyn Hake. He .I gion pan e Fetal !s Jan. 14 from ateofJ Wish to aecomplish this year. thebride, rcadn-*sa,,esselectedbvthe ..... ......... e-. ..... jan. l/:th.-mmst onnert, resmence, 2.321rT_Fometmenets351/2.321tg_Rme33. t For spiritual growth Allene Davis couple. A dinnr" an d reception Were muc nomore ,.o., ...... aan Jewell to Jewell County Hospital. 1/2-371/'2, sn,p, t, 3s 1 39"]) attended Kansas State University and to a.m. to z p.m. at me uommunity = read ....... v, va ..... a,~,~ ..... ~- Jan. 18: Dennis Bohnert, Jewell 2. Hishm:M.N~hum523.M.TrembhyS01.C. lived in Kansas City and Indianapolis Cem inJewellandthatbeefweigh-in 31 . an arUele on the new 7ear. For held unmediately after the ceremony . a ...: ..... ....."-"1 ll :,ati " t ...... .... :, w - County Hospital to Mercy Hospital, Ba/t~.454. High g~e-M.N ~.199.M.Tr ablay before moving back to Tipton in 1'999. is Feb. 3. tto .,_ on for mlsmort, Jer reported m the dining area of the Umverstty ,..._4 . ""1 t'- "22 Manhattan l[I.J,llan'l andC.lSakea'l/a.He staned a hunting !odge, "Blue Hills .. I Boltegavea tteerepon. 9) ] the Power of Lwmg and the Is- Club. The , 'oiect is soonsored b,, the Jan. Caroline Wixon, Smith Lodge, that is pres'ently in business MemOerS are to make vmentines tot RING t Years magazines. For social as- Guests at the ceremony were faro- o ve o "'d with the ,Ringneck Ranch. the meals-on-wheels at before the Feb- -" Pc" u ................ " ............ v .... County Hospital to Good Samaritan ,m, prayerparmerswererevemeuanu fly, mends and co-workers ot the ..... i Hospital, Kearney Mark s hobbies are hunting, fish- rum'y meeting. It was decided that names drawn. For program re- cou le .................. - ing.out-doorcookingandplayingbas- Tr..ac7 Bolmert Katie .Pun pb ..y led thal:t Sources " " v" "-severalbooks " P . . . nesses and m both schools. 'I "' " r as,ertumrsat o Jail. 202 a Kelhng, Swath County " Fr .... ketba/l, wm vuy pop aria exe it to me Parmty ,JeanDa m sma . . After a brief honeymoon m Mare, . ,,, P.,v ylar as]er, Lawrence, wor - m was are on order. For business, KunDav s Hawaii, the couple reside in Phoenix, -- .... K e ......... e,- .............. I m looking forward to meeting FunNier. Also it wes decided that the m, the .L nedfromseveralnewsletters.The Ariz , with their daughter Alexis. Jes- TIT, reo visits Feb, 8 %e 2:MarvinShipley, residence the.U.nivers!ty of Kansas. people here. i'm excited and it's great elub wfll do a model meeting for the acting~ Valentine list was updated, sica is a guidance counselor at Glen- Rick E~wards, Veterans' Service ~ ~hnn~n ,,~W~h~-,r~" .... -,HosnitalHe recewed training this past week at to be back living and working in rural CountyClubDays. Thosewho wantto Janet m a'--Lreen Bird gave the , . dale.High School. in Glendale,. Ariz., Revresenmtive_ for the Kansas Corn- a a"Fo w.s' ' resi deencel theFrU ,3e ity:L.. .... communities. It's a great place to displayerafts, may bringthtmatoMarla. g. tna!j l rv lf.denial les_s_ ., gme andtspursumgherdoctoratempsy- mission on Veteran's Affairs will be at " ". ase,atv' ggraauateozWhitelive,' Hakesaid. Sarah Pumphrey gave a talk on lewell to MttcheU County Hospttal. R .............. ~-- "G1._o~l, Conferea'w~" and led in a"mind eat acc . est m the Seed Time. An oner- chology Mark is a Family Pracuce the City Hall in Mankato on Feb 8 at mgn cnoot, tmrr ua , is a lan !iil$ ' sphmore at KU' majoring in Span" Mankat City Curt 'am'" Katelyn 'l)ald's led singing' Library volun .teers help at library ish, Latin .American studies and eda,.a- ...... o , Vales)tines at 7:30 p.m. and the meet- RanVd~m]t~rs w~z~n h~tpmgex~ttw~e fion. He also works part time fore,,,.,-,t"'~" T,...2.50',-,,nole ....... Mankato-fail to nenextmeetmgisFeb.5 tomake rary g e oqandscaping company and a floral de- ] m8 m at 8 p.m. at the Trtmty Uruted weeks. If you should need assistance sit, n com~anv ,~ Methodist Church, Jewell. when no one is presem, call 739-2317 "After dng four years of Spanish _ ump.tce group meeuL The 4-1-1Council meeting is Jan 29 or 739-2234 for help or if you wish to in hioh school Frasier studied for a lnemnm ye =reavem-ent upPn at8n.m attheMankatoCounhous,. efto and] mission project. . Monday: S]3ashetti dmeat sauce, These forms are requ' ed to be com- make an evening or weekend appoint- short'period of'time in Madrid, Spain, Group spo by So!omen_ V ley. ,.. v. .. tossed sal l, garlic bread, peaches, plet.ed by veterans re .ivmg a non- ment. through University of St. Louis. uosp ce wiu meet tomgnt (l mrsaay) ea ......... " .Syveralw klynewsmagazines He hopes to teach Spanish one day in in the library of Mitchell County Hos- Mankato Willing Workers ,1 arden club meets Tuesday: Chicken salad on bun, service connected pens]o and w d- pital. The topic is "The Pen is Mightier Telling a family, Christmas tradi- ..... wi r . . avattaotc for your tmormation, it the Dublic school system tofile m .......... potato soup, broceoh and cauliflower owsand dowers ecewmg death pen- you're tired of the same foods and F'rasier js the-s'on ot' Dou and Than..." Bring-your..own supper hour tionwastherollcallwhentheFormoso a "-- a'-= n'mem- ers-t-meJewel ar" salad, crackers, chocolate chip cookie, sion payments. If you are receiving isat6p.m, with the mecting at 7 p.m. Willing Workers 4-H Club met for the recipes, several azines have new o ? - _uomet for jantmry, mee.tmg Wednesday:Chickm and vegetable either one of these pemions from the - . . ~. ma~ . . Wands Frasler, Burr Oak, and grand- ~'".".:! :'' rat z, entz as hOSteSs. Mem~rs ,.!, .... h;~,.,,f, ~,.,,,,.d h,~ts fresh Denartment of Veterans Affairs the r .t.pes, mcuamg, low-cal, tl~t you son of Mr. ~/td Mrs. Richard Frasier, Anyone who hes lost a loved one is December meeting with 10 members, prom zor me year, wmcn oranges recertificauon must be completed by rmgnt tma appemmg. , Burr Oak, and Elsie Ca?per, Lebanon. welcome. For more information orfor two leaders and a guest present. ...... " m eservin asou dinner Feb. 4 to " . ' . rd, - Thursday. Roast turkey and gravy, March 1,forpenstonpay.menlstoeon Os LMSW,transprtatin' pleas contact MarilynsocialServic atMiteh. ratedPrirtthemeetingmembersdec'the Formoso fire station tree with a,,d ..... ,rTa" baked sweet potato, spinach, wheat trout, lI.youdidnotreceweazormout bu roll, banana c,-ike, are rece,vmg either type of pension, ell....;CUnty Hospital._ decoratiOnSare enrolled madein craftsbY memberSand ceramicsWh "l uni'- 8_ .... Friday.Ovenfriedchicken, rnashed you still may need to complete me 8..lem 1UNI meet projects. !f C --ty g.arae s soum ot tl].e Jews}} potatoes gravy,dilledcarrots, apple re.certification, a e U 'te Method'st o . " ' S i m m d t W m n The program was read by Kendra 'i ,,tmammty t=e~ater. MemDers will muffin, strawberries and bananas. The re, certification does not apply met for an all day Jab arv tin~ Nielsen Song leader. Ashley Guzik study butterfl habitat throughout the Meals dehvered by Jr Cho Club toveterarmrecewmgsetyl, ce-co.nn, eeted - . u . mee ...... #178 Yeex Y " " " " ....... ' .... " ' '" ' "'" ' ty,ngqmlts m the morning, havlng.a I...eadthe, m ~ngmg Grandma 'A " .. . Centerphone378-3385. Callby9a.m. compensauon. Forassistancemc0m- potluck lunch at noon and convening dot Kun over oy a Keindeer." Candy i " | his'--" r, .emm...erer gave me l.esson on oleting these forms, plea contact the an afternoon meeting canes were me topic o~a project talk by I ti-~-tnc trails m Kansas w~th informs- _ , _ _ kansas Commission on Veterans' Af- Sh' Icy Snider presided at the meet- . " "" ) it the trail that crossed near Ionia. City of Mankato fairs field omce in Marysville at 785- ooenine wi h nr v r n demonstration about Rocky Mountain =ae quarterly birthday breakfast is . ..... 562-2581. ,, t ,. a e. The =,rou,. snow drops Joy Jensen presented a sca~e.Cluled ULLWL .t~ Ul U, ~1 in forFeb. 1 andthenextmeet- ,lit J~ read the UMW purpose and answered " . roll call with a B~ble verse or reading ...... g is Feb. 15 with Shirley Vamey, Disconnects: James Minear, 203 N, Mitchell (~.~Intv project talk about election 2000 and h Asmey Guztk presented a project talk ererhas4na - - East; Janet Mauk, 221 S. Lincoln .... ....... ": At ank you note was received from . ' " ernas~ 12otmt Club has conn ts: Johnny Mullins, 203 N, ]['IO~p|U~l[ report the Mexican American Ministries tor about Pokemon. . the atll t~ hecldino ~nH c.lnthln, th. Jensenpresentedparliamentaryles- j ,.,..._ "_-=,I .. _ East; CalvinMolzatm, 221 S.Lincoln. AdmissionS: Jan. 15: Staey - ' " : .... son about s aking when not addressed ' atilll.lil l[lle l[l'l . Behrends, Beloit; Jan. 20: Cathy Rev.TerryMayhewdel .... ...... .... . a" eceiv~ from Nl~w Michael ~jolanoer leo recreation [ Mankato Country Club held the I['~,llb~_ hno,o t,,1_a15 Studdard, Randall. A letter was r ...... d ........... . .~=... ~:~:^-- Kendra Nielsen presented a talk about Pl ~lnual ........... ,I i meetinR recenfly and discus ..... Dmnussals:Jan. 15: Charles Crane. T";ni3er~;;'ve out books from the Justin Timberlake from the music t sions wet- ;--" -- even members aria two guests Burr Oak" "---" Stafford Formoso; I ,, rmaconcenung use aria ....... 1 i " --forths , x..m~y , reading program and read fromthe group, NSync. . , , _ met at me nome ot s e ua e . .... . .... Jan 17. Rebecca Huber, Formoso, 'i of the golf course ...................... K " tne meeting concmoeu wit, a car- Prayer Calendar. Darlene Thompson ....... t Ji~UUgUy IIIU4~LIII~ UL UIU DIUWII~UIUU _ I On dayni~.htissctasideformen s .... Stacy Behrends and baby boy; Jan. 21: had devotions onng party and a gilt excnange. DGo,.! tCagge,.Th . d"ayni,htisladiesnight' uar enLm.o.. . . . CathyStuddard, Randall. J a ll da ..... . the cmo cohect was repeatea ana " ' "' ymgmts'torcouPtesP'Y' " pe; tl Oneitemofconce,-., o.,h,.,,--of regular busmess was conducted. The ..... Wilsons honored on 50th .............. gOlf carts a, .... nostalgic reports from the January and .tsaavaLj, mtw aaa ,. ....... 6' ......... ' n Jim and ISoretta Wilson will oh- Frank Mussemarm. +o,+.++.+++ ..... _+ ,+0 m++ woo + , " Y' __ Jl ..... - ............................ UMW met wi"- Roma Grout --esid " serve their 50th wedding anniversary The Wilsons have resided in Jewell I S |. rom lth........... Janeeamstomotacoursemrmas- " 5 7 p.m. 't I..- greens stttlerex] wire me ...... a,,,,.,, ,,, i,,, .om ;., ino Members recited the UMW Put" with an oven house at their home in County the past 46years where they U n a Ja n. 2 8, ........ , , lu w,u " l fr m the Mankato ;amrday at 3 pan. developed a herd of Gelbvieh cattle. I "] ~$bl~k~ntatls.aet~l~~tCr~mths~ Rollcallwasansweredwtthaflower pose. Romareadanamce o " il green ---v ..... o ............ starting with the initial of members PrayerCalendarentitled"OpeningOur Hosts are their children, J.W. Wil- They were inducted into the Amedcan r,, ..... ld ...... first name. Doors by Candace Shannon. son and Lyntte and John Huntsinger. GelbviehHallofFam.Wilsonretired II Trinity United Methodist L;nurch, the rs expresse approvm Gerry Topliff presented the lesson, LauraMurphypresenteddevotions. Jim Wilson and Loretta Armbruster from Jewell-Mitchell REC where he t xesanameareaarouname 'qYim aTree" She explained it is Christmas thank you notes were read. were rnarriadJan. 26, 1951, atChrist worked formmlyyears. I[ Jewell, Kon. /Ill 'I e ' ms should be fertilized witherab importantto ,,:,,,edeadgrowthto ive There several names on theLutheran Church, Ellis. Attendants The Wilsorls have three grandehil- /! ras S and weed herbicide, new-rowthVa"ch ce to be roi rly cares and concoms list were Elizabeth Wilson, Viola dren:GayleWilson, DmmyHuntsin er I] Serving Chill and Chic.ken Noodle tl tounmmems to be hosted by the . -- -- " " will ur I Count. CI ......... nourished. Bushes especially should Jnstallauon of officers bed- Armbruster, Frits Armbruster and and Freeman. I[ .. ?Pie , tl +._ "Y uoareMay3, mgnscnoot .v ....... ina churchservices (rad=a,o=ace= 0 Soup an '-'~,~ a, vi4a.~T /t ',wlUIJ AtI~ItI|IJ~IDUI , &"_".-nmeat; May 21, KSHSAAState siredsize, be sure to cut out old wood Pledge Service. She was assisted by Pancake and Sausage Free w,II donat,on for /I Greet= toturnamm_t;, June. 9, bJs and the outside shoots and established several members. Rosalie provided t Td.2:,as and .ers; July 22, 3-man Gerry received her birthday gift Rebecca Circle members, Elaine eed L 'iAug. 11, 2-lady scramble; fromher'flowersister. Nextmee dngis Shaith and Carla Waugh, were host- " Saturday, Jan. 27, t Persoer n le derson at Cleta Ms= Dalrymple's home. esses. --- ( Li erere-electedforathr yearterrnon --.. "" 4 -- =:I il bar_ dfdirectors. Other directors 3 I _.. -8 p,m, ~| ~"-regRJeffery, RickDiamotut, Jack J. ~l~tJL, l~.~k,,. I I ~ ~ ~.~