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January 25, 2001     Jewell County Record
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January 25, 2001

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,, // f Price 50˘ located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 112, Issue No. 4 USPS, No. 274-940 Thursday, January 25, 2001 @ councl Mankato City Council positions Up Reve~lue Bond Prt)gram was reviewed. on April 3 are those cur- Acooperativeagreementandaresolu- held by Dan Bowers•x, Lyletion are needed to put the program into Don White. This was an- effect. A joint agreement and a resolu- at the January 9. Mankato tion hadbeenpreparedlbrthecouncil's I meeting, review. After discussion the council Central National Bank and The State voted to approve tile agreement. Bank were chosen by the Anapplicationforawaterpollution nell to be official depositories for control permit must be applied for be- . Discussion was held on Polled fore work can begin on the sewer la- ent Board as a possible goon project. The council directed but no action was taken onadministrator Loomis to apply tbr this Kansans will celebrate the 140th Jacob Barrett--I like to live in Karl- tree is a walnut. Kansas has been a birthday of the state Monday. Many sas and I've always lived here. The state for two years. remember as a child observing Kansas Kansas state flower is the rose. The Joseph Bauman--Kansas is about Day in school. The class members state Kansas tree is the apple tree. 100 yeam's old. I like to hunt in Kansas. were taught the state motto, tree and Micha Daniel--I live in the state of The stat colors are blue, red, green. flower. Today's students are still be- Jewell, Kan. I like to live in Kansas The state tree is the cedar. The state ing taught about their state,because all my friends are here. Karl- bird is the pheasant. The Kansas flower is the sunflower, sas state color is blue. Krista Bobl--Kansas is ver old. It the tree is the cottonwood; the bird is Trenton Duskie--I live in Kansas. I isintheUnitedStatesofAmenca. The the Western Meadowlark; song is like the weather here. The state flower state flower is the sunflower. Thestate matter, permit. Home On The Range; colors are blue is tulips and the state bird is the red bird is the yellow bird. Hamilton reviewed a letter Employee evaluations were re- and gold; motto is "To The Stars bird. JessicaCisneros--Thestatellivein the Kansas Historical Offce viewedbythecouncil. Salary increases Through Difficulties" Darica Bohnert--I live in the state ir Mankato. I've lived here a pretty tatir g the Jewell County Court- were presented and discussed. White Kansas ranks 14th'insizecomlmred ofJewell, Kan. I like the snow and sun long,line, l like the schools in Kansas. • as a historical site. moved to accept salary increases as ~ ~:~. to other states and 32nd in population, here. Thestatefloweristhesunflower. The state color is purple. Appraisal reports hadbeen received presented and Dauner seconded the ,+'~,~ ,, +'+ ~ The lowest temverature was 40 de- The state colors are red, white and Clay Cosand--Th_.e capitol of Kan- m Ray Newman on city property in motion. Council approved the motion. ~, ~+ ~" ~,~:; :~ ,~ greeslelow z˘~set Feb. 13. 1005. at blue. The state capitol is in Wicldta. sas is in Salina. I ve never seen the ck 39, original townsite, and block Bills were allowed; minutes of previ- ! ,: .... = ..... ..... :. . Lebanon. and the hi_ ghcst tern. perature Dalton Wilson--l live in the state of. capitolbut it is there. The state bird is Jonnson Addition Appraisal of ous meetings were read and approved. .... ~. ,., .... was set in July 24 1936 at 121 de- Jewcll, Kan.Ihavehvedhereforahout the blue bird. The state tree is the oak. property in block 3~), lots T through ~Mayor Don Hamilton conducted ~ ++i , i~ ..... ' ,r,,,,~ -,,,,r,+,lt~,; ' ' five years. The state bird is the , .1 . ,,. Aaron Broeckelman--The stale of Kmderoarte stude o t was$6,500. Lots in Johnson Addi- the meeting. Counci l members present ~ ..~ %~ ˘?,:~;, , '++ ~,. " 2 n nts fr m he Jayhawk The state tree ls the oak tree Kansas is 50 years old. My favorite 1 were aooraised from $1 000 to were Karen Ross, L le Dauner and ....e ....... ~+~ ~t: ~= ,,: ,, three county school districts, who are and the state colors are blue and yel- town in Kansas in Beloit. The state -- " ' " Y " ' :' w ...,at ........ justbeginningtoleamabouttheirstate, low. {{a'~' Don White. Absent werecouncil mere- '~ ~"~ +~" ~ P~ ;" "'~: ' ....... ........ ..... were eager to share their thoughts on 2asmine Staten--I live in the state of color is brown. The state tree is a apple .ansas Single Family Mortgage bersRickDiamondandDanBowersox. ~+++~!~ ~~ .... ~ .~ tree. . , ~, ~ ~ ...... ~~i i'~, ˘~ ~.I~,~ +,~; :)~ Kansas. Jewell. l like to live here because my Curly Dahl--The state colors are WhiteRock mom, dad, brother and grandma lives purple and white. I like Kansas be- :.: .:L'" :+ ' ..... Aaron Turner--I live in Burr OaR, here. The Kansas flower is the daisy, cause I have fun living here. The state • * !, • iY f " . ,,: Kan. Kansas was named after a train. The state colors are pink and blue and flower is the sunflower. s rel ,eats run the state tree is the green apple tree 1Ill .................... o,. • Tiarra Eikins--The state of Kansas -dUU Anna Belle Schultze, Jewell, attended the recent Jewell Library benefit v " " ' Katia Matter--The state capitol of Cod.Detchen-lhvemEsbon, Kan... . . . . is six years old. I've livedin Kansas all soupdinnerwithherparents. TheeventwasattheJewelICommunityCenter. Kansas was named after a cow The ansas sArgansas. The state cotors mylife. Kansas is a fun placc to live. br Jewe]l C'ty mayor . • . are blue and green The state tree is the state flower lS wheat and the state b rd . ' . You can play in Kansas. The state Mobile alth unit a,,,o tree; I love to hvein Kansas flOWer is the sunflower. The state Katie Jacobs--I live in Kansas. It is because it s a beautiful town. colors are green, blue and brown. , At a recent meeting of the Jewell Repair. Dick's TV and Furniture and n " Haley Thompson--The state I live a o...._ rlace to hve. The Kansas state .............. Robert Dean-I live in the state of , • -. o~... ,.-, ,r~.. _,~,.. ~n ...... :.In is JeWell, l~an I Ye llve(] sere Ior a ~"_tY Council, Bill L• orals agreed to M.~'lkatoAppllanc˘. After reviewing • • •'~ lmir--we''m~"/f~l~l~"~--t: animal,,, u,. ~.,,,..,,~.ta.,,uwm,~ ,. ." . . Mankato, Kan. I'velived hereabout _~,..t.,ma, againforthemayorposition.Coun- the bids the co ,uncil voted to accapt the will ViSit thedaisvarKlthestatcbirdisiustanv 'ewyears and ' used to hve m the stat˘ two or three~ears. The state tree is a |umember Darrell Bohnert will run bid from Dick s TV and Furniture. (~ • ." " " of Concordia The state flower is the plum bird. . • . green tree. "lTte state Colors are blue, I." vC'n ' +," • dandehon The state capitol is in pmp leandred. Youcanl etgoedjobs lira-', another term, but Eldon Williams Two certificates of deposit will _tzz, ._..x--I he.. m I hke . .. • S'[he Via Christie mobile medical plus an array of •niter" g P to live here because l can play outside ,,=, ..... ,..,_:_v._.ulJt+,.anm . he would not run for re-election mature on January. $50,000 from the van is scheduled to give mammograms and other blood levels. Manual breast with my doa. The state flower is the WyattFlinn-I'velivedinKansa a ,.,, ..'flliams cited job responsibilities checking account will be added to the at the Jewell County Hospital April 5, and rectal exams as well as gone den- blue ro e ;l e enlnr at+, r,,,t sas. The state tree has a bunch of long lime. Cowboys named the state. reason for not seeking reelection, total. 6 and 7. sity scans and cardiac screening will white anci blu'e ............... leaves on it but I can't think of the The Kanm flower is the sunflower. , ,tionofthaeityoffleeswillleheld Reports for the Ftreman's Relief Memlers of the Extension Couneil be offered to participants. Thetestand : D. ,-,..,. name of the tree I have three of those The state colors ate blue and red. Ilike O ]a April during the general election. Association were discussed. Family and Consumer Sciences corn- scans will begin earlier each morning ,,v =,, =,ua= . • |._ .l ehousesbuiltwithcityandgrant Attending the meeting were Bill mittee'met on Jan. 8 to discuss plans on Thursday and Friday and additional Kan. I like K-State and the state bird is trees m my yard. The slate colors are K-State. r,/J L~._. will soon be completed. The Loomis, Darrell Bohnert, Max Burks, Channin~'Johanek-I live in Kansas state flower is the sunflower, old. The capitol of Kansas is Wichita. board will set a date for an John St•chef, Eldon Williams, Monte for the upcoming fourth annual health information will become available at- the blue bird green, yellow, red and purple. The Adam Horn--Kansas is 36 years otw,˘. Wilson, Amy Arasmith, Carl Knarr fairattheJewellCountyHospital, Man- ter the planning meeting Jan. 26. in the counu?y. Ithir thestatebir---dis GeneHeidrick--IlikeKansasalot. I like the snow in Kansas. The state kate. committee also discussed of- the blue jay. The state flower is the The state, tree m the apple, tree. The.,. colors am red and blue. Ilike the stores 1,_ uatrell Bohnertreport onthecity and Frank Shelton. laY-˘aref'mances. At the Jewell Apartment Board of Comprehensive blood tests will in- feringldent-A-Kidtoelementarychil- rose state colors are blue aria gr . 1,_he_ inK ,theyaremylavoritethingto B_ iag ordinance 859 was approved Director meeting it was announced that elude PSA testing for prostate cancer drcnvidedthebyCoUntY.this prop, x+Laminatedimclud˘CardSphoto-pr°" • Jewell state flower_is the sunflower and I ve see in Kansas. Brittany Winkel--I like Kansas be- seen +ilot ot them. CadeHuncovr&y--Cn~namedKan- ~Onsly Bohnert Welding will carpet will be replaced and walls lg1111 11 -.--+ .... graph and finger print identification - ---- -- Loyde Reynolds was absent ~tld the frllmework for a 10 foot pie- painted in apartment 201. sas. My favorite thing to see in Kansas etable. Finances andbills were reviewed --.v.-- .=U,iqI,,N,S=. for youth under driver licensing age. cause I can play outside. The state • hamper health care Otherprojectsdiscussedbythecom- flower is the purple rose. The place . Mankato .. . is the parks. The capitol of Kansas is ]Bid :l for a washer and dryer for the and bills were ailowed. Minutes from Th Am ...... ; ....mitteeincluded"WhlbGetsGrandma's where mv dad works is mv favorite Laura/ ztgmton--Idveinhansas. t Mankato. The state flower is the sun- I°tel were received frorn Big Bear the Dec. 4 meeting were approved,e encanl