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January 23, 1964     Jewell County Record
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January 23, 1964

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ii!i ............ "7" [of {Mr. and Mrs. Her~r~ Gannan ]on Sunday. Loyde Germ,an was an ~3URR OAI/ NE%'S levening caller. Mr. and Mrs. Ha~ow Vader. Mr. d) .~lk~. i ,,iII~t.~i i~tJ,~ ~,~ a:~,,d Mrs. Jack Beaver and Mr. and *- .............. /Mrs. Vince.n~ R0esti and De]oris ~r. and ~_.rs. 'Ray Old.field of1 v~sRed Mrs. Dermis Roesti and ~, Mr. and ~rs V. L. Old~ield S~even a,t ~he Beile~i.[le hospital Bi~., and ~irs. Guy Williamson on Sunday. ,the week-end at the Guy! Mrs. Arnold Ernst. Mrs. Jay Okt~ield h~e in Topeka in cote-, Beale and (Mrs. Forreat Howard br~ti0~ of ~he birfl~l.ays of Mrs. !attended a Scout roundtable Tues- Wflliamson, and Guy and Vernon ', day night at Concordia. Old~etd. I Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boyles and ~r.r. I)on Ko~b and Lue21a Jeani girls were Saeurday supper ,guests of Havvard were in a car wreck l of Mr. and IM_r~ Lynn Garman and iast Tues4ay. A Clay Ceneer m0nifamily. ~iied to s~op and hit the Korb! Mr. and Mrs. Doug:tas Gi~lett car. /k~,l c~scaped without serious were Sundey evening visitors of Ada Stal~ton legt Th~/rsda[,l IMr' and ,IW/'s. Dow Stansbury. Mrs Fay Myers. hrms. Elton Gi:l- fay h~iRo~.vale where she will left and Larkie Kovb were Sunday several weeks with reiaives ! dinner guests o~ Mrs. Robert Korb atrd fxievxts, l a~ the Hill Top Ca~e in Superior. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shot~ dV~r. and [M.vs. Richard Cooper of were Stmday ~fternoon visitam of ,Bethany, Okla., are spendin~ ehis ~r. a~d ~a-s. Ray Paul of James- I week in .the Cecil Mi,]l~" and Ra,l~xh ~ow~. Rail~back homes. They are enroute Mr. and (Mrs. E~ner Alexander were Sunduy ',dLm~er guests af Mr. ~I~. Mea~lin Alexander and s ff~h b~.ay. ~r. awcl Mrs. Jay Belle, Sue aa~ ,Ba~clley, were Sund~y evevm~ v~rs of Mr. and ~_rs. Oleo Mor- ~i~ axed Ev~ene. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Benbaw were Ft-iday ~mer guests of Mr. ff4~S. Jas~ Loudermilk of Sup- erior. ,Mrs. lRe~a Ca~aha.n is a pa- ~Aen~ m the ~e.]levi'l:le h~pital. 1VI~. and Dim. Raymond G~ of-Webber were Sunday aftem0on visitors of Mr. awd [Mrs. I. L. Bend- ,M~s. Jkn P~h.m~'t and Jon of ,M-M~to mere ~,~y 1,un~eon ~ue$~s of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest oward and Rod~ey. ~g~r. a~ {Mrs. Marv~ Booker of Guide Pack were Sunday a~ter- v~si, bors a ~e Vide Burk- ~x~M a~d Otis Bea~lylossom homes. ~rs. D0~ Modlin was a Thta's- d~y ~ftevnoon ca~ler a~ the &lerm to Washi, r~gton state. M,r. and Mrs. laaul Howell and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and ~Mrs. Lloyd Schuitz of Guide l~ck. Finley Smith of ~to was a Saturday a~te~n caller on his sister, Mrs. "Nettle Johnson. Mr. and ~Ylrs. G. E. MdMains and boys were ~un~ay dia'mer guests of [Mr. ard'd Mm. Virgil [Me- Mains. A:ftevno0n ca~ers were Mr. and Mrs. Marshal] 'Bishop, [Mr. and ~Z__rs. Bob MmMains. and Mrs. Ma~- tie Gi~b~on. ~rflyn Hart spent abe week- end in the Al'bevt Schneider home at Superior. Mr. a~d (Mm. U. O. Mohler took to the Max Lewis home on Stmday. Mrs. Lewis had been fll with pneumdni'a. Mx. and Mrs. Don ,~huek and favaily and Dale Campbell of Superior and RObert~ Harmon were Sunde,y evening vis- i~0rs. , Mrs. Don Diehi, [M~. Lyle Jed- fery, ffVIrs. Gerald `Boyles and Mrs. Homer &rubbs met Mrs. Elvin ~,ermet't harne. 'Mr. and Mrs. Clar-lSteier ~f 'Hardy, Nebr.. in Super- erie Meeker of ~nl~to were] ior and had lurrch at the Dudley eyeing visitors. Hotel on Wednesday. They spen Mz'z. Ida Eyclmer, ~er-in.4aa~v the afteramon visiting and shop- of (Mr. Lyle Wood, passed a~vay ping. Saeurdey mca~ing at the Beloi Douglas Siebert, 10-year-old son ImsgH~L The fur~erM services were of Mr. and Ma'~. Bi]~l Siebert of held at Je~ve~l, Karl.. on Monday Aloha. Ore., was hit by a car while ~ftem~on at 2:00 P.M. riding his bicycle. He was thrown Me. and (Mrs. Gary Hancock and across the #a, eet, landing in a Tirzah of Oklahoma City, O~da., ~ek~2~e week-end in the Qlefl, and C.~le Tegley homes. Mr. and (Mrs. Dormld Janssen a~ad Chef4'} of ,New Cambridge, K~r~., ~ve~e Stmd~ a~terno~ vis- of l~r. and Mrs. Jo~hn Abel ditch filled wi~h mud. He had bruises on his body and head. mad a compound frac~ua-e of his leg. He is in 'the &ood S~maritan Hos- ~ot~l in Po~at~l, Ore.. Room 425. us]as is a ~ o4 Mr. and ~,Irs. Henry Siebe~t. and ~liz~be~. :Mr. m'~d ff4rs. Phi~lip Underwood Howard ~o~t sperrt Tu~o- spent Saturday. at ~0he .D~. igh,t Um day in the h~n~e of 'Mrs. E~fie derwood home m Bel]ew]le. David, ~urgess. [Linda and (Martha Waeker of Ed- ema. D~.l~as Caldw~ll ~ c~led,ga, r returned h~ne with them to ~o Wicl~ita on Monday due to the|spend Saturday ~ight and Sunda~. serious i]th~ss of her brother. Alex~ (Mm. CMra Parsons and Mabelie Se2metder. Vandevemer of Hays sper~t ~he W~mees of the Mam~a~ past week-end in t~e (:~,.ris Vande- ,Bible College, {Mr. and Mm..renter home. ~ta~k ~ anti ,Mr. and Mrs. [.Mr. and Mrs. 1Rdbert Wils~ Steve Cosand end /Mitc~el~ were,l retails, avere Sata~da~ evening v~s- ~u~day dinner guests o Mr. arid i~0rs a~ the Raymond Spencer ~'~. George Cosav~ and (Mrol. home near Mar~k~ao. T~te occasion was tn honor of Clark (Mr. and {Mrs. Fred Sanderson C~mn's birthday. [were S~,~wday dirmer guests of (Mr~ and ~Irs. Luther W~niRev. and Mrs. George Beals and weme/Monday supper gues~ of Mr. [ fami'ly. ~d ~vs. Ha~'ve Decker. Mrs. Wayne Underwood and Cbery~ were Saeurd~y afternoon visitors of ~4rs. ,Fi, oyd Simmelir~k r~ar Ioni'a. Ellen NoHer. I~l:a Lamb a~l H,a~l Smith of M,~kato were Tuesday afternoon visi?~:wa of ,Mrs. l~et~ie Johnson. Mr. and M_m. Jay Reed and fam- ily and Roy. and (Mrs. Donald ~ean of Akron. Colo.. (Mr. and Mrs. Dean Buster and ~a.n~ly of M~.- kato, and Mrs. Dora Thorn~an [were 2~hurs~ay,~ oa~lers in .the Gev- [~/ld {MdMains home. , (Mrs, V. L. Oldfield planned and exeeuk~d a mc~t deligl~'ul party [for ~her mother, Mrs. Guy William- son's, 79th birthday m the ne~v ,Nichol Home ~)r Senior Citizens at Glasco with about 20 old friends in attendance. A beau ~t~ul birthday c~ke, ,baked by Mrs. Hazel Harris, served with ice crea~, home made candy, mints and nust Sev- teral o4 the guests arel"esiden~s at the ~ow home, a beatttifttl, m~lius, ,honm~l~e struc~twe bui'lt by a former businessman of Glas~ co, Mr. Bert Nidaol. and ,Mrs. Nichol. ',Mr. and /Mrs. Verlin Paul and famil~y of ~qed Cloud and h~"s.. Der- ald Decker and Cheryl were Sun- day dkmev guests a~ ,the G~]erm' l~a~l home. Mx and /Mrs. Bob Parsons and fe, mily were Saturday aftemoo~ and evening visitors of Mr. and 1Wrs. Loyde German and family. Mr. end Mrs. Stan,ley Everson and family of Oak, Nebr., and Mr. and ,Mrs. Luther Everson and fam- ily enjoyed an oyster s~up supper PROTECT DRY- I YP INSECTICIN that's economiml ~o ea.ff to u~. her Drug .,~-g'ell CO, Ret~M, I~ on Thursday evening a the Clar- ence Pixler home The occasion was the 76th birthday of 'Clarence Pix.ler. Ma-s. Wilbm'e Smi~th and family of Superior. Mr. a~l [Mrs Gary Johnson ~f Lincoln. Nebr.. and Mr. and Mrs. RalVh Joh~-o.n of Onmha were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. a~d Mrs. Floyd Myers. Mr. and Mrs. Enci, l'le Lewis and family and Mrs. I.~stcr Suehsland and family were a~terno~n visitors. Cl4cde Kovb was a Thursday af- ternoon visitor,~ of his uncle. R. J. Korb, St. ,Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Alexander were Friday ~nner guests of ~. and Mrs Forrest ~sey of For- maso. In the afternoon theY attend- ed ~e Formoso grade school bask- e~batl game. .Mr. and Mrs. George Cordel were Saturday evening visitors of Mrs. Effie t~u~gess. Mrs. R a~h [Moon. ~VIrs. ~'a Howell, Mrs. ~VIay [Myers, Mrs. Harold Isham. Mrs. Lillie Og~evie and dVirs. Effie Burgess took ice cream and cake to the home of M~ E.leanor O'Neal,1 ~ surprise ~V~.rs. M~bel Decker on her bi~h- day. Mr. and ~s. James McCx~mick were Saetaxtay evening visitors of [Mx. and Mrs. David Demaray. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Garton of Webber were Sunday evemr~g visi~ccs of Mr. and IMvs. Perry Eng- land. Cheryl Derr~sey and Lanny Dick of [Mankato were Thursday supper guests of [Mx. and Mrs. C. W. ~ing. 'Mr. arid Mrs. I-Iarve Decker were Friday dinner ,guests of Mr. Ma, s. Riley Ri~m-dsan at the Hfl'l Top Cafe in St~periar. Mr. and ,Mrs. Stan~ley Johnson. Roy ,Lee end Jul%e were Satmxiay even~g ~,isiors of Mr. and ~'s. Don Shoup and ~mlly. ~Mr. and {Mrs. Gary Figgi~s and family of IMaden. Ne~r.. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fogo and ~Ix. and Mrs. Junior Barnes and JetTy were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr and Mrs. Harvey Fogo. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Fo~o and Canwie spem Saturday in Hastings. /Mr. and M~. U~ic Mobler were Tuesday evening callers on Mr. and Mrs. Hen'ry German. Bou/~r, erar.aJd ~.[ Keifl't Kinch,eAc~ of ] d , Col., are spending a few [ days with her parents, Mr. and l Mrs. Jim Fogo, and oV~her relatives. ] They were returning home fro~ a visit wiCt [Mrs. Norma Nichets ! in California. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dillon were Sunday evening visitors 0f Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Garman and fam- il-. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson and Mr. and ~V~rs. Glenn Roe were Monday evening visitors of ~VIr. and tMrs. Luther Wilson. Brenda Reiner.t was a F~iday morning visitor of Mr. and NIrs. Fred Sanderson. `Recent ca'Hers at the Effie Bur- gess home have been Waneta DiP ~on of Saline. `Ronnie Burge~ o Bethany, Okla. Mrs. Clell Han- cock. Mrs. Wi~ Dillon. Pearl Har- ris. and Mrs. Nels~ Harris Mr. and Mrs. Clair Ko~b of Denver. (Mr. and Mrs. Don Korb of Harvard. Nebr. and Mr. and ~VIrs. Clyde Karb and family have visited Mrs. Frank Korb a the Conc~rdia hospital. ~Irs, Korb un- derwent major surgery Monday. (Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bennett were Tuesday afternoon visitors of ~Vfr. and Mrs. E~mer Alexander, Dalles Foster of Wamsutter. Wyo., and /Mr, and ~Ivs. Forem Foster were Tuesday dinner guests of 'Mr. and ,Mrs. Reeve Hawkins. 1Vfr. and Mrs. Fom'est Howard ~nd boys were dinner guests Sun- day of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Terrill and family ~t the Hill Top Cafe ".Jan Superior. Steven Ray Roesti Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Roe~ti are the proud ~rents of a baby boy born Saturday, Jan. 18. The y~un,g man weighed 7 l~s., 11 oz., and has been named S~even Ray. He bus ~wo brothers and one sister to welcome him. Grandparents are [Mrs. Jack Beaver of Geneva. Nob.. and ']VIr. and Mrs. Vincen~ Roesti of Talmage. MANKATO LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO. REPORT We ~had another large sale last week, with plenty of buyers far the livestock. Mrs. E~win Lamb a, nd girls were We h,ad a good run of hogs, with Frktay even~n,g visitors at the a g,~x~t, actime market. Dale 'Ma- Lynm Garman home. I baffy topped the market again wi,th Mrs. Ahna ~ard and Mr. and 27 choice Butchers a~ $15.40. The Mrs. ~ PMtt and family were i Pig market v~as real active w~ Sund~y di,m~r guests of Mrs. Net- the 60 to 80 I"6. P~gs se~ling up to ie J~nson. $15.00. Heavier Feeders sold up to Mrs. Sue Pang,born of Mankato $17.50. was a ~ond.ay a~emoon caller at the Mamie Mu~li~ hame. Mr. and Mrs. James Calder and farnil~ of Hardy and ~h'. and Mrs. Dwight Underwood of Bellevi/le were Sund~y dinv.er guests of Mr. and ~'s. Bh~h~ Und.erwood. Rev, Chaz~les Dur ~h~rn,,~ was a Sat- urday edterno~n c~'ler on Mr. and /iV~rs. J. E. ~VIoon. Sr.. at the Glenn Paul home. Reeen~ ca~/em a ~he Chris Van- deventer home have ,been Mrs. Mamgaret Lutz, [Mx. ~ Mrs. Hemb Dond {Ma's. l~liek Kohn, Mrs. Grace Kiser, Mrs. Ralph Cummings, Mrs. Del,ber Und~ and Mrs. Glerm Bonnet. :Mr. and Mrs. Wal~er DiIlon and Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Dillon and ~a~mily were Stmdey dirmer guests of Mrs. Lu~u Walden. Mr. arid (Mxs. l~bert Wilson and f~-fily were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. F~gar George of Gale `Bungess and E~fie Burgess were Tuesdav evening visi'tors of l~ev. and Mrs, H. H. Isha~. Barry Kca~b was a Saeurdey af- ternoon visi,~or of Mr. and Mrs. Don K~vb and family ~f Haward Nebr. Mr. and M.rs. Elmer Fitch and (M.r. and Ma's. Fred Brown were ~Ionday supper guests of Mrs. Effie Burgess and Joan Bengsbon. Mr. and Mrs. John McCI~ of Lebanon were Friday evenin,g vis- itors of S/It. and ~I=rs. David Dem- aray. ~L~ Steer Calves sOld uo o $26.90; Heifer mates to $24.60. A set of 600 115. Heifers s~ld ~o $21.90. 17"-~.W~it~ce Heifers weighir~ 842 Yds. ~-~1~ for $19.811. 17 Whilefa~e Heifers "~ eighing 52~ I~5s. we~hed out at $22.70. A load ~f Whiteface Steers weighing 525 Ibs. sold far $24.90; a load ~ Whioface S~eers weig~ng 565 lbs. sold for $25.00. 18 Black Steers wei,ghi_~g 700 lqSs. for $2:3.25. 28 Whi,teface rs weighing ot~t a 8~6 l~s. sold for $21.55. 24 W~face Steers weighing 1.000 l*ss. found a new owner at $20.55. Cows sold mostly f~m $10.50 to $13.70. Larger consi~-,ors were: Eck Brothers: Ray Smith; Darro_21 Behr- ends; Kermi and Cur~ Jeffery; /~rfr~l KOCh; Patti Dar~b; Milford ]F~I; Lewis Je~ffery; Maurice Jef- i fery; A~bert S~vensen; Milo Ma- ]tousek; Jack Byers; JOh~nek Bros.; [Homer Gvubbs; Ben Novak; Mel- lvi~ Shipley; C. B. Stensaas; Jr. ]Wilkes; Emerald Os, t; Jeck and 1Eflee~ Smith; ~I~.rre~l Graham; . Don McDean; (Ynarles Melton; Bu~oh MeElroy; Robert Har~ey; C]2xe~ ~endofsky; Richard V.e~ers; Harry & Roy Kindler; Dale '~'m~y; David Kermedy; IMme Demaras,; Wint Smith. We halve ehe buyers for your s~ock if you will bring them to t~s. We wou~d like to advertise ,thegn if you will ~ us know by Thursday night We are ~ways glad %o eppraise your livest~k if ~ou wfltl call. We appreciate your Thursday, January 23, business, ar*d try our best for you. to h~lp Denn,is and Ken celebra~m Car3']yn Fall on Jan. 30. you in the auction Friday. ~heir birthdays. Zella Slaush~er ca, l.qed VAiL M~_J..INTOCK Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H~I and on Mrs. Bert Kelly and Sian1~son. Karts. D=bbie of Hastings, (Mr. and Mrs. R. Jacobson. BOB ISAAC Raymond Hiatt, and (Mr. and [Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. ~VIa~T ~VIm'fl~, Kans. Alvin Lahcdny aad Cormie of Mr. and ~Virs. Vern Na:'ka. Karts.. were dinner guests dinner guests Wednesday Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Claude and Mrs. Quincy Sills. COUNT] HOAI~ B yles Aftenm0n callers were Mr. Ivan and Zel'la Slaughter By ,.MRS. HARRY 5UTLIPb Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Voss came W~ay to visit his par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Voss and Karen. Mr. and ,Mrs. Voss were married Jan. 10 at the home of her parents, Mr. and [Mrs, Robert Gar- rison, in Va,mxmver, Wash. Ca:H- ers Thursday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Voss were Warne Colson and Gone .Ahrens. Kenneth and his bride le~t Friday for Hays to visit his college friends and on to F_.,llis to visi ,his sister, ~f.v. and ~:rs. Eugene Engel and famiiy, and at the home O4 his aunt. (Mr. and Mrs. J~lm Dipman and family, at Lar- ned, Kans. They came back here Sunday. Guests Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hil~s. (Mr. and M~s. Veto Scarrow and Mr. and Mrs. R. J. tMc~ger, ~r., and Ga~ of ~[Mazflm, to, tMr. and ~ Dloyd Scarrow of Fairbury, Nebr.. L. W Dewi,~, Rev. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Dale Warner and Dalenv. [Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ye~ter. [Mrs. Helen McN.i~-~fls. and [Mr. and ~I.rs. Luth- er Everson and family. ,Mrs. Alma Gard was a dinner guest .Sunday of Mrs. Nettie John- son. Mrs. Harry Sutliff was a dixm, er guest Sunday of ~vIr. and [YI_rs. Elmer FReh, Rev. and Mrs. DOn Sh~up, Tom- my and Linda, and [Mr. and ~_rs. ~fley Riehaxdso~ were Sunday din- ,mer guests of Mrs Madeline Mi, l'ler at Paul's Cafe in Smith Center. ,Mrs. Ira Sflsby and Mr. and [Mrs. Evere~ Ter~i~ll were dinner guests Sunday at a eaCe ~n B~12e. vflle, and called on Mr. Clarence Win~low at ~he hospital. Mr. an~ Mrs. Job !Moon, {Mrs. Ira Silsbv and Mr. a,nd Mrs, Everett Terri]~ preserrted him wit,h some lovely flower~, which he was er~joying very much. .Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Fager and Jemie and ~Mr. an