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January 21, 2016     Jewell County Record
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January 21, 2016

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Rock Hills Grizzlies Granl Daws t22) and Luke 8ro~kerman {2) are ready for action agalnsl Southern Cloud m Ihe opening game of 1he Northern Pie,as League Tournamanl, Fr,~tay, al DncoPn. JAN 28 31 CENTURY il WICHITA, KS kan~sasrvshows,com HUGE JEWELRY SALE IMonfla,Tuesday, Wednesday, l Jan. 25, 26 and 27 30% OFF All Jezoelry i at Floral Studio 119 " ~ I "~9 N' { ommetcial St Mankato. Ken. ! Beloit Special Education Cooperative JeweJI, Mitchell and Lincoln Counlies 1>(3 80x 506 Bel0~. Kay. 67420 Early Childhood Screening The stall cl 1he KInS FIRST Program w4.' be conducting a tree screening 1or ~ '0"~ bi.tl.~ !.o 5 ylk~l~ o1 age i,vlng ~n Jewell. MitChel~ I.rnO01~ O0unb~ an~ pa.ll$ of O$1X~rne COunty Irel are m Wac~da .~.hOol D~stnct The seceding ~,lll be 8ondtlcle~ in Cawker City dunng the rnomingOF Fflday, February & 2016. II your ChI]l~ ~S exper~eno~j d=fflCu~y m thedeve~pmenfal areas of hear,qg and wslon, cRmmunl~t,on, gross ~nd fine moqor. setf.h-81p. $0Cial-emebonal. ~nd eogn bve sk,lls, pl ease Celt 1o schedule an appo4nlment Parcels ha~n a nyQuesbons ~ncere,~g mer hJId~ges i~tth through ,5 may Cab Ihe [~loil S~8~ia~ E6uCa.llO~ C~oeral,ve at 1-7857355275. ext. 1 before noon ,~ Fn~l~y January 29. 2016 lo ma;te an a#l:,w~men: Io: your c'add /~orOxwnately 30 m=nuqes w,l: be requ,recl ~ooomple[e l~:escreenlr, g I1 w," De he;el a~ Irle USD 272. Boar~ Office Iocare~ at 704~ b~usl ,~, Cawker C,lt~ Ka~.sas USD No. 107 Rock Hills High School Honor Roll First Semester Honor Roll 201 5-2016 Superintendent's All Academic Honor Roll Semors ~e,: Jeffe"~ A sor~ Ra,lsoa.ck. Chelsea Landre~h. Emdy Cox. So~home~ ~.e"~c- Ma~emaq I~ezva~ ~oo Emrn~ Re, hen. E~blh Graae ~,a" e ~e.'~err Ry,ee vVaeic~el Sever~h Grade: Ka, ga,~ Dv~s~0n Jerr~ Gdle[I Sixth Gra~ :: a '"~"- $carrew Superintenderlt's Honor Roll ~ioes: Grin'. Da' s. Holden Maue~nan Tucker Jo4~anek du~liors: Sateaa Me,or gav,s ScNle~ler. Luke Broeckelman. Tane~le Peroulek, A~ea ~enho~en. Jare~ Yelken. La~e~.la C,~.a~. Soi~lomonm: Emllee Whe ~er. Tycen H~ger Rnys Man ~.u(p. Jac~ Sp~ e.L Chase Sla~e. Baytie Oanstan. Jalee Ortman, I~y~ee Hadl e, Braey Jeflery. A~naBelle 8cl~ullze. Freshmen: Dertic Luo~g, Dere~ G lett. Sabt,na Sa~Lzman. Zane Cotsm FJgMh Grade: Bomin L~9. Sara Tadela. Sam U nd~. K~,~an Wagner. Jaclyn Yelken. ~amth Gr~e; Tre ~r Grace. Jauclyn lemke, Simon SalT.zman Tanrer S~pmaa, K01e Vance Sixth Grade: Jacob Barry. Averj Brown, Jansen E,lerl. Jao:~b Ur~derwood. C~r~Ilan Wagaer Principal's Honor Roll Seftiors: Wyall 0~.~kie, Hatey Kussman. Ter~i Shck. Jeremy $=mmel,nk,Aos~in C-uranl, Esmerelda Fischer, Ar~:m D~ranL JunioPa: D.'ew Beam. Noah Daniels, A~C Hem. ~oph0ql"~te~: CaJllyn May, AIIi$0~ t-la~6,ns. Hatree Chance. Austin E=lerl, Syt~ny yba. Sam Fege. Freshmen; Gunner Jol~nek. Austin Seek. K0t~ Pe~'-ne;I. Colytn Vajgd Ma~tHa V01ker. I~gblt~ Gra~: KayLee Boze,rnan, Josh Daws. Haley t~g. Cheyenoe Mohter. Seventh Grade: Amber Dean. Mas~ H.ge Eve Meye~s. AshCan Ost. Caden Slate $11th Creole: Anckew B,tbson. ~va CleaS, Coar~0, Cosa ~ CesarGk~rla-O~tlz. Sonny Johnson, Dame! McDII. Roge~ Me,er Sponsored ey Bohnert Welding LLC Pioneer Seed Rep Jewell, Ken G wln ']'h R~k Hitl,~ High S~.'~i~l (Jr,', Zlit:s el~r~d Noxthem PlaJ.n,~ L.eaguc -[vumamem pla~, with a 5U.37 win ,~ r Soutl~ni (."~oud, Friday, at Lin- d~s. Monday. tit their ~(.~;nd p.~und game and wer~ rdegatcd [o the con~- latie~ brackcl when the) h~s~ 46-31. [tic Grizzlies played rc,:,~t. r, - day, for the n~hl to advats.' in Ihc ~'vnsolatim r~und. (.lame rc'sult~ were unavailable at p.r, -ss time. "['he (3rizz~ics h)sl lillle rune in t~- ing the read against ,~e[~thcm ['~oud, .~pu.rlllZg oat re- 16-5 fir~! quarter lead. -rhey ~d~,:d to Ihe mar~i.n in w-hen ~hey ~'orcd 15 13,t)ii'llt~ I:~-l~lbl.' M-%'OI~d Ill hold a 31-14 lead at the hall . "/he). kcl~t up the ol't:ensive pressure and added five more r~ints to tl~i~- h:ad r, Ihc lhi~ period 10 Lake.' a 43-21 lead into Ilzc final quarter, q-he (.;riz/iie~ ottcnsix=e uatput t ll oft in the final I'ram bul they maintained rite Ir corn forlable lead and left the court with a 5I)-37 win. Reck Hill.~ otl'cn~ spul!er~d m Ih t'trsl Ht,~HCt agaihM O l~m maltag- illg tO score only five r'~lllL'; ]'he de- tense aad Osborae's inability ~> inahe a .~hol ~ d h.~ the Bid]dogs s *~rlz=g ilo points Ior eight inlnu~e, ur ff~rt. Oslx)me v, llt 1o lh IoM ilWJ I~mnd dcpa.rtm cn I and rc~:~ ~ crcd tfle~r ,ffen in the .~'uund I~'ri~l I~ ~or 16 Ix~ints to hold a 16-15 Irall tinge lead. R~L'k Osborne ~21ied on three ~=lnt ~ihol- to keep the Oriz/~y d l n.~ o|t l~=~,~.- alto the Grizzlie~ paid rite prtve ag the Btlll- dogs slowly pldtc~d ahead ,d ~he (ir~/- /IP."~ and huld 33.2g k-'ad ~t'tt.'r th ~." q la~ers. Rock IE [1 IN sa~. ai1~ cl'~ance of a comchavk hide ;i, Ihe) nlartagud to the tinal qua ner t hllC O~h~,nte ",V, ,k'd 131o ~;llk at~a) will, a46 31 ~ln:md %'rid [tl~." (irlz/hL'~ to Ihe :on~p.l[alJ~,tl bracke Ior lh~2 fcinall~,der O| !lie I~lll. II#,l'ilel'i~ t-Lt4,'k 't Johzllcl,; Jed Ihc (FtL/gf|C'~ IIll~,' IxJi|tl~, al~LJ ~ati~-'d I~o ~ b".~ul~d~. and r:alled do%n tl.lLII rcl?~.wtill~', J ICOb Spiegel n ll,2d fl ~e r~ qnl*, ,ll~d h,l~;l ~l i Ip~ Thu~'.:~:lay. J a, : 4. 2~ ErJ'"6 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 4A Tucker Johanek right (25} and his Rock H, IJ~ tearnrnales assume a delensive I:~sture against Southern Clo1Jd. Friday. at Lmculre. ,n lhe.r ~L~P' ."q game el the Northern Plains League Tournament al LLflCOlrl. ix:~tg.dtiVClX~mh:,itdarcb(.~ul)d.(;lal|t g~rded ~IX rlt~ii~l ~(i(:L I;.!a.lt rt'~Kitllrd~. Jeli'r~r~ itetlcid lou, r r~ii|at,~ l'o| thv ~;lllte I)a~ I~ added fotir ~irtts ;lild ni~= re b,~qKl'~ Br~d) ]vtlvr pill Lipll~,o]~,lqitl> ,llid #r,lbl~L'd ;~ r l~nmd (.'alla',~ay had .i[]dlJi;d~.~ni~.rc.'rk~utld Nv,iltD~nl ], T =.ol-l-tqi~,l,~ar1~.J:~.pdl'=.~.UIld Bn).i2k'~' 'llllJ1q ( il,I,c]. r IL~h,muk addL'd,l~cx'thro~ G'I tat I~,} rchoLind~ "l]l~ ~t pl~:ked LID a d. rHI}IIIIL I .tl~ ~2 i{rL~ qk~2hlq~in kll',rrt]"qll ',L:J -~l~.'a] II~: d~lq~ l) rrwk {;Ilh:t~ c,nl~,lled ~ h~(irt/,h,'~headhackloLm':(dn. 4t [4,hliilid |"rl,~a'~, h~ Ldk .' 011 ~i yet Ill t~." deter- 31~,c~elv,~,lltvq~pR~,k Hrllspo,~l IIIHIeL-I lean1 tll a coilsolaliun leunt~. gctk'r s~ lib ] 3 Hc ,11~,~ kepl J te~oHIhl gJlliC 'l'h '~ x~nll Iau l"csc ~tl agalll. 13~,~ I', I)a tot ' ~. rch,tlltd~ ,ir~d vtq| I u ',da ~ ~ilCll Ille} Irave$ ~h~'~ I'of a ll{,L[cJ tl~t" re~und~. -I-. Joh,~ck rc rcgLllLIT ~,i,:,i~.~'l't ina.l,l,:h u~ RBaS tidy The R,~.'k ]-|ills Ihgh Schu, d i.ad~ Gr,A,cx d4d I1~.:'1 law ~eil m IIw ol~r~- ing zound gatrlc ~ of i itq Norlhcrn PIa in~ {.eagLl "l'oLlmanteJ~l at l Itl ~:hl-] h'Jlt- de! Ridge handed lhe lealn aft4.2 1 ]~ In I"r,day ,~ Ol~ail~g round [zam "L'hcy returned h~ [ mcoln. Monday. For a cm~ ~flation m~nd ga,n ~galO~l S) I- ai~,- [ l~Ca,~ and Io.~167-2.~. "l'hey pla)vd ( 'ha '~' ]tlc',;da~, w~th ganlc rcslilt~, el|- SAFE (let1 to r,ghl) are Siuarl Vance, Dereck GilJett. AnnaB.efle Schultze. Jarett Ye~ken, Chelsea Landreth ar, ct Don Jacobs. Interior and Defensive Driving Certification is being offered at the Wednesday MankatoVolunteer and Thursday, Fire Department Feb. 3 and 4, Fire Station 7 - 9 p.m. Course attendees wdt recetve a smafl d~scount on t#ezt automobile insurance You must attend both nights COSt is S20 per person to receive certification tO attend the class To register, please contact Brian Shulda at 785-243-0203 by Monday, Feb. t Exterior Painting Pasture Clearing Call Spencer Mohler at 785-648-0122 Free Quotes ssisted living can .', . iT' -.:.~ ' .i .' -.~- , ::." " t mean many things. I lore ,[-,b-teJ [k in:4 g*~c'~ I~cvo.J ,LF(H,~It~ tllc-cL,ck l~ ']}~ 4I~l ,!.',',i~,E,11h,-{." WI[fL tltc d, ti]~ I,c'c,t', ,)l'[i~.il,g 1['- ,d,rLLI bCirt~ [r part ~)I',L Lrit]? 't|:111111t|1|11",'. "1"o lea,-, fllt.zr~.' abom (;m:d Sa,na=it;tl~ Suci~:l v - Vi~ torlan l,eg;tcy, ~:a]l { (402) ~7 )-3099. ~1~'[~ I -,1.(~;-~.T]]~,t|'lEal] :'~( }CIC~ ' Vr{"t~I( I ~ ~ ] J-.(; ~c, j We weupever the g:aves of infants and the liltte e]leS lakcn irom u~ hy death: hul an early gra~ rna> h." tiP.: ~ho[tes! way to heave, " 'h)o,t l'd~~eJs i li'Nir. LJJ~ I ~;I % MANKATO / ~ Sports Preview ~la,/, Jan. 25 - ~twday, Jan. 38 I,".r~ 2:'{ jroirar.l /~'h l,~s~rtt~al~r l~) I 'nrr. 2(, .~hslr Sc/,olBa kr~bn{~ ;=, J" .",rOt.f tl.f l,l'."q,'~;~,i' Inr;. 2L~ ,~r|t~'tL~.r ! h.~h Ba-~k flait PI I. i ~trl, f.r#i'N~'hl| I~I ( }S~','Of;'ll? 'au 2It I irgh Sctr,~d .6a ~ tff[~att :[,4. iVIb4,',t ~t! ~'~t'('[ I hlb, lau. 3(; ;mrt,~; I lbth ~a.4,'t~i~ P7 t L)tt.l'rlfrL;'Id.rJi~ (i'| ()s~.~)r#lc ML ,tlt'~.' { ~ L.k, ~, L~ltc=a [ l;.:h t.~: k~r L ~ It I .itL' [ I L";t I r,~,it L'~.'. ( ' I~x(It [~lt~'lJtLy I t1.',tlr- an(*', ilhtltr.~-L~pi~.'~. ~'aX ~.I~. ICI:, Chl."Ck (.ash~ AIM Cards, I FLL A I M~ m I~. ,t, ~V.lg~ t~J,~d~, ~thl l.~.lX,~,- I,r)', [hrvct IX.l~ ~as and/~ ,dltct~on~, !a,'3' ."k,~'l~, ~mn Cerl #,('a k, ~, ] ~,-t n .'~.]'i ll~,t,4." U~lll, IntLIr114~i'. M'~l'rlbt'r AC'*.-L~r ,%]%1 and iX'bi~ Card Avaliablt'. NCUA I~l,~.ldl, (,I~ ~,~n,I,~ll,rI~l,l'ij,~a, I.L,L. CiC~rl- ~.l&~r~'r ;hali~blv at l>IC-, iilll~," %Jl i. ";Ik . [O'.e Lili~, ~,iililr. I]~L'~. JIL' ~I. IliI,-l'~L,I i'rOITI ~h~." rL)L|[T].il]'IJli '1 Ba~ h.'t2 I)rd1'4,a~ x ,~ fl~v h]fh ,~.ivr l q fl~e I I~L.~ (;,/.lu.-~,1 h z~.~Iri~'~ She .~q~[~%l iLF I~Lqllt~ ,;~d41i'J ] hliri~/~,'r Idgc aiid J 2 ,~.g;J4iIM -%} [~ ; 11" i.uca~. !Ire k.'d nl I~. I%1~.- k ~iri tile- L-OLirt. 'I'u ~- this has a plaoto SAFI program i]Ic li[',i dra~lllg ~f the ~i ~,ly l,~rrned S:%1,I: r.";ealh~:h~, Arc ]:o[ L:~,- tiBJrliili~ ai Ihe R~k I.iin~ J iniuT.sc- i|1Ol |l,gi~ .~d,~d ~;~.1:["~ Ih ~i ~, 'C '~] .ri]ri i-~er-i~-~ecr ~rn~2ralll t{~'~tMilV ~il i~wrca~,ill~ tccn r{ ,Mt-all)l[ ~=~nlpliancc liltough C4J~.l'.'ii- liOIL rK}~il i s, L- r ~ Jr~~, ,irlt]: L,n]~ ~ro21nrl| I. i i nr,A.}rt ~ IR, e ~.ti ~,~, ea rl |) ~ ;,i ~iL.il I ~1%- It, t hvr~'. Iol'~ tL'dllcin~z lhe ittii'fl~=L'r ~;t tllq~l*'[ ~ hl le n -]akxl injuries ~.lll~, lalal,l, i% 'h.) llir 'i'~.'~l~,C ~all~ll I.l.~ ;J~lRm~ MH dctHs whtlc pnwiding ,~tr~mg ilalh~- ,elel) i|}e~;~.ugc~, throu~li(l|fl li|e ~'ho~fl yvar. All Rt~.'k Hill~ I|lgh Sc-iltxfl ~tt, deilI~ al~" ~:ltvoura[:~.'d ;llld art' rq{.gibiv I~ r~Lll~.ipiitt li] li~{ SAlqi prtLgr:~0ii. TIIL" ~w~lJ G.J lh~' [1'It ,[~:reti11 lh al ~I TfliiLioln M ~'Lh ITI '[h,: Ioi"11| L~I ,i ~-~.~ %'i~i;.t ~Itl ~ard "l,1~r|'l ~r~ UI~,'I'.L'=. 'l',dq I~| h~ ~ cl'~lhk" h' ~ It, me w,n~-~. I~." ~ LJJtIIg IoI .III) [LIIJ II, q',H~" f,'i ll,c rL~hl rca ori.'" ~ld (.bL'I~-L'J i 411dr~:IJi. %tu d~ll'~ ( '~,)L|I't~.'II :'. IH~ ,r I.L'~]'l~" rO~l,ltl~. t:. B IIMI|) RvI|].u'~ %ILid,'lll t~'L~IIJL'II .~pot|~t)r, xupphed [l~ c:l~d~ ~ Kh Ill n;|i11 ~ of ribs',=: w h.t~ tied ,rgi]='tj IIl~; Cheke;i l.andn:lh dw~ lh ,t,ite~ a,~d { ;FAT] i I);L~, J.~ ~,I (id' 'tit ~.', Iti I$~-' I I pR.'~ ida= n. read lh~ J[Ki|111,% dFd~.ll. "I llc.~ ~,~,el l)en.'vk GIl]~r, I rv,hm ,i. Anrlal]~Ik, Sdlullt' . riupit~m=or . Jar I[ Y~qkcl t'~.[,tlm) Sh~.ritr ~ Dupartliiciir R~piratur~ Wurkshop All inlorlnalivc worXq],~p on tt'~pl- ~lt~r3 IIIcrapi~l~. their ii|~t'[;.tld|l~q, %i~h ~,n~'~ a,d di~ ;~:~ aqd J,~rtlcr~ Ihai elfcd r ~plrator~ r~i~,l]ih ~ Ill Ix, held I' b tX II~ I} llc~lll~ llll~ ~Ztll ii~mr c~a~ ~IIl I~L" iltMriJ, c'l{.'d b~ i)t'J/lil;It .~l,~lrl:q. L'OlKaL'I cr0ud ~'orlflI~ ('r~l]ll. nl~l:llll~ Colk, ge for in(~r~." iiihtEi)lal:lon. "If once you fod:eil Ihc ~:oiflidence ol your t'ellow-citizens, you curt ~ vet regaia !heir rcspeci a~d ~stcenl." Ahraham Lincoln Payne Pasture Cleadng * Postun' 11','.[r Ct,'~ItII~.'~ " POst h,~,'dri/lmg * ~CHt't'rr/,ttrt i~r' /~>.f ,',".:. Rodney Payne, 795-545-5141 Btenl Back. 785-545-5427 INVITATION FOR BIDS The Board of Education ot U3.D. 107 isaccepting bids fore oee year lease on the following described farm real estate lo; haying purposes only: Approximalely 21.17 acres of grass lying east el the Rock Hills H~gh School fooroail field ir~ Mankato, Kansas. To be considered, bids mu st be in wdling and submitledtotl~e U.S.D, 107 Board Office all09 E Main Street, Mankato, Kansas 66956. Bids must be a to~al dollar amount, Rent will be payable May 1. Tenant will be required to centre] noxious wee~s in accordance with applicable Kansas law. Bids must be receive0 by Friday, February 5, 20~6, at noon to be considered. Bids will be opened al the February 8, 2016, 8Quid of Education meeting. The I~r0 of Education reserves the r~ght to teiecl all bids.