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Jewell County Record
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January 21, 2016     Jewell County Record
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January 21, 2016

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3A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Th~trsday Janua,3, 21. ;tOt6 Cody dud Davit~ Cl@aty pose with a porhon oF their nulcfacker coffeclion at the Jewell L~l~ary. Their r+ulcracker collectton ,scn disptay at the library this monlh. Jewell ey m,~,t. Ho, d,~ mm Ihe Rick Wustgate family j0incd Bt~b at{d Sandy We ,4gate Salurday al +,h,h ILrne Ihey hlltchel~d a hog. SaEtlrda> L~tslomCr~. I'ric0ds .',nd iieLghl~lt~, ~a?Itct'ed at lhe Jewcll Com- n)ui)it) ('~tuh 'r t,+ help Arehie "Phomp- sou ~- lehralc h i.~ I~.'~ITI.'IIICI)t. Al'tcr 4 t ~"l~k~'N ~ll, ri~.I ['1 ll i,t, lelll Irl~ Iron) II'~ I~u~Ja II |:+'irmur', ( ' ~-t)p ~ dlimcr h.Olt+.)rlng Arctne ~a~-,J%t, held Saturday aight. The funeral tar Frauk Bum:hell w.'is I,c]d 3a|u.rda, -,tlenmoJ~ al Kleppi+,k:cr S~nd~, alterm~m a memorial tea x~ :Ix held i'n htmnr ~,l'a h~r,ncr rt~rtlcnt. Charlotte Snyder, al the Jr~,cll C,in- II)UI)ity ('~l'L[cr. Ch:l/lt~lle',~ i~x ~a~ bt~.ric'd in Qnmler "rh r lea I~ur.~r,'d hr~ ~t,i~}~ %lit." {]~ d JTI JU",&-'L'{I. |'flL'r).I.J~ ~i Charh~m" ~alh~ied and 4tared c-m- l))Uflb, i.J.l~.tttl (Jharlo(~L' to hc~ tlat,gh~ r Sail) and graad.a~ghlcr. Charhlttc ~ i1[ be nussed by re:my. fh~.' {~ni[~.'ratLZ~." n~t+k a Iltl, Nc dive St, nda). mornJnL~ when il dipr~d, to i)e;Irlv /ere. II I~- ".aid v e will have a~ lil.'Sli.~~ (Ja v~, I~L']+.t~," tel't7 ilus ~.Vml<.'[ ;I.'1 wedid ha~e a~.~ e l~ } in lhe r+lll.nlllCr. W didl~'l hazy m.'my d.'t).s ~h~+,-e IL~I st~ t~c w,II ~ce d du~+theory holds Irue. Letters to the Editor {-dlttff" lhank tor piib J i hvn~e all I1~.~ pho. qo~ ot the R*~ck +~land Llcraililtent at Motllro~. A~ that tirli+.+, like Rt~'~ Is- land maiilh, mad it Iniek and picked up wrct'ks. In the fl n.'tl ~ car's, I~'K." track was ha~. Lleralhi~ tH~ ttcqrIL'nL and lhe l,b llafd .~L hlk1 ihil} ~ 117, t[~.l,~ lh/~,~. pal~'l In~,tTM i, al Lt ,I+ hke 111 I~]5 l~l 'c ~,[~l J,:v~ -11 ( ',u|il,) aq l the J+~rll (.'OUiil 'j M in,+rlCx It takc~ a Sl~.' tel v|locl I~ ~:al) [I)t+Nc uld p:lpeD, mid ~ul~r~-I ditw.'e iI++'rtr~. K++'L'pil ~p! Wr h,xr y,t,r prodiJ. l. I):1i'+.~. ~1) |:a~rt <.|~liail,t N+.'b. Burr Oak Weather l.arry (;ilicll. N()AA ol~+n'er "l'emp:ralurrs ||igh hn lhe ~scck .~ L-~ l:or mc ~cck 5 Precipitation I.asl ~, t.~- k I'=,4X lhi'~ ~cck ~Ukl 1)JIl~ r;ll'l, .Uh| II,'W-, Jar} I "~ 31 1~ Jan. 14 .52 11 J:m. 1.5 5F, 2"} Jar~. {<', ~,i'~ 22 Jan 17 -~ ' Jan. It'; 17 5 Jail. I~I 31 5 carry out Mankato Chamber Continued from p~ge ] r[~c, cot)tract v,'ilh the v,ebsffe pro- ~,'~dcr v+ill e~p~re m June Attemative~ will be c~pk~red by Emma Mcnhu~n. Dane Hanson (;ra|tt applicaliun~ ~r due on Fub 15 A chamber com- i)'d.ttL'e will meet arid prepare all appli- v~li+.jn. Mcm~,rship drive will ~" ,larling. ]:~mafls will be sen; first ~{th lem.-r~ Io Io{luw. The Man kate Chamber Scholarship applical.~n will he updated bel'ore mend- ing it to the ~hot+l. "{'his year the em- pha.~ts will he on volunteenng anti ~eadership in the L'enHnunity. "the.' ~-holarship wil'= be epc, tu all Rt~'k l|ill~ suniors. |) 'j~[,ne to apply for lhc ~cholar~h,p ~',II be April I. Alter a r(pres~'mah~ o|the J=well C'~unty Sherflt'*; Departil)e nt ~a{ked Io the chamt~,r at the November meetiag ~x ~ Ihe Na ional Child Saf ~y Coutn- il. it was dcwitled tu donate to the ,rgani/ation. It w~, decided the offi~'ers will re- ruai,t the ~amc, Ja.+.on (~"~n)~lii, I'rmsi- d~-n[, Bn au ~h~flda. vice p~s idenl, Paul Vv' t~,'~,~H. Irea~ tlrcl' a~-id Monica Wa}ker. .~1 '~.' and Ph)ll,s (.'hrkstLe v, on the I+ee nlcal~ dD~'iLL(L'd h~ State l-x~.hang Bank. l-h~: n,;~t nicclinR w~][ I~on I;eh ~0 at I{o'n'~ It)it Courthouse News, )ewell County = g~ister of Deeds Vcroui ;a Ma ihngh and Edgar C Mar,hugh to ]-dLzar C- M~fihugls and Veronica Mar~h~LZ~: part SWI/4 of St( I/4 So(lion 3. rl't,~,~i'=ship 3S. Ran&zc I~1"~' Ru~ell Don Walk+:+', tru.~tcc of the R u.',',c II I)un Walkc~ TrusL and P-rant'us l'~,iih.'rir Walker anti Rtissclt l)tm ~,++ lkcr. lt'tistc~x ef I'ra,;c {)artot Walker Trust. R~ $1 VUll l-. ~t*'~tlkcl pan of NF. lt4 Scclion 2 I. ToWli~hip 3S. Range gW. ].vo Bruwn and Betty i~rov, n. H~,>Id Jay afld Liada J ay. Bry~m l--[~i(r arid Jeni ];za.~ier to (.'t,rdcl I:arms. I+L.C: [:-1/ 2 t++ Section 28. Township 5S, RanW 9W'. AIL+.'c Kinsuv to David .1, {',f,~.'itcr imd Sara(:. Rcitcr: i,ut~ 4, 5.6 aktd 7 Bh~:k 13, ('i'.~ td Montru.~. I)a~;d L'. C'ordel ~nd I.oTi Cordel, Stephen t". ( 'o[det a,tid {,'aro~ Colder, and I~.o1~+'1 M, Cordel I~Co~dcl I:am)s. LI.C .~ IILS|'- t14 Section 5. '{-own~hip .5S, Range 9W. Aur, lrca Gardner tn (; orgt.- HI=IHII+,~I'I. NLs'2E]/2 I +I ,~ ;m4 l.lf2 l t,t~+ '-/' arid II+ in BItK'k 5 I.em ,s .~ +-- olid .'%dditL~m to T.?ily +,t" [lun Oak. Kar,-,) W;]]~.~ and R~nald R. Wilh Ann (hrard and Larry D. Girard. Sally (ITE THERI'ER Friday, Saturday and Ound~y Jan. 22, 23 and 24 Star Wars: m-]+ Episode VII - The Force Awakens 13"tr,~,e ~'e~-$ al[~r ln~ derea: Ol th~ Gala l,c Empire. a ne~ thr~al ariseS. The F,r51 Or0er alterr,pl$10 r01e 1he g~.l. axy and only a ragta or0L,~ a! r~er~e$ can slOP mere along w lh l~e hetp &f the PG- 1 ~ {IO=' Sr.;M'~ ach~n w~ier,~el Mankato, Kan, 785-378-3172 l OOth Birthday Card Shower Is requested h~r Mary Harrison Dillon Tuesday, Feb. 9 )- Cards may be sent to her at 201 N Railway, Lebanon. KS 66952 LUTHERAN SOUP DAY Lutlzeran Clzurch, Mankato Wednesday, Jan. 27 Serving 11:30 a.m. - Supper Hour MENU Soups: Chili, Vegetable Beef Chicken Noodle, Ovster Sandwiches, Pie and Coffee For home &'liz,erv +.-+,ql: 785-378-3308 En#d and Robert E. Eng.el t. l)mmld G. Dcl;t ,l Jr and S~acey N L,N,l,~eir Loh 1(1, 11 und 12, Block 63on~inal town of Jewell Cily. Richard L, Stenson and [.orrie J. Sten son to Dennis { uurilzell and Loma J. l.aaritz(n: aH ot-a~ nndivid~ inter+ e~.t ia aJ)d to: SlI2S1f2 5~lion 13, "rownsh ip 2 S, Rm~zc 6W except a tracL Mark A. Stenson to Den]~is Lanritzen and Loma J. [~urit/cu: a I] o f undivided inte~st in) and Lo: S 112S I/2 S+clion 13, Townshkp 2S. Range 6W except a Irat:l. Tracey S. Flln~It and KJmbra A. Elliott to RGL F~rnls Inc.: I:It2SEI/4 Se, clion 19, Township 2, Range 7W. "l'racey S. ElliolL and Kimhra A. Elliott to BWI. l.;arru~ [J$~:.: W1/2 of SWI/4 SeJ.-i~ori 21[), Township 2S. Range 7W, Donald C, Bmgham, Iruslee of Dunald C. Bmgham Revo:able lntcr Vivo~; Tlusl, and Donatd C, Bil,/dlsal)h u'us~ec of Shirk'y R, I-]~ngham Revo- cable ]ntur Vivo~ Trusl, and City of Randall teCity of Randull: $ I~ (a)t It) Bl~'k 6 oTisinal Iowiz of Randall terry Durham and Nadinc L)urhum lo JerD' Durham hi~.' a K~i~asCoZT~t>- rali ]r~; a tra l of iand c,msi~ling of a ~e~r le~scommencingat I~)inlsuuth- east ct+rm/r of N F I/4 S,e;.lt on 3(,=. Tow n+ ~h=p 5S+ Range 6W, Jerry Durham Ira.:. Io Durham Lim- tied Partnership: EI~NE{/4 S~ction 3C}+ "Fown~hip 5S. Range 6W. Dn~rham Limited Panncrship to Jerry Durham 1no: WI~SWI/4 and SW I/4NWl/4 Sm.'tion 36, "rown~hip 5S. Rang~ 7W, Rtmald J. [~.ilcrt by Roua|d J. l-itch and Be rnic E,lert a.~ {rLl~t .'s Of Renald J. Eil(rt -I'tust I and Bernice Ellen and Rtmald J. Eilcrl, Iru~lees ot Bcm{ e L.'.den 'Fr~t I. to Josuph 4; |'lien and Karl 5 L;ilerl: ~Wli4 S ctiou '+tL -It+waship 5S. Range 8W, except a tract in ~[W I/4 tr[ ~clitm "~{). ~ lWI1, ship 5S. Range 8W. (.'olhy Sericx I $,C Io and m Ia~o~ uf D,A,B, No. I; Domis A Mn[lim trm.u.%' ,t lack (]~,id~lein C'hantahtr Rcutaindcr I[ rnllrnM'~ and ~l.lslne~.~. Buildings I~ -. Io DA B No 1. an ~lldi~ idcd 7It pr2rc'stHI ,rLIr2rC~l: Dennis, A, MuL|in, truslcc ~+t Jack G+ahi~tezn ('ha/itah'Lc Rcmairndrr Uniln~M. ~ () ['~r- L'C111 iltl~.'.t-U~t. ,J.ilLI ~|U',II) ~.TM' ~'],uiidiH~'~ irl Ill p'L't ce4it i~l, rc~,? tO ~]~t'k .5 ~ud l{i{he { {.uomis and RchccL'a S. $ ~t~inis. trt,~tec~ ot Bkllic J [xxm)is and Rebo:~::, S. [.~+,))~, Re~t~.'aNc r n:~t. aud Adam J o~ll"Li~ and Aln~'r I. Loou1L', IO Aduin la~m)is and Am- I'~-I' [.txmns: tiHdi~-i~Jcd L,'21~t iri[er ~t ill N I/2 S ,L'tion 6, l-ot+ndnp5S. Ran L:C 8W. BIIlic J, [ ~1~'=i111~ and RcF~cca S. [.oomi~, IrusleC~ ~+1 BitlJ.e J. l .t>oini~ and Reht~:ca 5. l.t~mU~ Revocable lrtL',l+ and Matt J. I ~tiii~ and Kara [ . I ,t~111'~ IO Matt I.k~o,nls ;.end Kara l+t~.mli~: tLndividoJ l~'qii Inl(t-e:'il il~ ~r E/2 ot 1.ut~ I, 2 .3.4, 5, 6. 7 and 8 ~'-k.ctkun ! 8, "lt+wm, i'iil~ 55, Range 9W. ~ttl~Cl~,~ I)=,4dct I.I.C. h~ J :Hle~ I',d.llll~, [J[.(,': a t.L%tCt irk '~,lhl[it t,J,~. H. ~III) ? 1 9 I~ 'gl]]l)il)g al .zorthwer,! cor, r=er el .~W I/4N[ tf4. Tra~" Viclotia N. Mta~y, la.ilnru Io w~.-a0r ,c ~,tt~ It. ~, I! i: ladt,t IO ~,' icld ul +,lop d,r )arid ~ig=; 1~;3. {.riu Moegan. ~+N+.'dil)~+ $222, J,~hnulh;u~ Nelstn). ~peeding, '~ 153. 2".~ Members of the Rock Hdls FFA eighll't grade Ag Leadership class attended the Chapman FFA Agricuftural Education Middle Scho~ Leadership Academy. They btoughl home a Ihird ptace 5nish and received a plaque. Kat, e Reinert p~aced Ihird overall and Keegan Wagner placed seventh. Bolh received a medal. Members of the learn were (back row, tram left) Rytee Whelchel. Sara Taclefa, Sam Underwood, (,toni row) Katie Reinert, Jaclyn Yelken and Keegan Wagner. r. . Hunt Brothers Pi=za++,+::+ JANUARY SUNDAY PIZZA SPECIAL, 3-7 p.m. ,Buy one pizza at regular price Each additional pim =2 OFF , (E~c/udes the 2 Pizza + 25 Wing Special) / HUNT BROTHERS PIZZA T19E JefferSOn. Ma~kaP0 Ken 4,Bobslnn +, ,+,+, o. and Dessert Sunday, Jan. 31, Esbon, Kan. Soup, Sandwiches ESBON COMMUNITY CENTER ALL ABOARD 'IT,~ Valct~l.it~o Departing from The Newspaper Depot ~Expreos" your love Io a speoat child by placing his ~ her ph,3~ograph m The Valentine Express! Dead/ine to Board The Valentine Express Thursday, Feb. 4 To Get Aboard The Valentine Express: * Send or deliver a cute photograph of your child to eilher The Superior Express or Jewell County' Re(oral offices (we promise lO return it unharmed) . I~clude with picture name and age of chil~, name and address of parents an0 name and address of grandparents 4Please submit onry pho~ra#h~ for whict~ you have the ng~ht Io permit Ihe newspaf~er lo useand pubhsh. Some photography'companieS, such as Qlan M,Ilsa nd ChoJce Pnnhngand P~otography de NOT allow newspapers te pubhsn photographs wi~oul first ~ainm9 written pem~rss~n By su~n~ing, a pholograph an0 signing the gu~horiza~Jon, y~u are allowing Ihe newspaper" perrniss~,n Io poblis~- thin omcure a~ pan el The Valenline E~ pr ass ieaiure The piclure v+dl r-~ be used elsewhere w,lhoul yeut pe~mlsslon I I agree to the terms outlined above: Signature: Child's Name: Hurry Nowl cost is ONLY $8 per chi,~ The last day is Thursday, Feb. 4 SANDRA FOrtE ~" HANDWRJTING SPECiAUST .% 356 E, 3+: S, SuTE 3 Su~ '+.':.-~. NE 58 78 CAtL FOR AN APPOINTME~ ANYIIME PHONe: 402- B79+,1~ 19 7,+ Saturday, Jan, 23, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. ~eO O$~G'e~ r "~,$ w 0e o0 G,3p.'aj, Open House Continued Io Tinge 7