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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
January 19, 1967     Jewell County Record
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January 19, 1967

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~ditures *i @ i, I ~sa,s jew LdlllllbMtnl d I Bessie Bersuch, Pres, 2574 Lime Ave, Phone GA 4 98 325 Elm Ave, Apt 203 Phone ,g PoiSOnrdl Otls Clark,l [ "Billlng, Formoso, Dr. Romn't[ pperemlth, Exton- | week at Co by ,g Poison Ly l,;xten" A CONSOLIDATION OF THE WESTERN ADVOCATE, JEWELL COUNTY MONITOR. , t rairie (on AND THE FORMOSO NEW ERA. LditurcS ,ell IF IT'S FOR JEWELL COUNTY, WE'RE FOR IT EMNLY S! | Sections - 11 Pages. and Supplement Msnkato, Kansas Thursday, January 1% 1WW hin and IIi [Kansas State Picnic At [ U, S Aa. Fro.,.,,- ~-th,,ast I1 e: such S~[ - : . .... \ ~ [January 29th, 196_7_from l l:00[maintenance technician, is a 1[ e dm oaugh,|YBe.eville, Ruth Par 3od. ] [ IA, M. to 4:00 F..M... .. /member of the Pacific Air maid H0q [[ 1_ Registrations .by .~oun~es, [Forces which provides air po- T,.cas ~[ L~ I uoneges ann umversmes, rm-I war to maintain the u S de slidsVu~ , are h r c[l-en VlSl~el ner ann n~lxm sW ' : .... nlc tables and Food Conces- " " " 29 daY| JlI~~dl~Jl~ ] " . .,.I and conducts air operations in "~ 1 ~~l~n~ll~ ]Beach Municipal Bans win I Southeast Asia l :] l lll l~ll ]PlI:Yn:~d a good program is] The sergeant, whose father, ' ...., st~ ~ ~M I P [ Alfred Garst, resides in Utica, I Bixb,, Park /K~n'' attended high schOl in II l , r,o.*oo, 0., -o. --. 1 , ~ [ " 51 I pleted requirements for his /~\~ 1 lJ~Jl I " "/diploma after entering the Air ' I I Ruth Jennings, Car.Sec,,iForce l~d~ ii ~ mi~~,~ ] " " ' l HIs' wife, T.enore, Is the Id~,~Jli I ~il(] ]HE 2-7709. ] daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Le- ' Vern Buster of Kirk, Colo. FH. SNt ::llnl,, M el, . ankato tougars nn rs nnounce ewxeL .W Schlagle, GeorgePickerlll, andRMph 'lillE" P Ill Conservation Meetin a gc e onore are I~t'ternoon, the stock- which handles po'y,'./ . I k L. W..~[u~eeting was held. ] from time to time It is cam ] prayed a good brand of ball I Dale Freeman ~ 0 2 4 o in mere Saturday night The coach se Leon Hell 0 0 1 0 ~)sburg ~t~l of stock elected posed of the fall w g -[ I I in M~ of directors and ira- [ bars: L. J. Nickell, president: ~ leeted Eddie Wilson and Mel-I Mary[it Laurels 0 0 0 0 h ~ me vm Kitts as the defensive Totals 18 9 15 45 anua~g;S'~llowing, the dir-IMerle Launchbaug , ' " l ! } . ,, frora..~k~t~ed officers ] president; and Melvin LaRue. l prayers of the w~k. Eddie,on I Mankato A , I|; kabanon, 4~ ou can'~ ................ ~,~'~lna members of [see___retarv [ the ,B", team, and Melvin, on I fg ft f tp inforn~'~'~ directors were re-[ The stockholders were well[ !he ' A' club, played outstand-].l. C, Clegg 2 0 2 4 nnual re mg defensive ball Russell Lan 8 0 1 I~ - . . , ~dL~'J. Wolfe, Mankato; lpleased with the a -1 [ g ' EARINgT~,~II, Beloit; Melvin [port. The company had a good[ Mankato played at Osborne lRalph Ozmun 0 I I I ER, IN~/~ltato,, George H, l year. It paid its customary[Tuesday night and the resulttlMtka Rourke 4 6 1 14 dfth, -l's~" ~, Leawood, Kans.: 153.00 per share dividend and [ of those games will be in the / Melvin Kltts 7 1 2 1S 3-8873 ~.d]~4tlZtchbaugh. Belie- [has a substantial amount in ~ second section of this week'~ [Sam Colson 7 4 I 10 Captain Carrel, Obert is, t~:ii~g at hol~Yations, eBy his ,g~:dYa Nvebrry MrierC:s~]s~ns~i Calwatigs a~:rUale~nPr~Za~io~an fax- . K meet an Record The Cougars go tc Mike Grout 0 1 2 l ,rid, K~l~ Jacobean, Mont ]undivided profits to Y[.... - ..... I " m ao o ~mim t=enter ~aturaay, Janu Ed Wilson 1 ~ 1 4 ..~ Stafford, Mankato; [emergency, The co p y P-/ "[ shown immediately followin$~ skill, resourcefulness and un. [formative and practical talk. ]cellence to Jewell Coun~ far- m~~., Mankato; and A. lerates ten lumber yards: Man-[ary 21, for a pair of eonteat~]LeRoy.Moser I 1 0 3 award ceremonies at Head.[taltering dedication to duty, [which was thoroughly enJoyed[mers. These awards were owns Os ana pray at Glen Elder 'rUes Marvin Loomis 0 0 I 0 r~lle,Fort Collins, ]kato, Bellevllle, D , ] . .| quarters, U, S, Marine Corps,[Captain Obert upheld the fin- ~by the group. [made by F, R. Fair, County k.~" borne. Beloit, Plainville. Nor- [ day, January 24. ] Totals 28 18 12 72 Washington. D. C, I eat traditions of the United I Carl West[n, county superln- ] Key Agriculture Banker. The |~'~ of directors Iton, Smith Center, Atwood, ] .The box scores: . I .... t ......... I States Naval Service." [tendent of schools, presented 1 1966 winners are: Clifford At~ J.'~/Ollowlng officers: land Clayton. ] ace,: u=wc ,ductlon of feed grains. " uaptmn ..uarron K. o.~ertI Captain Obert is the son of I the winners in the poster and iram, Jewell; Harold Bowles, was recenuy nonorea at corer d ~. ] .......... . I 3. That the operator has ad- f-- i . .. . "~Mr. and Mrs. Leo Obert of[essay contest, This is sponsor-]Jewell: Clayton Hughes. For- 0 ; h March 1, 1967, is the final ui ment for the suc m ceremon es az r/eaaquar h form r m nk w I,~P0R WEEDS irate, w't 42 percent of the[ .. . l equate eq p " ........ "IEsbon. His wife, t e e led by the Jewell County Soil [moso: D. N, Sire eli , Je _ ~ ~]~e!eased statistics ] pesticide dollar[. . "" . . . [cessful product'o ~ers... u: ~, Marm_e uorps,/Colleen Jones, of Lebanon, [Conservation District and the/ell; and Margaret Jewell, Pea- | ~ ~'.~-65 Census of Ag- spent for herbicides. ] mr a ~ew e.a.rm, zeect gram grains, w.asnmg~n, L). U. The ace.a-] and two daughters, Eileen and l prizes are furnished by the [ body, The dewell land is farm. - -- ~,.'~OWed that over 64 [ - Use of the well-known $ 4 D] base, The appncatmn must be I 4. That the operator expects man mr t,ne ceremony was me[ Shelley were front line specta- [district. The winners are: | ed by John Bartholomew, .==--.J~,.were chemically and 2 4 5 T has continued to[ filed at the ASCS County Of-Ira derive 50% or more of the presemauon of the Navy uom-] tars at the ceremony. [Eauy Contest ~Mankato and Robert Wilson, ...,,.~ |~Sed control while l grow, but aft the ,past three~ rice in which your farm is car-Icurrent year's income from mendation Medal with. Com-I Captain Obert is a 1949[ Grades 5 and 6: I, Clelia [ionia, ' oat t~zsungu]smng Device zor of Eshon H h ~W[~l~t~on acres received years a 75 percent increase of[ried. IAgricultural commodities on ..... /graduate i g ]Thomas, Ionia; 2. Charlene/ The Jewell County Bankers v, ,.-- ~r Insect and dis. Iherbicides other than these re-/ The following are the re-[the new farm.recem service In connection [School, and is now completing IWallace, Burr Oak; 3, Barbara [Association served coffee and , ' flects the growing' number of | q " em nts for eligibility: [ 5. That the applicant has with com~at operations, aga!n:/16 years of active duty in the ]Schmidt, Ionia. The prtze~ [doughnuts at the close of the [~er's annual outlay bci a air creasing[ , /had at least 2 years e pe- er' her i des nd th in 1 Neither owner or operator x r st Insurgent commums~ tvnet n r s He was cam war 3 2 ...... . ~Marl e Co p. -J e $ .O(), $ .00, and $1.00. I meetlng. ~;ong) forces m me ~tepuonc ml ion a and Lieu n Th , .. ~S (herbicides and [use by farmers and growers. [ operates or owns any other I lance in the last 5 years in .... | ss ed See ' te - ] grand prizes in the essay [---------- n S okesmen for th ch farm for which a current year ains i~) [~ chemicals i -I P e era[call ] producing feed gr . of Vietnam.. v.u.rtng n,~. 13/ ant in May, 1962, after having [~ ...... Association, Incorporated will "-- .~ee as fast in thelindustry have predicted thatJf_eed grain base (Corn or[ If you wish to file an appli- monm tour In vietnam, uap-[pro~ressed through the enlist-in~Ht, ffi I ............. as ~" ~e nelu on January zo, l~/ at -~l (-;ram sorgnum~ nas ~een es h ues --~~ than during any I the value of herbicide sales | . "]eat[on or have furt er q . taln Obert was assigned led ranks. Other awards worn I ANNUAL MEETING OF Iv,an ~ ~ ~. th., Dinln# Room ~gt ~I~9-60 and the dol-lwill exceed that of insecticide [tablishea. it[one concerning a New Feed Division Exchange Officer of[ by the Captain include the [MANKATO COMMERCIAL i..~y. _.. .... .....L... ~'2 ...... or me uorrell floral, mammw, LUJ.~|v~'~.for herbicides, lnext year and that of all other/ 2, That the County Commit-[Grain Farm, contact your the Third Marine Division, 1o-[ Nav.v Unit Citation, the .Good ~DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIA. [Kansas ""- ~ttnd defoliants ln-lpesticide sales combined with-|tee determines the avaflable/ASCS County Office before eated in and near Danang,[con~iuct Medal, (3 awards),/TION, INCORPORATED. [ Ail members are urged to ~e most rapid Sin five years." l iand is suitable for the pro-, March 1. 1967. V~l~yan~o I~urn~:hhi~hreSmP0:Sn~lthe..China..ServiceMedal. the InotAl~ed~amb~t~; aanZalhemreebty. l attend this meeting tara sum- ,~s~well county Extens,on ..... _,,o_e__ thousands of Marines in com-] ......... v,A, ]ina of the stockholders of I mary of the year s activities, b t i na zon ........................ " ....... " election of directors and other a and operat o I es[ nam Service Medal, and the Ikato Commercial Development ]_ -'in"n" business with commodities and provi- Vietnamese Campalgn Medal. , pw-~,,,c,,~ ,~o.~oo. alone essential to their health, lThe Obert family reside at] comfort, and convenience. The|4118 Wadsworth Court, Ann-[ |~ _ II_ II | | t~l Citation reads, in part: "It}andale Vlrlnta] Mr I ,,mrnna,,nn wa