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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
January 13, 1966     Jewell County Record
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January 13, 1966

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As, 1966 Jeweu Coup bard, Muh in Jewell Co. ' Beeler, deceased, praying for t endar days ending Bank Balance (End of ]at which time and place said Att rney f r Execut r" ~ ~1| Jan. 13, 1966) 3t settlement and allowance of the with call date 208,500.00 Year) $1118.28 [ cause will be heard. Should you (Seal) Probate Judge. !,/ 3ATI~ COURT OF executrix' final account and final 1, A. R. Kingsley, Cashier of EXPENDITURES General Fund [cree will be entered in due COUNTY, KANSAS !settlement of said estate, inclu?d the above-named bank do here- [fail therein, judgment and de- Manford Holly, ~[atter of the Estate of aug the allowance of fees an by declare that this report of Jewell County Record, /course upon said petition. Wit- E r, also known as Fred- costs of probating said will, for condition is true and correct to printing $ 26.43 [hess my hand in the city of Mankato, Kansas t~ Beeler, Deceased. l a decree ordering final distribu- the best of my knowledge and Forrest Dempsey, meet- 'Mankato, in said County and IP Mankato, K~ i (;E OF HEARING Ition; for construction of the will belief, ings and mileage 14.25 State, this 22nd day of Decem- II of Kansas to of said decedent; for final dis-1 A.R. KINGSLEY Floyd Reed, meetings 12.00 ber, 1965 ns Concerned: ~charge of the executrix from heri We, the undersigned directors, Donald Howland, meet- Arnold D. Ross, Executor tare hereby notified that a trust; and you are hereby requir- attest the correctness of this re- ings REPAIRIN been filed in said ed to file your written defenses port of condition and declare Total Expenditures i - / 12.00 By: Robert H. Meyer, His ~ $ 64 68 Attorney D . . CLOCK REPAIRING orothy Beeler, exe-rthereto on or before February that it has been examined by us Cemetery Fund ATTEST: Byron Rogers r~mrr~1 ~v ~t~Amt~ te will of F. E. Beeler, 4, 1966, at 3:00 o'clock p.m. of and to the best of our knowledge Mike Peters, rock and (seal) Probate Judge .p v, ~x~x z~u,a-~~r a as Frederick Elmo said day, in said court, in the and belief is true and correct, hauling $ 29.81; ~ ~ Wo do (tITIVll~ city of Mankato, Kansas, at Lewis H. Dunstan James Howell, flag for ~lrst ~'uonsnea m Jeweu I[~Yl[ OAK! |lt~lYll~ I~IF [which time and place said cause Taylor H. Clark, cemetery 3.00t~ount.y l~ecora,x nursaay, LWA UIII Jr.w t.LK! -- will be heard. Should you fail Howard Appleby, Delno Reed, mowing and ~ecemoe r.3 0, 1965)"3t -'---- -7- -" ---'" - "-- N START LOSING therein, judgment and decree Directors. labor 85.25IN }yEyRO aTE COURT OF Mmdmto, Kammm .IT THIS WEEK! will be entered in due course . Doyle Reed, mowing and J~VV~LL t~UUJ~I X ~/M~/~;~o -- -- II It s Easy With upon said petition. Witness mY~ANNUAL REPORT OF labor 85.25+ m me lvmtter of .the t~state or . : )ER-:K by P.D.A hand in the City of Mankato, in I TOWNSHIP TREASURER Floyd Reed, labor 5.00 taarry vv. ~utlirt, t) ec ea.s e.d . ~ + t n~ slenderizin~ ;orm 1said County and State, this 10th To the Township Auditing- Total Expenditures $208.31 NOTICE OF nr AmN DR. J. R. SPENCER ~" "'-I'-'" ~f Januar" 1966 ~ State of Kansas Th~ State of Kansas to Au t'er- ~ ~ )le with no prescrip- uay u :, ~oam ot JaCKsOn LOWnsnip. m ' r n l/l~bDlllb-I" t-~ 1- .+ I DOROTHY BEELER, 'towell Count, K-,~-~ aeweu uounty, ss. our service ueazs them ~ you, u= um= u,~ i~-- . a ~-o.~: I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR, You are hereby notmea mat ou0 a. ~lha,~ v.n .**.4 UIIICe I-Iours" 8"30 to I~TO~I nm person you want l r~xecutnx, p lne unaermgnefl,lownsmp a noqq, h~ hoen filed in said " "~ -o- - " " - - . ~nat me wmun ano tore om ts r. AIr~ mpl take a smalIlBY Robert H. Meyer, Treasurerof Jackson Township g. g onHrt hxr Minnio M q,tTiff ~ar Insurance. remem- moon Dy appointment Y - ill all respects a IUll ann true ~ ~ - tablet beforeeach Her Attorney. submits the following report of account of'all the mone"s re widow and only heir at law of l~er State Farm's ha- MA.NKATO, KANSAS Kler-X goes to worklA]lL~t: t~yron Kogers, Receipts, r+xpenaitures and In- " Y - " [ to put an end to (Seal) Probate Judee dohtoclnoe~ fnr tho ~vO"'a~ c^ndh'~, ceive 1 oy me and expended to- narr.y vv auu,m, .oecease ~. tional Claims network -. [ " ~ " {)ece~r~ZZ~ ~'~;v'^ 'K .~o=. - ~ether with the indebtedness of praying for me oetermlnauon oroffuli-tlmemen--lar*est l" --=" ~ve moa craving. As/ ~ue ue~ o, .~. L Jaoa, 2+a Townshin durlncr tho f,H the descent of the following de- " i helps you stop your lCharter No. 8596 RECEIPTS ~,2L;~n,th~,~o~'k':.%;2~~ r~'~S" scribed real estate in Jewell olf *him aria ou call every- I DIf. DA LE A. STEWA][ T intake, it starts you REPORT OF CONDITION General Fund ~m'be~ 3"ist A :b~'196~'"~-~f~orlCounty, Kansas: where, AI~I remember a~ t ~.~ .4~* . ^Y. a more.attractive/of 2he F:rst National Bank of Treasurer.s Book Balance the full time for which I should]estate m Jewell County, Kansas, t~ Iflll~t one out of two [ - ~ ~o, ~t,a.oes it wtthout ]Formoso in the State of Kansas, (Beginning of Year)$242.57 make such statement So heln The Southeast Quarter ~ +, A,~. I,W~ N. ~t~ill ~u that ke ed u " her- ' + ,- --~-~- a- . . ~ Y . P,lit the close of business on Dec. [Total Receipts $242.57 me God. (SE~/4) of Sectmn Fwe (5), 3 doors Nor ,~angou et w~th other Total Ex endl ur s ~ lars with State th of Behnt ' Y g [31, 1965. Published in response[ . p 't e . Si~ned: Donald" Howland,Township Two (,+) South, ~ ,m . ?R~^+ /to Call made by Comptroller of l~ Deducted 53.17 To~/nship Treasurer. I Range Nine (9) West of the~arm's samous I I I neatre t,L~ x w~x~xa /The Currency, under Section l~reasurers t~OOK t~aiance Subscribed and sworn to be-I 6th P.M. lOW' rates, Call I I I Phone 2a' R~la~ l ,m~ "~'Y pounas ao you want 15211, U. S. Revised Statutes. I (End of Year) $189.40 fore me this 31st da,~ -P r~ecem- and all other property owned by ~ = ~ ~a~+ L'"' ~'J [ ' . 10, 30, even 45[ ASSETS I RECONCILEMENT BANK hot A 'r3 1965 J "" ~ [the decedent at the time of his ~ [ - or more? You can/Cash' balances with J ACCOUNT Flo~d Reed I death; and you are hereby re-, I,~',~--m-- u mm #xth : " - ~ IIIHIIlllI|(~ . Slender-X Just hke [other banks, and cash IGeneral Fund Town,bin T~,~t,I qmr to file your written defens- W.R. 'Hap WILSON aa+~e discovering all over/it.m~ 1 'n,rocessn of .i Treasurer's Book Balance -'-'-~ I es thereto on or before January:Phone FR 8-3298,IJr. Joan J. L'at el ~,y. ~ou nave nomlng/collection . $165,925081 (End of Year) $18940 L- 124, 1966 at 1:00 o'clock P. M. of ~ exe.ept those unsightlY [u S Gov't"obliga-" "" [Bank Balance (End of ~rtrst ruonsnea in ~ewe~.t~O.[said day, in said court, in the 308 S Center-Mankato, Ks uptometrle ~ye podat anti, if ou aren t com- ." " " Year Kecora, lnur Jan. zt . Y [tlons, dwect and [ ) $189.40 I Clty of Mankato, m Jewelll o austiecl ou 11 et our EXPEN ~ ~.~ v. ~ ~. o,mlLll enter, r amlaa ~ -,Y g Y /guaranteed 503,312.751 . DITURES ~ I County, Kansas, at whmh time] mw ~au ~u *~uant I~IIXNCt C0]lra, ' tJ~J.C[~ . . l lLr~lll~U AU Dr~ fflr.~LJLP -.-.- bett=: So^g et on.the road iobhgatlons ,of States IGener Fund FOR THE JEWELL COUNTY Iand place said cause w)ll beI .m m mmm.m 0 ~--~uur~mg you m~./and political suoai- I LOtal r.xpenmtures ~o.~.i7 t nearo. ~noula you iau merem, i u . . State of Kansas ~UIL UUI~al~,IKV/A.IIUI'~ I - ~ ~ . v~smns 21,000001,r~,~-~,~, judgment and decree will be '~, ~ox of tablets gwes I Loans and discounts 207,877 771Jewell County, ss ~*~ ~'*. l entered in due course upon said I . ~-'--.~r+~t~l-~+ ~4~ ~uay supply. A $4.981Other assets . 1 500"001 I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR, witl~naUtg:c~p13r~l:r~e~an~f Y~glpetition. Witness my hand in the JAMES BLASS AUTOMATIC mets gives you a 42- Total Assets $8991615"601That the within and foregoing is City of Mankato in said County l . Coin O-,era*,~,w ~Ply. Get it today at I ~;i;.~;,o " lin all resnects a full and true ac Jewelt t~ounty ~0il t.~nservationl^ ~ ~ .~ ~ 23rd da" ofI uenerai t on racung v~, LKSHOPPER ,~o,-,=o Ji v - " " " i " nil District, notme s hereby gwe WASHERS and DRYE i s of count of all the mone s received December, 1965 RS Demand depos t Y uan o ws " i n i 1 individuals, partner- by .me and expended together ~h~t,purns th~t 2t0tCh~pterf5'j~u- Minnie M. Sutliff, Petitioner Com.l~le.rclal and Reside. t a ~ eonveni~ltt way t~ wstdl ]ships, and corpor- |with the indebtedness of said at" 1966 at 7"30 n ~o, onnualI By: Robert H. Meyer, Her I 15Ullfllrlg or KelTlo(lellng Or~n %t ha,-~ ~. ,~ Townshi ran ~, r- r~- -~, --,*-~, t~ ua.v lnut, Be;It, /deposits for the 15 ] (Beginning of Year) $387.241or are in possession of any agri-land legatees of the decedent, forl - - - Rest Home . /calendar days ending ICounty Treasurer 21.80[cultural land lying within the lassi rn ent of the assets and[ 4/ represonting with call date .$751,820 00 Total Receipts $409 04 boundaries of said districts whe- ro ~ert of said estate to those Fog Men or woln /Average of total Total Expenditures " Ither as renters, lessees, tenantSlentitledthereto, and for all otherlP PY . It. en am rar vm s, c./loans for the 15 cal- [ Deducted 64.68 Ior otherwise are eligible to vote Iproper relief; and you are here-/ t~ " Treasurer's Book Balance liB said election. Only such per- Ih, reouired to file your written I /I t~tmms nave Kaoto 811~ I r ~. ~ . (End of Year) $344.36 [sons are ehglble to vote. Idefenses thereto on or before I "lb'AI'HW|II/]H Air Condttionin ~: Cemetery Fund I All in Jewell County and alllJanuarv 28 1966, at 10"00 AM,l~,~a~sv~=~,aa [+ Memh ~ .I Treasurer s Book Balance Im State of Kansas. Iof said day in said court, in the[ |~,a.- ~ ~ t ~' ~IUerleali t~l !lrsl ] ,(Beginning of Year)$259 11] Jewell County Soil I cit, of Mankato, Kansas, at lCHIROPRACTOR ,-, ng ]g ! County Treasurer 6481121 Conservation District [whi~ch time and place said cause i 15 HomeAssociatiou g " i Other 75 00l By Jay Wierenga, I m ho heard Should you fail i L e r ea 7- mlle~ SOllUl OI/~ ]08 1N O,~m-- ~.a 4k ; f'g ll.0AlH' Total Receipts" $982:23[ Chalrma" n I;;::;o= iud~ent andJ decree[ I$ ~m,^+-. ~t ~.~oa ~ ' ~k~gl[l~l[~l~.~ Total Expenditures IATTEST: Edwin C. Marr, Iw'i i'i;e entered in due courselbupe~ r, on s~a~e nlgllwayj~,mr rt~ o-~x~ ~ + . TrD:/uUCtr'effsBook Balance 208.31[ Secretary Iup n S u etEt.I AHL I Phone 875-8652 I := : "= (End of Year $773.92 [( First .Published in Jewell Co. [ as administrator of the l [- - MASH CRUMBLES or PELLETS RECONCILEMENT BANK [~ecora, xnu r. - st [ estate of Haakon I / ACCOUNT I I~U[IUE O1~I ~l~l~R~l~t~'r[~ ~l~ I Dahl, deceased I - . /,JOHN W. RO~I~ ,General Fund OF STRAY AN~ . AL ATTEST: Byron Rogers, Attorney ,& tlcan pay more but you cant buy better feed. Treasurers Book Balance Notice Is Hereby. G~ven: That[ (Seal) Probate Judge [ Malakato F.eed and Seed / ' +, ' ~Tnd of Year~ 344 36 I, me unaersignea, bneriir ot/ ,^, o x~r ~.-- I o--J q~t~l~nw ,~hp~l'Vh~. l~lal ~1~ ~'~[~1 + See Cemetery, Fund t.oumy, / Attorneys for administrator MankIto Kansas / 116 N+ CommerehL Treasurers BOOK t~aiance mr ror sam, sam sr.ray animal,I ~ / '~'~ Eldon Grout, Owner (End of Year $773.92 describedwh t,~e~ t~r t= lfas follows: "-~t~rst rum snea m[~eweu~ ii I~f~ ~ Ajand KCC Carl'L~r,M~to~ Kala~ [Ikn nm I nll~A PPP~ C~ 4~' ~irs ~ "m~ -- The saieao'f's-a[dSan]malawill be [Rec rd'Tht rs" 6",1966)3t I I tNKA/(! I'Pl'lJ & beldonthe4thdayofFeb,m ary,[ INTHEPROB ECO R I F -- v -- 1966, at the hour of 3:00 o clock/JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS [Bus. Phone FR 8-3381, 19 , !-^k ] ~W KIT++~ The State of Kansas to A][ Per S~MUEL LOUDER Deceased,80 Cleat SO Ttue l I --v wm nave ~ p aCKel" ~uy+ers presenl each w~e 1] ~~L I sons Concerned: . and duiy qualified as such exe-/ " I = + + Ollr COWS, bUlls, .tau canine ot an Kmas, pros ! You are hereby notifiea that cutor and letters testamentary[ i Oymllm~V~ 4~tt[~ a etttlon has been filed in said w re msued to htm on January 4, local and long distance buyers for stoeker & ~ ~- P ." ! " " " e " " ./ ! R-K ~D~ ~ ' [ ,~, 1 -- ^-!. !. ~. --e !1 ! II ~ ? 't~ourt Dy Arnold D. l