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January 13, 1966     Jewell County Record
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January 13, 1966

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No. 31 ~r~ATv~ ~A~. Thursday, January 13, 1966 r~,Ft ,~" ~C,V~ IF IT'S FOR JE =WELL COUNTY, WE'RE FOR rl~ I* " I IBI :i i I rvatuon Nankato i lm:m It-" In 1 V|e|&. ,ty Jr- . . [illI iiSl V flail, IL =I, ]* temperature for the past * t i [ IlJl in -- " ]* week * ' rec rded Thurs * I I ' v 13 day, Jan 6 The high temp * i, Inual - St. Johns IVlL,I I " g * erature was 55 on Wednes- * ~ tc ~ an~ ar ]* day, Jan. 5. We received no * [ ' k [ ~ I~ ARL d q~,~l, Jewell County Teachers]* moisture the past week. *,I :iinll~ill"V II I The Mankato varsity defeat-I ] li J m 1 ~m ,tion will" meet at thel* * i miiail~aili.]~d W led, St. John's 61 to 53 in aI li|' d'Li Ul iV edV gill Oak Rt]r. l t-lioh .qehnr l cdn[ ASCS [So,omon Valley League game at] illi- ,ry m'l By John rerdue, Office Mgr. tsy uwae C. Reea iing gone mrough seven years of St. John's m Belolt Tuesday, - . v. . ~-- revomuon to secure their inae- Januar 11 Bass, premdent, wzll pre-[ In 1965 69000 acres of cron- The annual meeting of the pendcnce from France Mr I Y ." [Parent-Teacher Conferences I FORT WORTH Texas---~ ~' ' '~ 11 C un " " Di . ]lviumtato ~ oz; ~[. jorm s ~ o~ [, *-~-- ]land in Jewell county were di- Jewe o ty Sod ConservaDon cken took many pictures, not -- son of a Bloomm on - program zoziows: " " " o . Waldron 5 6 2 16 gt,in~l ~ ~ ~ D -- c~.~./verted from the productmn of will be Thursd,y, January 20, only of conservatmn work, buti " s 4 2 2 10 [ Parent-Teacher Conferences CodDle has been decorated for Gi " IWheat' Corn, Gram Sorghum 7.30 P. M. at the Mankato Corn- or the people and things seen m/ will be held at the Mankato"hL,: achievement while fl in B- rls Cho[us. . . M. Rourke 10 3 3 23 c .Y g. n .q,~n ~ . and Barley, under the Wheat munlty ~unmng. . ]n%rth Afrma Iscl]ools on Monday, Jan. 17. 152 otrato Fortress bombm ral~- o y Jerry Black Stabilization and Feed Grain ine annum meeting speaker ine annual meeting will in- Clvegg ] 22 2 4 ]Schedums wlI1 be. sent home to!sions in South Vietnam. g ~mer:- oy uurr UaK tazgn[Pr ~'ramso . At this time, it is will, be Tom Dicken, Area Con- clude the election of a super-] %^~,~ ~ ~ ~ 61 [the. graae school parents, and C'aptain Thomas D. Wesn~% ,~ ~'~lris ~extet |reasonabel to exnect~, that near s~rvatlomst, from Hays. . Mr. v)sor to fill the posmon now Mankato" B 42" St John's B 47 I hxgh school parents, may see son of h.r. and Mrs. /~rell " [thi~, mo nm, f ill be divert D)cken was recently appointed held by Norman Greene The[ " ~. teachers any Ume during the I Chastam or R ar a n~ w - ~ ' " R i * ess, New Federal Leg)s-] ]vJan ato---)vt tJrout, z; wn Blooming- & Its Effects on Schools" ed from the Wheat and Feed, to th sposmon formerly held by" newly elected supervmor will [son 6" Lanoe" l l" Colson 12" [day . Eighth grade l rents wi!llton' receivcd the U. S. Air ForCe IGrain Programs for 1966 These r~owaro taugnes. Mr. ~ugnes )s nora office for a term or tnreel ',^ ~,icome to me mgn SChOOl ouua- Air Medal at C~nr ~aroil AII~ ' -Orge L. le)arKl. ",ozmun, - t Iprograms tie in very closely with now assistant State Conserva- years. [ -. . ling, and get report cards from Tex where he i n e.:,-s/,-:, .? I conservation i tionist for the state of Iowa.The annual poster and essay I the St. Jonn's freshman team [Mr. Jones. If the conferences t ctotiZn.cl T-I St,~edl~'A ~t.?~' " -~n meet)rig Will De DelO " i " " "~ efe r . . ~ o ~, lu. oan- ";[ r,; onl in,The annual meeting speaker contest for school ch)ldren wfll[d ated the Mankato F eshmenlwork out to the satzsfactmn treasurer Mrs ~erala ~ =.~=. ~x~o ~ j - . . . ualii~%t ~,lU~l~ltUlll/~ airmansmp . m : " t crease farm income but have de-]has just recently returned from be a feature of the meeting. Con-/44 to 27. ]parents and teachers, they wall !as a ilot during, I eo ernment stocks of a two year assignment to AI- test winners will be announeedl -- [be continued in the future el . rt will be made by t. [geria. He will talk about the and prizes presented Mankato Loses to Downs / " . tmg committee, Orvdle[ ~; ;*~, i-creases in in-ome]things he saw m North Africa The D]strmt supervisors willl [Roy Fisher, New Editor of [ r Chai n" L rr ' :, rma,a y a h,o Hivo,-r [and show colored shdes taken make a report of the years[ Mani ato lost to Downs by a|Chmago Daffy News --- :- -- " '~ :r g, Vlrgd Wmbe and[ r. or ]while there, business and aceomolishments seore of 72 to 60 m a Solomon,-- j - tEngel. This will be fol-ln ed co" ser at ' wor : I Tom Dicken is a native Kin-! The Jewell County BankerslValley League Game,at, Downs} Manhattan--A. 1940 Kansas] -:- --: " :- -' ii y nomination and elec-[ s [san, a graduate of Winfield High Association will furnish coffee Friday night. In the B game, ]State University journalism grad-i ~fJ C.T A. officers andl"'~o+~bar:: n* u [School and Kansas State Univer- and donuts. They do this an-JDo,wns was the winner. In theluate took over today (Jan. 3) as[~ ! x. ~. sect)onai aemgates. / ~v?,-o ~.y,~ ~.3 "" ~'"'" I sity. He has worked for the Soil nually. I treslaman game, l~owns won Dy [editor of the Chicago Daily I -- - : :- - - i! aarks will be made by the/atne, mr eng).me prac.tmes. ~omelconservation Service since 1937.~IT'S THE WATER YOU KEEP]a score of 28 to 25. }News. j :~ ~- --7: -' su a 1 of me pract)ces WhiCh are ell . perintendent, C r A. [.~r.],~ ~ ~ ~.~ ,~ ~1 Algeria is a new country hav-I THAT COUNTS [ Friday night, January 14th, [ He is Roy M. Fisher, who has ]--~:~-:: ~- - *~ . a. ]~i'g~at l~e'pe~fo~r~a~e~la'on~divert~I [Mankato will play Glen Elderlbeen vice president of FieldEn- :-=:- -- - " i /acres are waterwa s terraces / Mid West L- - ^,]on the local court. The freshman]terprises Educational Corpora- :-: -: :! ~he State Highway Commis " Y, Mankato School Menu - um0e~ ~.~. wil rt at 6 00 m fol io " i ~ :'" "[ - 1" r-el: and es~-blishment[ ' ]Hold Annua' ]game 1 sta : P. -It n and execut)ve ed)tor of the[ ':i has issued a constructmn[s e teer a Snt ve etat[i e cover [ January i7- 21 j . uve mg era -. /lowed by the "B" team and var-[World Book Year Book and[ :I order for 0.4 mile graaing| P I -- wua-west Lumper t; - sitv 'ames Science Year ] :- :;t bridge on a FAS ROUTE[ In 1965, Jewell county started[ Tuesda- Jan annual meeting willbe held Glen ElderI " " " 3 ~ " ~, -~, ,~,- ~ -,~ ~,~,--~"" eisner, WhO began hiS" Ch)ca" o *~ beginnin 4V, miles east andlthe Agricultural Conservatmn[B r, Monday, January 17 :, .t v g I i :i ,o /'=- . ~a~t .t~utuuc~t~U. l-ut~ttUeS; J~OllS' . " ~al/l,e WILl 1~1~ Oil J[~.~O " z, ,~ career on e " " ?~ t~na)les north of Burr Oak. [Program w~th a $60000 alloca-[ R,ff~arI, lkr. t'~alanr /'~alra ) A meeting of the board of 11.qn ~ m .f,rttov 1 [ .r;ne mtorml staffofi~ ~i . . " " ~, a ; ,-~- . ~, ~,"'~,~ lrle ua)) News, "oinea field En- :~ d~:/,lla,e. project is financed by[~lon for cost-share payments. BY/Fruit; Milk d)reetors will be held MondaY'15 1. Y.~. .) ]-- :~ county's share of statelthe end of December, 1965, the/ ';- [morning at the general omees inbox scores" ]te rises .aucational Corp. in! i ~1 weune~uuy, jan ~v" vienna n " 1 ~vov as assistant managing edi-I,:~ federal hi ,hway user tax/allocatmn had been increased to[ " . Ma kate. A dinner for all the an [ .lleeti, xxr, -f r, of a,nlica+ions >ausages eomtoes; t;reameo stockholders ''' w /tor or worm uoot .ncyczopeaia. ~, -~. t-~- Peas. Rolls" Butter" A 1 :-: ,wazaron a D contracted by the Reece [for cost-sharing. To date, a final [Milk' ' ' pp e Crisp,I basement of the Commumty Kitts 4 2 4 10 [ Commented ~re?rgeB. Young, I ~ ell eounty forces has thelbe arou $6 ,0 . / ,1 e anmml meeting, " ell 5 4 4 14 ],: ' Caotain W =- - contract for the work onl The followin is a summar of,o.rn; o!zs; . Butter; t;arrotlthe new board of directors will i .an ,e 3 0 n 6,Under his direction one of[ A: ld of $13,126.60. Resident en-lACP aecomplis~aments in Jewell[: mps; Apple Unsp; Milk. Imeet and elect officers. IfiouTl e J 0 1 5 ] /the most important develop- o,me -at egte ! on the nrmect for the lcountv for 1963 1964 and corn-| Friday, Jan. 21. Oven-Fried[ I Totals 21 18 17 Rn [ments m Joumahsm, the World ,~ ~^, ~::: : ~. - . - J ,ww ULe xoni~'x~U~e oomm~r ~ :~ ay Commmston will belpleted practices,to date,forlF)s.h." Tartar Sauce, ButterediBrownle Troop 20 [ ~V[~nknft~.an - M c' -,t [Book Year Book, became one of A Sandusky of Belleville |1965- IPotatoes; t;arrots & Peas; Rollsl Brownie Tro,- 26 ,-- nedl- ; ." -Ithe best selling books in the :Z-'-" ,": "-'-.v : " -- " " - Butter" A le Butter" " . . yt, yw pomps; wuson t,ange i . mere last year. wing Walker, Mankato, is the[ Establishment of Permanent/ ' pp,Milk. [thmr first meeting of this year,Colson 7" J Rourke 4" Ozmun 2 ]Engl sh language: Its contribut- cinated in flr f 1~9. ~i~kqm~ ,~, engineer. He directs t.tle|Cover: 666 acres on 36 farms. I. . [with a game. Gayle Anderson] Mankato" Freshmen, 25:lora .are renownea autlaorities, in in'-Southea '-AsiL Program in Jeweu county[ Shelterbelts" 19 acres on 261annum rmicm t;reeoing [serveo canny bars. Mary Ann/ in ,I,o. t.t u Ime r nems we D.e!mve ar. rmn.- 1 Th, ". ,i i ' er " " e court " ' - ,v, =, ers maaersnl will De a si if'- t- ,- ,~ :~; 'A' er 1)ohcms set by th tY[farms IAssn. Meeting Jan. 21 IBlaxr was welcomq d into the,r v A. v p. gn ! ^, o " ",| ] Jt.~'. l'l~--x;lll(IZl "~r9 Jl~all;5 J~'ll;5~;ll14~tl "~#(ica " IP /'~klt~::~lli~l 1~&I[UIIU~I.I A'lJ~ll ~ tsston. . -- Troop. Knsty Murr was Make nt asset to xne Dauy News. . Stockwater Dams. 146 struc- In 1 ]tures on 144 farms } The 16th A nnual Antlflclal IBeheve Birthday Queen and led,began .his ]oun~.'stlc o; ~ ;, ,o~o +~. 1 a - :~ ~ Zadma 1, M. Rothchdd 4. F)sher d anapolfs. He was commts- i career a a re , .and Mrs. Chester t anson / 1Breeding Association Meeting Ithe Flag Salute and the Brownie - . s porter mr the ast- . -, ' . . . Jraauates m in s Nebr Dail Tri uon caaet program. - C lebrate 25th AmaiverasrY|186 farms |wall be held Tuesday, Jan. 21.[Promzse. The Brownms pamted,x Ra--Teelmolo--- |.ag .( .) . y . bune. and ' Terraces: 543 miles on 5081TM speaker will be a represen-[Giant Name Tags and eoloredl " 3' t;.v Im.e t'ratt Daily rioune. After ms. wl e, aom.e, m tae dl, ?r. and Mrs. Chester r anson/farms /tative of K.A.B.S.U. and Dr. Ed|erayon Magic. Meeting was clos Mrs --nn a -- w lmdlmry service he joined the au.gnter and Mrs. Al.fred. Celebrate their 25th An-| Diversion Terraces" 16 miles]Call, Kansas State University, led with Brownie Magic Tunnel.[--. lChicago Daily News as a report- .Anaerson of R. R. 1, : Esb , l ! ersary January 21, 1966.]on 70 farms " [Dairy Specialist. !Christine Tamer was elected me ler.in 94S. He wasthe newsmp- i house, m honor of the oc-[ Cost-share earned in 1963" J Make plans to attend thm lPres dent and Gayle Anderson hsly . . .y Hall ep.orter m 1950, ] ion, will be held Sunday, I- 60 000 "[meeting "fhe time and place will [ Secretary. The next meeting will ]when ne received an appoint-, Jewell Co. Extension Heine- ' " " "-''" "' . " men " " I Uary 23 at the)r home, three[ Cost-share earnedin 1964"[be announced next week. Jbe Tuesday, Jan. 18. If t,n1 h+o,Ir t as a Nmman Fellow atlmaker's Advmory Conm ttee WeSt and three m) e 66 109 1 IJ Y" [ -- :.~OU $,-- . of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Butler of U on hi r " " " g: Ig m of Mankato, from 2"00 to/ earned in1965"1t- 'n, 'h,h I Rev Chas F)tzgerald of An-f I P s etum to The Dally/ The first meetmg of the Ad- ~, . - v~ " ", /31apt~['lur, U, IlU l~ ~t grduual;e OI Ne P. m Friends and relat)ves[a 0nn [' thony, Kans was an overmght/ I .ws staff m 1951, Fmher head- [wsory Committee met at the : ." . . .-re . . ea a task force t C grdmlly my)ted to attend.l "1 -e.-| The Jr Clio Culb met at the guest m the Cecil Bunch home . o re ,l rters who|Courthouse on Jam 5 for an all- "~ gifts please. |t)art"ic]o u ts'who 'c'om'p'lete d con"-Ihome of" Mrs Kenneth Nelson [wihle in Manka for the funeral -- - mvesugated me ci y:s grow,g [day program plama, i " ][~L~/aro~n::rvSh "- - " - " 1~ - Jantl'a 3 1966 with' f Mrs wmmie ~Ollie last week -- " smm promem llle series |w)tn l~osema~ t;rlst, our di~ ~, C [servation practices mat haa not Monaay, ry," " bro - " " " U kr Fl d arl VSe]/; lt. m: edgut Yl9S6 o i: l,l,tp a6c2: Mr :?relsid::ltl,' Vi 'h :Tneth The M A. hog NeU;d:! t ctrl/d ir 6 aaDo nt i! olty afgie tabJnt ,Yt: c l a northwest of Esbon, re- . ,drawing was held on the 23th of g " g cry store. In I960, over " I total of 35.06 inches in] 963 and 1964. 1 64 -e Da:) l e hS Ro lulrC J111Dec" The following men won the Headliner award and the Sigma I ,000 separate items ~!~ ,~,~. Th~ nvorn~o~ mo lnt for[ rom mrougn u,J w- . . Y - g - -" prizes'. Dean Leonard, hog," Nor- Delta Ch) pubhc service award.) able. Food takes over 20)% of .:i ~is locaHtv-'~'-24 mc'hes: The!eu county built 18t)9 stockwaterlvonte ~nrlstmas gift, wltll 15[man Hesser, turkey; Evan Han-~~~~ As first assistant city editorlthe take home pay. 19% ~-~e "I moxsture" mr tnv" I dams, ranking 2rid in the state members present. [son Ham The F F and as acting, city editor Fisher[Jewell county populatidri is oVel" :,!l a~,~ar']~s as follows: January, of Kansas. Osoorne county rank- .Electi n of officers. .was,nrqz to the ft llnw|n helped. . to .d)rect The Dafty News]65 years of age and I. 1 59" March 1 37; ed Ist w th 1877 structures !w)th the following being Elect-]boys for selling the most hotz mvest gatmn and exposure of under 18. The members were di- ' ""' " ' ' " 12 t '~ . ril, 228.May 304" June, 847"[ The mgn-up penoa .z r t e/ed: tinkers: Dawd" Jenson $500. : the. Hedge scandal Th)s. series v)ded rote groups and the | Y-5 lY 5 11966 Wneat J eedGram and Pres)dent Bet ell I Pa lton 3 brought the Puhtzer Prize to re ares of work were di I 49; August, 3 44; Septem- " r " :. ty Tyr . ul Hami,$ .00; and Gall p gr ii! , t' r,'6 sn A ,h r "Tn. /Cropland Adjustment Prog ares Vice Pres" Pe Seirer Bad er 2 00 The Daily News. ed and final decisions of the l : " " h "" ggY g ' $" " . . . , .12. and December 64 Iwfll be from January 31 throug [ Secretary" Jane Murray [ Fssher also has written exten- sons of most mportance to this ! | ' ' " " IApril I, 1966. [ Treasurerl Marlene NelsonI Mr and Mrs. Robert Dykes of sively for Fortune Magazine, county for 1967. After the meet - I lte Tra m* field / I Historian" Betty Murray IBelleville are the arents of Time and Architectural Forum, ing was over, Mrs Glenn Kind I -" " / Lawrence---Excerpts from five/ Sill- Lambert of Salina, theltwins, a son, DarwinP ee, and a and has lectured at the Medill/ler, Advisory Chairman, had a Ii e! Pike Trail League, at a s P:SeaStsWiol tbe P i e tsiedty oYflGirl S out Representative in thisldaughter, Denise Lea, born Dee. Sch olo6Jounri lism at North-/ h eb ianse session. The I966 : ial meeting held at Jewell tarea, showed slides of Brazil &120, 1965. Mrs. Dykes is the for- . Y" .^ / g t s a scussed but dile to L ;""s, 5 !l ansas upera workshop, wen-1. -*orestin o talk o- Imer Karen Lea Clemens, daugh- Fisher was DOra in 191es in/not enough members t E ted -ccitt the withdrawal nesday, Jan. 12, at 8:00 p.m. m ,:,e /tee of Mrs Mildred Smith of Stockton and later hved m accept )t was tabled ~.~ l~ndall a~d Simpson from the Swarthout Rec,tal Hall. . I ~ ~ s served b~ the hos ]Concordia. She ~s a niece of Mrs Mankato. Dunng World War. II February meeting. The elub~ ~. ~ [? 'eegt e- for the coming year The[ The program incmaes, acts "/Pat Rafferty and Mrs George[ he serveo as a communications-sponsible for the Spring !: L" ~ndifrom Gmcomo Puccinis Mad- tesse~. [M,r~h,11 " I re)towing graauauon, wtr. ann or[icer ann gunnery o ficer oniMankato Ho~mwood "Fmm~ ='m :!. ~N~::~t~et~;ia~ f?f tC2ent rdolawere ~mee"B~te~lY:;n,?;rdttlnL: "TBl~e[ m,---, ~e:Urr~ed~l S~2eer~r ~e tdeSt~aYe~icUS~ Wa:uS~Oanr~t CmOa~tr~ 'T~nd Mort ~ i t t~; mrou L-ao,~ Rape of Lucretm ; and RichardilI TI~TimTt /~/'~TTNTqrV" ~A]D~n~t]DQ TT'NTT/YNT ployed by Mr. Butler and will commande,r he was senior U. S. give a re rt nt the n~~ * ~I L.Ra rtin n x school veer wqtlStraussArat ella and Der i ha e a part m a e .n p naval hanson officer on the staff rag. A motmn was e t, . . Sis{ of the foIlowin ei htlR sent avaher ". ill QUARTERLY MEETING JANUARY 19- 1966 II[ject be)ngpmnnea t uuer of the commander-m-chmf of the]seconded that we will have al I hools: Burr Oak Cawker City.]Supervxsors mr me upera i II[ana son, Jim. JBritish Pacitic met. ]our meetings in the la I h(E on:oO Me-ML: . M :s?r ony TaMmrSr'a jColas age caShe Skat d]Sntg wi1 1 3g. Next meet dwellG, le E derbaLameoSi sc LAMB COMMUNITY CENTER |[t nCOrdia, and Sca dia ",P POTLUCK SUPPER AT 7"00 P.M. lib sa t f .) [ --Mrs. Claude Frost, P;1R;C. " drama. " Charles frost nome on 'riaayl iMrs J spent a] Martha Randall of Man. kateIII . . I [ Bob Blaylock of Nampa, lmorning, and also visited with[ Postmasetr Lyle E. ] fel in t.as .Anlmas u.o~o-Iwill e la" the role of AraDeua I .:, ,',",IIdaho arrived Friday. He came,the Ed Corbetts or Detroit, Mich. ]stated today that exam tweek Mrs. vVaid-on went t : She is the daughter ot Mr. anal: ]to attend the Golden WeddingI fare now being offered her father Carl Dawso-" Mrs. Lee Shirley, Rt, 4. I1 m[Annivermary of his parents, lwr.[ Elliott Green, WhO spent the]United States Civil Servtt d brou + h'-. fother hom J III xx ,x ,',oxauux iliad Mrs. Clarence Blaylock.!Christmas holidays with his]mission to fill the: th Iae u,v, car. } Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Beougher[ll o t tn v TaXtTt .on . i[Bob flew from Nampa to Grand,daughter, Thelma. Mac Friberg, Postal Clerk and . 1and Mr and Mrs Vernon L. ouz,a, x.ov l*- m. i/Island where his brother, and family m Los Angeles, re- at the Manka o, =- I ' ' ~ ' - - " ' " "r " * . t . "'~ ~ *" : r a /ts ti'- * NOTICE mm| 'dest was nnis: is in s -t tthe Webster Groves, Mo Boulah security -- i k .7" l a'qnp new :D:nbyl :,il xl y and r ently B0tt0rf of Sutton, Nebr and ties of ofl .Many thanks to relatives india from Fort Knox to New York,:Mrs. Friberg. Post Office =: Ifrire.ngsiz2hel ved us celse .it [i me ] are. t: hO! ennoren2 w o i :t tt !o att erd I1 : lle se: ; ers a l Mr enhu,en many fri : ::, : lOu o n" ersary. l:)k a. 111 Klnoergal n t ezauotl 5t mU tttt lai rlet i: r aee, uar . .an : v. . ottmsexceu t)obol " :I [thmaks to our children, who ptan:[R nO. 278 at Mankato, notify the school at 8-3102' ,mui a t. Nma2 l returned Tu aay after You m.a ol ttn arm las ts a mm a wee m r ansas maer ': '' l,neo amignram oeeamon, III - -- llL' gn . graae o ",ty mauon at me Post Would like to '3q m k te, the WSCS ladies wh0 ,had[I oexore January xm,Ii rie e,a tn the : Ll ul$,iMrs. Menhusen s stster -ha-law, kato, Ktmns, from [ to everyone ,fo 'all : tn [edmrge :of,the dining room. A)!]| ThosA who lanto attend unified dllt ct . q,m .they ltke N. m t Mrs. Milton Sadler, .who an entire the horrid and si/ : Ha ways. : ":'-: II vormunu nu [y me nen mL oeIere m.e m Lee, a emoe. ,! home ' ana mrs u.mre e,II Janttary Zl. i:&et ,-o, me, taX, Ka.n.m ;tW, me. W -- ~ I j I J,L~jI i I * , !