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January 12, 1967     Jewell County Record
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January 12, 1967

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JANUARY 12 1967 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO, KANSAS PAGE ii Lyle ,lcffery and family.I ternoon. 2% hours they hauled in 500~ son. Mrs. Everett Reed's cir-I ttoward Tuesday. Mr. Howard from page 2) |]Vr Mr. und Mrs. Richard Fra-I Mr. and Mrs. Philip Under- bales of cane Those helping cle furnished the refresh-I was an uncle of Mrs. Smuck's UiR sier and family were SundaYiner and Arnold were Sunday were Derald Decker, Glen ments, i mother. Mrs. Howard is a state levels, the Soil artt'rno(m visitors of August]afternoon visitors of Mr. and Paul, tlomer Grubbs, Jack By- --Secretary. I ..... F l sister of l)ora Warner. Rlon Service and oth- Mrs. Forrest Howard Me lly at Bloomington, Nebr. I Mrs. Robert Wilson and t'am- ers, Don Modlin, Arthur Cock- -- I Leith o get Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rinard and state agencies. ... w).-..... ^,.....nd'w was ~,lr ' Hd Mrs lay Beale andlily roft Lynn Carman Earl Car- NOTICE I About 1/2 inch of snow came were at S. E. Volgcr's to see ~s0ciation will not, in M,~. ~,,., ~,~^a = "." ..... . ' ' h,~to~ ,, H~,, ~,-',,~is C ui) o family were Saturday evening] Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Under- man, Gary Carman, Emmet(: .... [ last Friday ~ith a strong wind the Rose Parade and ball iF, be in competition Tuesdav Nine members were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Loyde]wood were guests to a turkey Lewis and Ilarvey Fogo. Les- The Burr Oak W.S.C.S. will[that drifted it, blocking roads, game on their color TV on : associated with any . re~en(wittl Mls Fort:t l l,s Garnl m and I'alnilv. I dinner at the home of Mr. and ter Bausch opened the road meet in tilt, Upper Room oil] Wind ceased Saturclay even Monday last week. p L' ~ ),', .... L ~ ' f "' l ' ~" ..... ~ra organizations. How- r re m lcddcl S~,tand Mrs. Bdl Kloster Mrs. Dwight Underwood andto the held wtth the mamtam- Jan. 18th at 2 P. M. Mrs. Llo-|ing. Cold tel). Mr. and Mrs. Harry Spra.gue te as p gra ) [Debrain Belleville on Tucs-er alernbers are not re- ,. - "" s W l" B(I) ~ of New 1 oft News Va were mer Grubbs' circle will [ur [ Ida and t,:Rhm Pugh had a and sou of Red Cloud visited IYlI'. ~ln(1 Nit'. ~. ' , '' " [ ' . [as to what organiza- ' dinner ~utsts of SuHdav afternoon and over-[ day. Mrs. Nettle Johnson spent nish the lesson and Mrs. Ar-[good crowd at their sale last Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rinard on eYbelong to as individ-Me~eanSdnMday Irvin N~ff I,I"Be Hi~dH guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Orville Itafner was ad Sunday afternolm and evening den Ost's circle, the refresh-[ We(inc~llay alld tifings sohl Sunday afternoon and evening. loit' ~" Ne]~ou ftarris and Shelley.[ mitted to the Red Cloud hos- with friends in Mankato. merits. [ pretty good" The Woman's Missionary So- the sole purpose of the -" . .... They were enroute to Ramah, I pital on Sunday evening for Mrs. Floyd Myers and Mr. ~-- i Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur War- ciety plan to meet with Mrs. M) and Mrs Gh nn J~ nil( it ti0a to promote the live- "2. , '" L' ' ! i~' Colo. to visit his parents. [ observation and treatment, and Mrs. Lester Suchsland,~ ~ I | ucr returned last Thursday Earl Rinard with Esther Jef- l~Ustry in Jewell Coun- were rnursoay axtern(ion Vm~L- ......... Mr. and Mrs. Garold Ohm-I Mrs. Reeve Hawkms was a Sharla aod l,arry called on ~r-dl~llllfll,l=~B ~fllg~[fr(Im a visit with their son,fery as cohostess Thursday,' OIS O[ .(VII duo /Vl S il IW II(I fullest potential T m "'lwuHen" a~" r~eo ~'~ " Cll,tO'"'" " ]wr.~' stede and girls of ..... Guide Rock,] Thursday afternoon visitor of 1)r. R. E. Bennett at Beloit ~Ik~UllLy I ,tJGlUl Raylnond Warner, and family Jail 12. at 2 P.M. . ti0rt can be a great "1 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kmhl and] Mrs. Roy Brandon. on Friday. [of Calillwllia. daughter, Vcrhl Sunny and cahn thm Mon- Mullen had reccnty (tuln((I the livestock industry , ,o . .. ,'t: .... ";~ ' l)ovs and ,lel'ry llc,'skctt were/ Mr..s Ollie~ Moon was., .... ,t Sun M~ s. Dclmar Boyle,'s rc'',ce~v- Mrs. Harry Sufliff ] Mac Armstrong mid family in day morning. ell County if livestock home iromme rtect Ciouu nos ~,, " , " " s .... ' " "" , " ..... . . ,. i,',un(lay a)ternolm w.'lto)'s el/pay runner guest el Mr. and ed word that her mother, Mrs. Curtis Terrill was taken]Oregn' and Wilbur's sister, ........ ' pltal lOllOWlng d l( 1 L[ (~ i .rS get behind ,t and Merle' Blew of' Mankato '~ "~ '~ '"iM'w; s . ,.' ild M '~,. Henry. ,eskett.[Mrs,. Derald Decker and Cher-, Fr;, nk W tcher of Loveland. ' back to tim hospital Wednes-[ Naada liW,;l(It:;i~i and Leon at Mr: and Mrs. Ralph .. ~ . ',. I Mar) x. 1 llart ot Bethany,/yl I Co o., underwent malor sur- da,, Tile,, removed the cast/Caldwe . ~ . Waugh returned Tuesday ~d waler conserwltion a ~unml even n~ VINILOI'OIl " . .Y. ..... Okla. silent l.he wl,ekend with/ Clarence P~xler returned gery for the remowd of the ....~)" f,,, ,~ H., ..)~., ).~ ..... ~..1 Mr. and Mrs. Walter l)ilhm afternoon from Topeka everyone directly or in- ~v~r- anu ~wt's. t~Jaj'cnt,:.e ,~jt, w. ] her mother, Mrs. Opal Trom-[ home Saturday from the Belle I gall I)laddcr on Monday. ,~ ..................... e, ,,,.,) .... ~ ,,r ,)) .......... ),. ..m ).. ;n~returncd last Thurslh)y IrOHl where they attended the an- and tile outstanding .' v. '' ' ' l llh, /ville hospital where tiehad l ............. " ....~,,~e ..... e ....e Mr ano lV~S t~n, i ( ~,lm .......... I soending twl) weeks with t m ' nual meetmg of the Kansas t water conservation eron and Mr ~nd Mrs Join ." .... / ' " " ~ the nospltm a ~ew pays rang ', ' ,-.. ....... .............. " .l Ca)',H ,in,i(, entereo tne vetI spent the past week with lo-lBurr Oak Y.W.C.A. er. Mrs. Curtis Terrill. Keith, ](lau.~htcr. Jo~.t.'e ,,.,;d l~::It211,c Ull ivlcn s ASSOClaUOfl. !Sin Jewell County has taelnscne ol ~m)tn Center ~ ]o i n's h()s li ...... )- ) . ' ......... le'a ." .I tat m t~ranct ls-lnar pneumonm. I ---- Yvonne and Cathy Terrill call-[Nichls and hunly, ' tacrease total agricul- lvir. ann ~wrs...uam~s r~enner, lll id (,) "'hursd; y for lung ob-/ Mr and Mrs Gale Tcgley[ T Burr Oak Y W C A will 0duction, and we still were ~unaay umner guests (, . ........... i servatlon and treatment. / were Sunday supper guests of lbe held on Jan. 16 at 7:30 ed on Curtis Sunday afternoon. [rllvla' !:a!d,. and l.sthfr s s,s I _ Mt and Mrs Elmer Fitch I ter l)t,lplla an(! llcrman "'L ............... tremendous agricultur- Mr aria Mrs. An(ly t~,enrler at " ,. , . , Clinc ;lll([ NL)ll, I~,~lll(lal ', o n ~; I Chuck Johnson and KennyiMr and Mrs Homer L [p m Tlus meeting will be in' '" ' "" ' ' ) ' ( it ~1) III1UIN VAI,Li~][ till in this county,the BuH'alo R ~ 'te~ ~ 1 ( use .' I G~ 'bbs ........ . . called on Mr and Mrsl, redl .... i ,'iw)i IIITN~I~D~ P- k the Jewell County in honor of the Renner's 5th Rt,ynold.'; ol Manhattan were u '. I honor of the sustaining mem-IBrown Sunda, P M Theland family, at BakersHcm, I ,, u~ ~ ,3 t~t~o ~,, wedding an iv(' '.'ary ' " .... '0nservation Distrit~t n ,s " ' [~(,(,k(,n(I guests of M) andl Lawren('c Carroll of Good-lbers Fern llarris will shWlBrwnSom haveZjusi returnedlCalif"M)s all,it ,i l,' lu" th( I SI'()I{TSMAN'S CLUB ' commended forte . June Gl(astCY, RnUdh ~;t.ChUln~i IVI~ i.. (:,;~i~ I [ nn `)oKanv si oas i: St::a~:~n~ ~id~Sshlaatc]~t~ twri~l tbeC:nadi~ [ t'r[ Mr'. a and' trp Mrst .'.ChiradLowell Me' [1 W~, ).~,,""h ' '~ .... ('ouut v. . I hl~pit i)" . " '. ~' ] Wlilvemson.Haveasurr__nn~rFree 'doingt job theYin conservinghave done Mrs.WHaEd Ca' iah; n, a l o" Ore' I look. l)e'ua, tu Beloit on Men- JohnsOnMr a home. " Fh " s and everyone, welcome. Nichols~ , ........... .in.~ r...,.;)# ..... ,,e,e .... "~"M I tl(Red lt~(r' Cloud with acute rhcuma- I 'lI[URSI)AY,' ' JAN. 26 *'-'~ ~'l"-'honed Cl"r)" ")"h'm I day wh(,re he t(iok a bus to re-[ . ' no IVH'S. )yd lviycr,~, [ ............ her guests of Mrs. Helen c-[ , ,, , I ~Ild water. ~,,,, ~e ~. , ,, ~ .-,.. I M~ and M~s V~lli)m W ,r at 630 m " ..... i sume his nawd duties at Mere- I Mr. and Mrs. Encllle Lewm I Burr Oak W.S.C.S, Nicllols and Merr I1 and I)ro I '" ' """ ' ~ 1 : P* * -----_______.. on ~unoay to WiSh nlill a Ill p ' ' " . ~ ....... .... I )/li~ T(,lln lane. iannly Mr. anu NlrS. 1~(~.'-; .... ihor' Vo)nor MnHhow,: .q,m In('r, (loughtt'r Mrs. N()r|n;Hl[ py nwtnoay I " " ) YOUTH AND " , Mr and Mrs Ira Iowell[ter Suchsland and family andl The Burr Oak W.S.C.S. metl ? ....................... Isnmck, Mrs. Virgil Warm'r,[ For Club Members and ISERVATION OF .... " " ' ' "~ ' ~pen( theNew "Year'sw(ek [Sue en:on ( Ma kate we el(in I ec 21 at 2 [. M. in t e uay. i1 o "l'hear ramnms J E Moon Ir el Munk ire , B s )f n r ) ) h Mr and Mrs Lowell Mc I and Dora W~ 'c' we t t . IItAL RESOURCES Mrs Glen Paul and Mrs ()1 ' . ~ ' ' .' I end m the LaVon Iowell home [ Sunday dlnrmr guests of Mr. I Upper Room w~th 15 members Nichols r-,l " " an-~ Kath" -[ Bo~ll, er, 'rc.~ Monday to at Commumty Hall - lenin he Moon attended the tunerd Gunter, County Agentservl{es" for' M,s' Moon's I))(i '~ [in lla.vs.~. They also attended land Mrs. Wilbure Smith, Shar-Ipresent. Minutes were read Mrs. Hele)~C'McNic~ols were /teHd tim i'uneral el Merhn I I I II . ~,,' v. " ' . the ,)0tin. weddim~ anniversary on and Ronnie of Superior and approved. The treasurer's, guests of Mr. arid Mrs G~)il[ ther Fred Kenworthyat Des ~Well County Soil Con-' ' ' ' ' f of Rev and Mrs tlarold Ish- 1 The dinner was in honor of ] report was given. The lmagm- 1 District provides Moines. la. on Tuesday. iam at i'lainsvilie" ]Ronnie Smith who left Men-lary Bazaar and Tea will be Hudiburgh in Superior Tu(.s-[ ill i Mrs ttarve 1)c(ker ~ctmncd i at, a $100.00 scholar- " ' ' ~ .... i ETNSN l,t',slie ,~uchsland ar-Id; y for Corpus Christi, ;Pex. Iheld on our February meeting day evening and visited with/- the 4-H or FFA mere- home Sunday frmn vi,,;itin~ tel- J rived l,'t'iday from San Diego, I and the Myers' 44th wedding Idly of Feb. 15th. The finance J relatives at the tIudiburgh J I ill Ill[ dl~ ~11 at~ves at Boulder and Dcnvct I anmv s ' 1 ,c ] tKee ale$ I,o ) has conducted the ...... ' Icalir. ((i spend two weeks with]" ' er,'ary, i comnnttee and the circ e "'- home. tStanding conservation Colo. [his parents Mr and Mrs Les-[ Mrs. Earl Buckley was ad freshment committee will L' This schlarship was Mr" and Mrs" David Dema i tear Sucim[~/nd' ~md ether' rela- mitted t the Red Ciud hspi- make the plans" Alberta Gut- [ I~i Market Reports " t to help 4-H and FFA ray visited Sam Dcmaray and I tives, tal with an acute attack of scher reported that the Sr. S to further their edu- Clarence Pixlcr at the BelleI Rhlln(h) Bailey (laughter of rheumatic fever on Saturday. [M.Y.F. will have a supper and ~d to provide them ville hospital on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.-tl'arold Bailey, Friends and neighbors of a Singspiration. The W.S.C.S. lllcentive to practice Mr. andMrs. Harvey Fogo, lhad th(, misfortune of break. Glenn Fearing went to his will sc)wethemeal~Mrs. Ona[ ~ [ tlg our natural re-Mr. and Mrs. Junior Barnes ling a needl'e off in her foot. I home on Monday and in about] Williamson furnished the les- and family and Mr. and Mrs. I She had minor surgery at the I . " BONDED FOR YOUR PROTECTION -- OPERATIN~ i ! I [ricultural classes pro- were Sunday droner guests of[it r(!l]loved on Monday. I leans of teaching boys Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Barnes Cheryl Pl~ltt of Salina spent l _ ti[ | x[~)~ ~P~ i I,~ "'[~ i ] [ With a real large run of livestock on hand at our sale the importance of and family, the w(,(,kend in the home of| i i ~ i i | ag our natural re-viMtr.danMdrsM, rDl~)y B:'~:nd((:~[Mr" und Mrs. Bud Platt andI nave T0U neam = = li: ~ i []I ~f'~[ iThursday,Jan" 5' the market Was uneven" Choicequallty [ | []1l~.~'~ ~.-'~)1 ]steer calves and light yearlings sold higher, heifer ealvu' and some of the ". ' ,'Y "' [Mike. The I latts took herI [ I [1' II land plainer quality steer and heifer calves looked lowez) ' :~ple have done an ex- at Beloit on Sunday afternoon, back to Salina on Sunday af-/ [ I I I1" /I [fleshy feeding cattle sold strong and were in real good 10b in this important Mrs. Mack Harris returnedI ...... ] That you can buy a powerful 1967 model I I ' ,.'7i"~,11" ~"~ I [demand. We had 6 cow buyers on hand and tl~y were , home Thursday from the St. I i liill/~ I I I [JI --II {[I [ Jail competing real good on these cows. With mostly small ~holarship was set upJoseph'~s Hospital .... m Concordm I lrlTl ,| WIIIIIII behind" the ear' hearing' " rod' " for , I ....... I ;pigs offered, the pig market looked about steady. We 0il Conservation Dis- after spending the past sever- Iil|ll|ld[ J ......................... [had a house full of people and a lot of buyers on hend, 961, with enough men- al weeks there, l4~l~a~it.,1 SALI: RIN~/ [ . .in the campaign to keep We started our auction at 11:30 and were all through sell, 'Vide the scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Don Diehl and ~ /,,T,'-~ $1AQSO Years. During the 6 family and Mr. and Mrs. ttl) ill.~~ laqp/ [the TV set in tip-top con- ling by 5:30 for the most consignors we have had for the , Idition. That is why he al- [past two years. This coming Thursday we are expeetl~l , at the scholarship has mer L. Gruhbs were Saturday [~~[~l ~l~' Iways called Dick s TV & [another large run of livestock with several large eormii~- i ~red only one scholar- supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. ill ~ Radio when it started act- I ments already listed. Listed below are a few ies from been awarded due to I C--~, Iing up. He knew he could ~our last Thursday s auction: 0f participation in the fl se idepend on. our fast, expert I - : .... ]service ] Frahm Bros., Nora, 8 black steers, avg. wetght 451, at : ~linFFAPrgrammembers are [ " [$30.00; Korb Ranch, Burr Oak, 10 whitefaced steers, cello J tN[JARY 2- Iweight 653, at $26.00; Art Hanson & Son, Superior, 1, ~ed to participate in you haven t heard of this amazing offer, p i ."I whitefaced steers, avg. weight 464, at $28.60, also 4 steers, 01arship program. In- [ ~ l~ ~l avg. weight 340, at $30.50; Lyle Jeffery, Northbranch, 1~ ' Soil:~ Canconservationbe obtainedof. CU 15 P AN I/ write for free information to IIIii llll ,I;[ whitefacedFormoso, 4 steers,black steers,aVg" weightavg, weight541'at594,$27"00;~at $3&75; Roy the County Extension I [ DIAMOND CLEAR IIEARING AIDS III t] Naylor, Burr Oak, 5 black heifers, avg. weight 45~, at I[l~ ~1 '1 $23.40; Mrs. Raymond Seibert, Superior, 8 whltefaced i it is everyone s re- Ila i] ~1 heifers, avg. weight 430, at $23.00; Orville Troudt, De= ;Y to encourage our BOX 4588 - Lincoln, Nebr. become conservation EARLY AIVlERICAN S0FA ,~ ~-~ ~ weese, 19 black steers, avg. weight490, at$28.i~ /M'dlHI I' Jeffery, Guide Rock, 6 whitefaced steers, avg. weight fl~/~i because our young I II at $25.80; Max Louder, Mankato, 7 black struts, avg., today will be the Foaln Rubber Throughout I I ....... weight 475, at $29.50; Harry Kluver, Fairfield, $ white- , tomorrow, faced bull calves, avg. weight 400, at $25.25; Frahm Bros., said, many times Maple Trim Arms and Legs Nora, 6 whitefaced steers, avg. weight 379, at $30.40; &.'t , YOuth are our most Hanson & Son, Superior, 21 whitefaced heifers, avg. walght Was $219.95 - JUST 399, at $25.10; Werner Reinke, Oak, 5 black heifers, avg. natural resource, the Jewell County r~servation District commended for in our youth and of the youth pro- the county, as well g soil and program. GREAT PLAINS PROGRAM ~lyde C. Reed Plains Conserva~ is a conserva- and action hacked up by the know how to make 201 Great Plains have been signed by farmers This number than any t the state Plains Program County. A plan or of the farm is de- and the needed con- Work scheduled sys- from year to year. is built into farmer adjust his as he may need funds are guar- 10 years hence if ~rrners who hadn't the conservation farms have sign- Plains Contracts. Great Plains be- g~arantees them that rill be controlled on cost sharing Plains Program extremely im- a farmer signs Contract he are available the future he is do conservation sharing funds annually and any year. This tn the CAP pro- 95 NOW WITII TRADE A/I-tA T A/VIE RICAIV STATE MAN SA/D "/ t OULD f?A THR 8 R/G/-4T T/dAN PI E S/DE 4T " 0 You know you are right, when you rent a safety deposit box for valuable heir- looms and papers. Be certain of the safety of your possessions. ,,quop!soad ueq~ :lq~.Ll aq aaq~va PlnO~ I,, :p!cs ~ID aUOH ATTENTION: Your Savings Account is now drawing 4% interest, compounded semi-annually. '2:Z:' F.0.1.,., DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $15,000.00 BY FJ).I.C. i I Ill TI t Approximately 393 Acres of Jewell County Land (Verhage Land) At 2:00 O'Clock P. M. at East Front Door of Court House, Mankato, Kansas This is a partition sale and the land will be sold in two separate parcels. PARCEL NO. 1: The Southeast Quarter (SE) of Section Twenty (20), Township Four (4) South, Range Ten (10) West of the 6th P. M'., in Jeweil County, Kansas, except two tracts of land described as follows: Beginning at the Southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter of said Section Twenty, running thence west 20 rods, thence north 48 rods, thence east 20 rods, thence south 48 rods to the place of be- ginning, and one acre lying in a square form commencing 20 rods west of the southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter of said Section Twenty, and sunject to a water right easement in favor of Jewell County, Kansas, dated January 17, 1935 and recorded in Book 12 Misc. page 292, and also subject to easement concerning water rights in favor of Garnett Thomas dated May 27, 1955 and recorded in Book 23 Misc. page 180, and PARCEL NO. 2: The East One-half of the Southwest Quarter (E SW), and the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE NW), all in Section Twenty- one (21), Township Four (4) South, Range Ten (10) West of the 6th P.M., in Jewell County, Kansas, subject however, to a mineral reservation of one-fourth interest in all minerals for 25 years from July 20, 1943 and during production or develop- ment as provided in Deed recorded in Book 91 Deeds p. 233, and The Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SW NE), and the West One- half of the Southeast Quarter (w SE), all in Section Twenty-one (21), Town- ship (4) South, Range Ten (10) West of the 6th P. M. in Jewel] County, Kansas, subject however, to a mineral reservation of one-fourth interest in all minerals for 25 years from July 20, 1943 and during production or development as provided in Book 97 Deeds page 4:~5. Parcel No. I -- Located 2 miles west and 7 miles south of Highway 36 and Esbon junction or at the old Dentonia store. Parcel No. 2 -- Located mile east of Parcel No. 1. Parcel No. 1 -- 153 Acres all in grass with good fences and a big pond. Parcel No. 2 -- All in grass watered by a well and ponds. "., weight 470, at $23.30; Merle Semke, Mankato, 1 roan' cow, weight 1160, at $16.05; Wayne White, Mankato, whitefaced heifers, avg. weight 616, at $22.50; Art II lingsworth, Fairfield, I holstein cow, weight 13~, at ! $17.15; Dennis Valentine, Fairfield, 1 swiss cow, well~t. 1500, at $17.70; Earnest Ostdick, Lawrence, 2 black st~ avg. weight 870, at $23.05; Ivan Jacobitz, Nelson, I hol- stein cow, weight 1475, at $17.00; Lennis Estep, ~ Oak, 1 whitefaced cow, weight 1120, at $16.70; Fritz O~1 lerick, Davenport, 2 whitefaced cows, avg. weight 1310, at $17.00; Kenneth Anderson, Superior, 5 corn fed hl~el~ avg. weight 1012, at $23.05; Robert Brown, Hardy, ~ ~ : fed steers, avg. weight 1005, at $23.05; Orville i Superior, 1 holstein cow, weight 1260, at $17.30, ~.. ~ Artz, Republic, 1 whitefaced bull, weight I640, at $21.08 Herb Jensen, Hardy, 1 holstein cow, weight 1380, at $15,0~; Jim Seaman, Chester, l holstein cow, weight 1840) at $17.35; John Vishnefske, Scandia, 11 whitefaced s~ avg. weight 951, at $23.10; Fred Thompson, Chester, 4 whitefaced steers, avg. weight 615, at $24.20; Reeve Hawk- ins, Burr Oak, 12 whitefaced steers, avg. weight 889, at $23.15; Lyndon Sample, Esbon, 3 black steers, avg. weight ..... 930, at $23.30; Emil Ablebeck, Hardy, 11 black coWs at $197.50 per head; Ray Urmacker, Superior, 1 roan COW).... weight 1375, at $16.75; Bill Delay, Guide Rock, 1 faced bull, weight 1740, at $21.35; Albert Kettlehut, 1 whitefaced cow, weight 1150, at $16.20; Herman entine, Fairfield, 1 swiss cow, weight 1250, at $17.25. HOGS: Edward Peterha, Believille, 26 white pip at $18.00 per head; Robert Harmon, Burr Oak, 8 white pigs ~ 'i at $14.25 per head; Lloyd Sturtz, Edgar, 5 hasp feeder i hogs, avg. weight 150, at $20.20; R. L. Badger, Mankatl~ 7 mixed pigs at $14.00 per head; Philip Underwood),ii' Oak, 6 mixed pigs at $13.00 per head; Don Buescher, Law, rence, 11 small pigs at $12.25 per head; Walt Egglsrl, Hardy, 1 red boar, weight 450, at $17.00 Many more sales of both cattle and hogs. For higl~st' prices for your livestock, bill y.our next consignment to: : :i the McKee Sales Co. at ~upermr - [n.e tastest growing : : auction in South Central e rasKa - where you will strong buying power, a fast moving auction, and ' and modern facilitms mr nanmmg your livestock.Re.~' member, our starting time on butcher cows and fat 11:30 each Thursday morning. For more about prices for your livestock, get in touch with us we will come and look at them. :i SUPERIOR, NEBR. TERMS: 25 percent down; balance in 15 days; abstract furnished; possession I upon payment of balance of purchase price, i[Gordon McKee, Owner, Superior, Nebr., phone I . M.,Jensen, Manager and auctioneer II FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, contact Robert H. Meyer, Mankato, Kan |[T-ne in to KRFS at 7:10 or to KMMJ at 7:30 on Thursday for consignment information for our sale.