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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
January 9, 1964     Jewell County Record
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January 9, 1964

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L/:~!/i! . il ::/4%%~:i .:#/~: : i. /!i :ii:j OF CONDmON National Bank of State of Kansas, business on Deeem- eral Rese~.e bar~ky (~e~ any ............ 1 0000 Lamas and ct~m (incl. $1,146:08 over- dr~) ................................ 229,577.58 Published in reslmnse To~l Assets ...................... $954,323.01 by Comptroller of LIABILITIES - under Section Deman~l deposits of ir~di- Statutes. i viduals, par therships, ASSETS [ and corpcra, tians ............ $645,364.67 with o~her Dep~its 0=f U. S. Gov"t. cash items in (incl. postal savir~gs) .... 13,488.47 cotileetion .... $775,249.56 i Deposf~ of S~aCes arid oblfgatio~s, political subdivisions .... 159,934.94 guarmtteed Total ,Deposits .................. $818,788.08 reserves) 320,535.00 (.a) Total demand of Sates and ~ deposits .................. $790,788.08 T~z~'~ Treasurer. hea~ Subscribed and sv~orn ~o he,re ot~ide her home. me, ~his 31st day of December, A..Her p .argots and Wee b~o~hers, D. 1963. ~ and 'an i~a~t, preceded her Guy ~H. Work, Townah, ip Trustee. WilbecR Rest florae visitir~g ham's: 10:00-11:00 A. HI.; 2:00-4:00 and 7:00-8:00 P. M. Reeen+ visitors ~f ~Irs. ~Ia+tie Metz ~ave been ~Ix. a~d Mrs. E1- lery Vader, Mr. and Mrs. Clare in 4e~. She is survived by all ~f her 'ehil.dven ,m~d their h,usbands or wives; ~ix grar:dso~s; two grand- dzughters; 14 great grandcl~l~en; 'cne brother and sister-i~mlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Ha~ld WkL~n of Des- ma~, Id.~hG ewe sister~, Mrs. Etm- ice Russell of ~V~an~ato and Mrs. Edith M,o~row of Concordia; 'Mrs.~ l~oy W~il,.s~ of Topeka, widow of Che brO~er, Roy; and also severalI nieces end nephews. Sunday Mrs. Jim .Peteete. C~mtmtty Glub wil~l meet Jan: 16 wi~ Agnes. an~ N~aye Batch. Mr.' and Mrs. Lloyd F~lk th~Ar grandehiktren, Randy and Penny Brown, spem Friday a~ter- nvon vlsPdr~g ~Vrs. Ellen W~Kiams at Jarnest~vn, a~d Sunday a~,ter- noah they called on ~Mr. and Mrs. A~be~t Anderson a,t Regublie. ESBON NEWS berne, and will visiting their N~wnan, ........ :! family. The Smiths ~an to retu~ ,:Mr. ~d ,Mls. borne Friday. of E~.lis, Mr. and Mrs. R. Avis0~ and the l Shirley were iu Smith Cer~er on :end, Mr. ,a.r~l ~ R business S~turday. : Kare~. Ray. M~.l]er a~d IM~rid spem ~rs. Helen New Year's at Cl-mpman with the r~H were dim'~r The Lk)ns Club will have a P~- ~M.~.. Lettbe ,I,~,~ cake supper Jinx 18. Year's Day with IVir, M:r. and Mrs. Ger~kl NolMr of la~ Refiner mad ~ubdiviaians mvy reserves) 35,000.00 stocks (ind. of Federal (Ne~ of 3,000.00 diseou~_~s (incl. ) ...... 826,750.99 and ........ 17,035.00 c~vned other premises ...... 4,247.00 4,003.36 .................. $1,985,820.91 I~IL~TI~ES ~f ind~- Im~tn~ps, ........ $1,126,183.18 de- and cor- 223,917.58 U. S. C~v't. 30,715.00 arid" 433,920.24 ............. 751,814,736.00 1 demand ................ $1,529,818.42 ~me and depots $ 284,917.58 .......... $1,814,736.00 AOCOU,NTS ............ $ 50,000.00 50,000.00 ...... 71,084.91 Ac- $ 171,084.91 .... $1.985.820.91 I~OTE of de- $63,287.98 Ca~hier, c~ i~he bank, do hereby de- report ~f eon,d~tion correct t~o Che bes~ o~ and bel~ef. D. K. BAIX3H. directors. of ~h~s re- and declare that examined ,by us and our lvnowledge and ~l correct. L./M. Wood, N,i~ ~E. Fair, F. R. Fair. Direv~crs. 8596 OF CONDITIQN National Bank of For- State of Kansas, at business on December in response to by Comptroller of The Under Section 5211, U. Statutes. A~TS with otaher ite~ns in Cc4.1ection .... $158,470.8S c~ig~t~ons. gu~arartteed ,) .. 478,274.60 "~f S~tes ar~ (Net ............ 33,000.00 notes, of ......................... 53,50~.00 (irMl. ~f Fed- i (b) T~tal time and [ savi~gs deposits .. $ 28,000.00 Total Liabilities ............ $818,788.08 I C~DIT&L ACCOUNTS Corrm~o~ stock ---par val~ae per s~are $100.00 $ 25,000.00 No. Shares au~h0rized 250 ] 1%o. sl~ares unissued, 250 ] Surol, us .............................. 25 00O.00 ] Undivided profits ........... 85,534.93 Total Capital Aecotm~s $135,534.93 Total Li.abilifies, and C~pi~l Accounts ...... $954,323.01 NOTE Tizne certificates ~f de- t By MRS. RAYMOND AVIS'ON Wiley of JewelS, ~Mr. and Mrs. Em- Funeral services were held at l Topeka and ,Mr. ~ Ml's. l~ul P~e ~er coke met't ~t~chiM and Naomi, Mrs. the Kramer Furmml Home, M.~nTi,*~u~a-.~.~. ~e ...... F~.\- = ..... ..Loct~e of Lo~t, Co~o., v~ Gloria and ~le~'~a Nancy Hagga~t, Mrs. Cl~a Head- (lay, Dec. 30, at 2:30 P. NL Burtal ,. ,r~,~,.y m ~ r guests ~.2ar~ a~l[their mother, Mrs. l~l~e~me Holler. S~turd~y ~ ~t lay, '/Mrs. Will Lagergren and ~ was 'm the M,t~ I~ Ce~nete.ry., ~v~s. ~T~n ~'~t. afl, o ~ta were /Mr. ar~] Mrs. I0hn l~i~t~r of Red ~eir g~ndparen~s, ~. A,a Cvarner. . , IMar~to, ~,~n. r~ev. R~ber ~mn-.~r. an,~..~vn-s. ~w~gl~t fl~st, t~_~s.]Cl~ud apen,t New Year's Day v~iCh C~a, ude Boyles, Mr. a~d '~Virs. Harry Wi]~beCK son aff~iaCed ,~,ari w~son, vtr. a~a ~lrs. ~aml,their daughter M.rs IM W~flev wen~t ~a H,u~er, Kans., and help- ~ ]~vnzne.r.. ~. a r~., M~. ~la4r Lamb, a~d sons. , .... new organ. iMr. ~ Mrs. Th~a l~ ed ~is sister, ~rs. H. E. Catting, OBITUARY--Edwarfl V. Ayers [~tr. anaj.v~rs, wayne ~rockelm~n,[ F~ank Shackel$on of Bed Cloud and ~,y spent S~ ~ e lebrate her bi~t2gia __ mr arm nays. Leo iw~zner and faro-] s e~n~t New Year' v i~h his e .... Y' has been recmved Che ,. , p s Da_ w__ m.~ at .~he ~t. K. Voss ~ne, : Mrs. ,Ernest Ptatt of Burr Oak Word qf ,'lYl~?d Ivan Vrost. ~ __ [da~'ghter. ~rs. rvan~-~es Burgess ~ VOSS ~r~Da~OV~ called Friday on ~er mother, a~s. deam (m ,Dee. 21, 1963, of ~ . ff . a~,,9 Iv lr.s; yre~ ,r'~tx~0~ ram[and family. Addle H.aneoek. ~ V. Ayers, 89, of Chowehilla, Calif. v~rs..rceme. ~xmeut aria ~am wereI ~M.rs. Berne~ee Corri~k and Val- guest T~ of Mrs. John Ferguson visited he~ He was a ~0a~ner residen, t of Jewell ~v~o~oay amr, er guests of RaY l erie, Mrs. Bryce Doctd and M_xs. - .... --, '~ sixterdnd,aw, ~I'~ss A,l~ce Ferguson, i cou~ty. The family kived in Iowa Shag/ey a:t the Good Samar~ta~ Bud Bl'ain spev~t Thursday after- one day last week. i for ~nany years. In 1925 ~hey put- Home 'in Superior. It was l~ay's r~oon visiting Luc~He a~d Jacque Callers of /Mr. Will Dillon have ' chased a h~me ~z~d moved ~ Ma- birth4ay. ~posig outsta~dar~g ............ $ 28,000.00 1, A. R. Kingsley, C~hier, of tbe .above~mned `batik, do hereby declare .d~at ~}s report of eor~ti~ is :true aT~l correct ~o ~he best of my kmywledge a~d be]'ief. A R KINGSLEY. : . I We, .~he tmders~gned direc~rs, q.ttest ~he c0rrectne~s of ~is report of eond~ti, on arid declare ~h,at i been examined by us a:r~d to .he be~t of our kn~wled!ge ,arid belief ;s Crue and correct. W. A. Dunsmn, H. ,L. Appleby. Taylor H. Clark, Direc~ars. ANNUAL REPORT OF TOWNSHIP TREASURER To the Township Auditing Board of Jackson Township. In Jewell County, Kansas. The undersigned, To~wr~s~h~p Tro~Ter of Jackson T~vm~tip, ~bmits ~he rollicking report o,f Re- cc, i~ts, Ex~endiCures ~,nd In, ddbted- n,e~.~, for %he y~a.r e~d, ir~g Decem- ber 31 A. D. !963. RECEIPTS General Fund Traasurer's Book Balm~ce (Begin~wg cf Yoar) ........ $94.59 Total ":Reee~pts .......................... $94.59 Tcal Expe,nd~.tures Deduc- ted .............................................. 45.08 Trea:~acer's Book ~ance (End of Year) ...................... $49.51 RECONCILEMENT BANK ACCOUNT General Fund Trc:amrer's Do~k Ba,l~.nee ~Errl cf Year) ..................... $49.51 B~k B~larme (End of Year) ...................................... $49.51 EXPENDITURES ~.. eneral Fund J.~weH Coun, ty Reeord, pvinCin~ budget ................... $ 8.88 ~qv Work. ,beard .................... 10.O0" Guy Vo,rk. envelopes ........... 1.20 Guy Work, trip to ~Ian- l~a,~ .................. 5.00 C!.aude G~ag~-,t~ard ..... 1O.00 Dale Cvis~. beard ............... 10.00 q3~tal F,~e~d,i~:ures ............ $45.08 ~ate of Kansas, lewell County. ss. I DO ~K)~Y SWEAR, Tha~ ~he ~vi~Ti~ ,and ~oregoing is in ~11 r.~s~e~s ,a ful,l ,and ~ue accouter of ~U '~ ,~onev~ received ~oy me a~nd expended/, ~x~ge~.er x~F~h the ~n- d~b~edv,e~ ef said Tovcn,~-~ip, dur- irw. %he ful'} period of tgae yearend- - ir~g December 31. A. 'I:). 1963. ~o~ '~e fu~l ,time ~or w~ich I ,~,0~t~ m~ke such st~temer~t. So hel~ me Gad. S~gned: Da~e Cvi~in, incl, uded ~irs. Di,Hon, WIr. and Mrs. Bob ,MclVI~ins, Mr. J, ake /McDon- n.el. Rev. and Mrs. H, H. I.~arn of Burr Oak, and Lormie Di, l~lon. M!~s Aice Sel'~,o~n spent 'Dhurs- day ,a~erd>on in. Beloit v~itir~ her mo~her, IMps. Leulse Se~horn. Mm. ~inley SmiCh has been a frequen% caller of her" mother, ~VIrs. Lu.lu Davis. Mrs. T. J. Louder of Burr OaK ~a~ a Tuesday a~tern,oa,n v~ior of her daugh'ter. ~rs. Harry W,flbeek. These coming %o see ~V~r,. C~ar- erme tennis .last week were /Mr. George Hull, ~q_r. and Mrs. Carl Lcomix ,of Glen Eider, /Mr. ,~annie Loomls of Ior~a Mr. and Mrs. Sherman ~ of Randall. Mr. Ed S]a%tery ~f Jewell. and Mr. Clarence L~o~nis. Jr. M~..s. Edgar George attended ~he church service ,here Sur~lay ~fter~ n, von. Jan. 5. Mr. A. F. M~gensor~.spe~ Sat- urd~y, r~ig~t a~d Sunday wi~ his daueh~er. ~Mrs. Lee Shirley, and , family. Rev. R, obert S~-tison eznductcd ~he fi~r~a,1 1963 W~rship Service at ~he Home on ,Dec. 29. Rev. Ro~ Mahin held Che "~vst 1964 semdee for us ISunday ,a~ec/~l~l, Jan. 5. F~owers were received ~rom ~he Pavk~.ur~ ar~fl ~lin ta~nil, ies. OBITUARY--Olive Parkhurst Olive Verda l~ark~urSt, eklegt ebild of 1V~ary Isa,tx~l Cor~n, er George Wibcn. was born 5. 1877. in a dugout 8welling an her p~rems' h~mestead rmar the five-mile corner west of N~ankato. and died Deeeanber 29. 1963 at Cs.~rd~a. K~aws. On Mar:h 16, 1898. she was married to Bert Myron Pa~khurst Man, l~to. Kans.. who passed away Jan, uary 9. 1928. /Mr. Park- htwut was a c~,rpen~er. To fihis union were been six children, atl of whom a~e living: Waiter. c~f Bc,lin~s. Calif.; Gra~e (Mrs. C~rl L~ohner) of LouLsvflle. Kv.: R,o;e (:Mrs. C~.:~s. L. Kuhn) ~f Na't~ona~l Ci,,~., Calif.; Helen. of the h~m; Vv~ay~e e~ M~Mon, Kans.: a~:l RuCh (,M~s. A. J. Zmudzdnski) of Frederick, Md. . ~IV,_ms. Pm,k,hurs~ msde her home in 1Van~Mal~o, ~ans., ~l~_ of her l~fe exert Khe paw five y~eav~, dta~i~g ~hioh ~e lived in Con~.~rdia, I~al~.. willh her d~ug~ter. Helen. At an early a~e. N~s. P~khurst w~ united wi~l ~he 3-qeth~ Church. She enjoyed a#tel~lil~g c.h~ch but of ]ale years poor " .... ~ ...... ~. P ""7 7" I desm C.~lff [ Mrs. Ayers ~vas .the for~ner Elea- nor W'ard of ~lVfar~ka~to IG~ns. After I her death in 1957, ~Mr. Ayers ke~t i his residence un~ July, 1960, vch, en he went to (:~howChil'~a ~to make ~ls home with his ~rin daughters, 3~Irs. ~hirley F~zier and ~rlrs. Dor0~hy Innes. SuFvive~ are .his t~in daugh~:s and a s, cn, V~ard Ayers, ~1 of OhravohiDa; a sister, ~Virs. Eliza, bot~ Fulton of Over,and Park, I@ar~s.; ewe grar~dohi.ldre~ ~n,d five great grandchildren. Ed Ayers w,~ ~he uncle of Mrs. Lela Sutcliff, Russel,1 a~d Walker of ~N~anl~ato, I~ans.. arid Mrs. /Mack Harris of Burr Oak, Karts. MONTROSE NEWS By Mrs. Lloyd Gardner Mr_ and Mrs. Mike W a~ters and Russell of Denver. Colo., ~re spend,ing .a.~ week at fl~e Ed ~Mog l~me. Mrs. W.al, ters is the former C0v~ie M~. l~eeem vis~,tors ed Mrs. Sebao~over "were: Mr. and Mxs. &1.bert S~at~and family of K e~singtam, Mr. o.n,d Mrs. Js~vy S~ons of Broken Bow. Nebr., Mr..a~d Mrs. Eddie Scho~ver and f~mily of Den~er, and N~s. Lizzie Soh~onover of Liweo~. Nab. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dempsey spent New Year's Day in Gre~t Bared and bvo~.~t~t Mrs. Cl,=o Dempsey l~,me. /Mrs. Dempsey baid s,,er~t ~he holidays with her s~er, Mrs. Ru~h Bird. Mrs. Elmer Radars of Denver. C:~o.. v~si'ted her aura. Mrs. Jan, hie Brig,s, severa~ days ,this week. J. C Janes and ~on. Doug, of Timken were Thursday visi.~rs a~ the A R, J, acobs~n l'mme. 3Cir. and Mrs. W~asme Pavk~hurst of tYE~sion. K~s.. My. and Mrz Nhrk Ki~ey and K~thleen. My. m~d Mm. El~a Ja,c~bson, brays. R'cS- er~ Howlar~d. Mrs. El~ner l~gers of Der~er, and Mrs. W~l.t~r Bled- s~e were calle~ a,t ~ ~ Kin- bame during the pa~ week. ick B~tor2 ~nd tw~ of Dis ne'~hbors af Mo~ette. Mo.. s-cent S~a~c~ay n~gh~ a~ ~he Lloyd Gard- ner ~e. (Brk:]~e Ck~b me% S~urday ni~g~t with Mr. and ~r~s. George I~ich. ~I'. and (Mrs. Don John~n, Ohe,t~lis, Wash., eal~ed on flVlr, an~ ~ Quin~ Sills. is the s-"n of Mr. ,and /Mrs. Ray 3bhnson, Ikmmer residents Of th~s cmzmqunity. Den has rece~ly re- ceived l~s dL~c/mrge from the Army a~er semdr~g gO years. ~f~T. ~nd /Mrs. C~I Vir~t of Sa~r~ Work /Msket Club met Tuesday w~th Ber.neice ~o~ick. .Mr. a~d Mrs. Hil~n Frost R~ta, Mr. and Mrs. Dw~-R Frost, and M:rs. Pearl Wilson were ~hop- p~g Dee. 26 in Hastings. ~VIrs. Lil~ian F~go flew ~ Sa-I lma to Spri~g~ield, Mo., to sper~ the holi.d~ w~fia her daughter, Mrs. 3a, ck Bush and family. S/Sgt Dale U~od spen~t ~he holidays wi%h his pacenls, Ma'. ~ad Mrs. CA~s. U~, ~t Es- b0n. He was en~Ute ~