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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
January 9, 1964     Jewell County Record
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January 9, 1964

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1964 Bowling At Rancb B0wl Mankat0 (Games Through Friday, January 3) WOMEN'S LEAGUES ASTRONAUT LEAGUE W L .Mh~fits 43 25 Newelis .Mobil 42 ~/2 25 i/~ Burr Oak Plumbing 33Vz 341/2 H, atle Drug Store 32 36 Knights of Cdumbus 27 41 Mid, West 'Lbr. 26 42 High Individuals. Three Games: J,ack [MJorris, 529; Ly,le Righ.tmeier, 524; Encille< Lewis, 516. High Individuals, Single Game: EnciHe L~4s, 208; Lyle Right- meier, 2t36; Joe ~Reinert, 197 MIDAS LEAGUE W L Jewell.tMit~ell Electric 47Vz 241/2 !First Na.tierm/ Rank 39 33 Loves .C~fe 38 34 Kiers Grocer. 37 35 JeweH Coun'tsr Co-op 32~ 39 Seems Barber Shop 22 50 High Individuals, Three Games: Glerm Grou;t, 547; Lyte Right- meier, 523; Sta:rfley Ozrnun, 51~1. High Individuals, Single Game: FSP~,tz, 470; J%~ce Bradr~ck, i Glenn Grout, 207; T~aine Clegg, alLfl ~tr~up ,~al ., .... , ~' . _ 199, Lyle Rlghiraemr, 198. :n lnmvmuals, ,'~mgle uiame:I :es Meeker, 195; NyM Berg, HERCULES LEAGUE Orena Spatz, 181. W L Jewel/ Co~ Record 42 30 FRIDAY NIGHTERS LEAGUE i Jensens Texaco 37 35 W L i Dr. Simon 36 36 Oounty Oo-cp 43 29 i Speed Was_h 35 37 Drug Store 41 31 i R0ys Oharaplin 34 38 [Motor Parts 37 35 M~rris Garage 2 32 40 ,B~tr~au Ins. 36 36 High Individuals, Three Games:; Vv~ash 30 42 Cecil Clark, 487; Sam G~tlett, 4~5;I Service 29 43 George Cosmd, 483. NHigh In:lividuals, Three Games: High Individuals, Single Game: yla Berg, 495; B~baTa Junker, Gene ~VIeeker, 1@3; George Jemsen, i ~; Rvma Grout, 44a. 184; Cecil Clark, 178 .High Individuals, Single Game: ~Yh Berg, 189; Nyh Being, 182; ................... t~vna Grou,t, '179. ~', ,l~ MO,~O NEWS COFFEE I~EAGUE BY WA~NI~ ~rKIR W L CLASSICAL LEAGUE W L t~o~vl 48 24 Chevrolet 46 25//2 Dvu, g Store 42 30 Me~ 33~ 38~/~ 31~ 4O% e,~el~l County Record 14~ 57~/z Indiwduais, Three Games: Uzdill, 527; Pailih Stroup, ! Orpha Fogo, 476. Individuals, Single Game: Fete, 187; ,Helen Uzdil/ Uzdill, 175. TUESDAY SlX LEAGUE W L Greenhouse 42 30 Standard 41 31 Service 40 32 Uni, on Ele~tor 37 35 Electric 31 41 ,Exch~ntge Bank 25 47 High Individuals, Three Games: 36~ 27 Ph~ 34 30 33 31 271/2 36l& 'P~dlers 24 40 Individuals, Three Games: Mur~s, 447; Ba~ara Junk- er, 444; Nc~vaa Kidfl, 435. _ High Individuals. Sin~te Geme: ~.il~[Morris 166; l~I~m,.a Kiehrl, 59; Barbara' Junker, 157. MEN'S LEAGUES ATLAS LEAGUE W L J~.3~enbrs ~mr, dard 46 - 26 te Exc~mge Bank 42~ 29 Service 38 34 _~'itizens S~te Benk 33 39 ~t. Theresas 28~ 43~ _ High Individuals, Three ~c~mrd Diamond, 582; Melvin ~eeka, 565; Ton~ Soper, 546. . High Individuals. Single Game: Z~elvi~ ,B~ecka, 223; (~/e) Soper and Deen B~ter, ~14. POLARIS LEAGUE W L v. F.W. 43 25 ~I~,1~1~ Feed & Seed 35 33 i~tcI3avthTs 31 33 ~an~les 26 42 l~l~ ~ion 22 46 V~lghHigb In~tividuals. Three Games: Hedden, 552; Ar~ Berg, 540; t~amiltor~, 519. Individuals, Single Cva~e: ~e~le I~odges, 209; A~t Berg, 20~; 1~a~k H~Iden, 201. REDSTONE LEAG~ W L ~%_BU$~ h G~ & Oil 56 16 ~lectr~ @I ~I ~tn'v*.:i~k~e 46 32 ~wc~e 32 40 31 41 ~e2us Bakery 18_5e . ~ Individ,.tals, TheeC_~rne~ ~[elvi~ B4ecka, 536; Sam CdIlett, 510; Ver1~ H~Iges, 485. _ BHi~rh Individuals, Single Game: iH ~ck, 208; Sam Gfl- left, 190; (~ie) (~Im'~nee Lo~_s m~d Melvin ,l~cka, 192, I ' rence Em~h. Gu.~ts o~ Mr. and Mrs. Don tlowlamd and daughters for Christmas dinner were: Mr. and Mrs. Me~hn Hil~ and Tommy off St. Francis, ~, Mr. ~ Mrs. Nelson S~ir~brv~k, ~arcia and Gray and da.ug~er, Beth, hack %o pani~ed Mr. ~nd ~Virs, Gone K~.I. man of CheSter, Nebr., ,to Kia~ey, K, ans., or a family (:~tmas dia- nor at ~he home ~ Dr. ~nd .Mrs. Eld'on Gray. Mrs. Greeaberg ac- companied Re0v. and ~_r~ James Susan of I~rmeapalis, Eugene, Ro.-~e 1V~a,ire and Deazma R2gers A~bilen~. Ri'N Jane H~wland o'f BOLlev.ille, Mrs. Maud Hew~lar~d, Mrs. Amelia Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. H, ug0 Soder, Chavles Hewland, .Mr. avxl Mrs. Robert How~r~d, Clel~ and l%c~bert Chrk, Mr. and Peters, ~ Mr, a,nd ~s. and G~gm,y, lMx, and Pe~rs. i Mrs. ~ I~, Mx. Berl Lake, .Mr. and /Mrs. R. C. Hettinger awd ,'Mr. and Mrs. tt~ward Apple- drove ~o Cv~oradD Sp~inl~s, Cx~., by spent Sunday afternoon amt ~n S~turday :to attend Eae 50th!eveni~ng at tlhe Bert ~d home we~ ,annivexm~ of his s~ster!in observance of Ricky Diamond's and her 'husband, (Mr. and Mrs. A. birthday. THE BUSIER YOU ARE ~t the .neXt regular meeting of the F0r,m,os~ Ra.bel~ah L=dge, on will be held. Please brir~g cookies or sandwiches. Juni'or ~Sbuder and ,Mrs. A~iee Mrs. Bruce How.l~,nd, Mr. and ~Clark anti ~ly Qf Concordiai {M, rs. E d~mrd Isaac.san, Rex arid were Ch~s dinner guests of~ Deveayne, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Mr. and '~_rs. Roy S~uder. Hov4a~d and Terry, and Pot. and~ J. B. Joerg ofCx~r,~, d, Mrs. Mrs. I~m Fiemn~ing. Emma Joerg and Mrs. Margaret Wir. and Mrs. John Doxon and Gertson. were guests Christmas Jamily off Omaha spen~ the week- Da5r of livid. Lula Joerg and Delia end visiting his parents, Mr. and J~erg of Bel:~l. Mrs. ~les Doxon, and her ,Mr. ~and ~/ivs. Guy Frazier off ma~her, Mrs. Norm Hun% of, Scand~a were C~ d4nner Jewe~l. , guests ~f [Mr. ,and [Mrs. Frank Fra- .Mr. and .Mrs. Howard Buck.nell zier. and D:r~ald fff Hardy a~d Mr. &} {Mr. amd /Mrs. Richard Renken Mrs. Ma,rvin Nelson and /~amily i and chiklren of ~u~hinson and his were Chrristm~s dinner gueo~ of i parsr~ts, [Mr. and ~s~. Otto Ren- Mr. and Mrs. Ea,~l Tob/as. ken, were CA~ d~irmer gues~ ,Mr. and Mrs. Bud McGeary &l of Mr. ,arid :Mrs. Don Rogers and ttau~h'ters e~ W~ichi'ba were guests f~m'7 ,~ Rostwick. Nebr. of her parewts, /Mr. anti Mrs. t ;Mr. a, nd Mrs. R~_~Id Stafford ~a~r. ~ce ..Emi, gh for a pre- l ar~ ~hi~ldren of H~n, IZ~..;i unristmas d~er o~ rues~y. i alia lvlr. ~ar~ 3~_ys. jur~lor l~lelo : r " i The McGearys spent Christmas, we e guegts Chrimmas Eve off Mr. day at the home of his sister Mr. and My& H. G. Field. ~nd Mrs. Fra,r~k Larger anal family Iticl~ard Spiegel Was dimmssed of Stmer:ior. ~ay evening frm~n the Belle- Mr. ~ Mrs. I.~wrerme Em~gh were Sund~y dinr~ g~es~s of Mr. and Mrs. Ora~ Hyde of Cour~m~. [M. S~t. andMrs. Kemm~ L. I-Iuber, Sr. (Re~.) have re~ted a h~use in Co~. Mrs. E~ev You~ off Rex~rd, Kansas was a Imuse ~uest Satur- day ni@h~ ~t the h~me of her bro- ~her Mr. and Mrs. ~d Moh- ler. In the ev~ t~ey all visited at the Bill W~ home in Scan- -" {Mr. and Mrs. L. C. I-h~hn o~ Wellsv~le, Kansas and .Mr. and Mrs. (~ms. WaCson, Gary avad 'i~eir home at V~,,l~ey Cen~er for W. Hanna. a ~or~ger visit. ,Mr. ar~l [Mrs. Lewis Weir of Jur~c,t~on Ci'ty ,and (Mr. and ,Mrs. Bud Hal~]gren and girls of C~ur~- Jan. 9, ,ins~a~laion of new of~eers, ~artd were gv.e~ts ~ ChriStmas i dinner of Mr. and Mrs. Wal%er Grimm. (Mr. *an~ Mm. LlOyd Jbtmmyn of C~ovi~, New Mexico, were callers on ,Sus~y, Dec. 22, off Mr. and Mrs. {Martin Johnson. ChNStrnas dinner ~uests off Mr. aed [Mrs. ~ Higbee were: Mr. and (Mrs, D~e ~ and family off C~n~covdia, .Mrs. ~r~a Huber, S/ Sgt. and ~xs. Kenneth Httber vitl, e hcspitml. ~Mrs. ,H~w~ard Nield. Jr., was a d- m'i~ed Sunday even~g ~o the Bellevil.]e hvspi%M, Were she uv,- demvenf surgery ~n ~onttsy me,n- int. Guests for ~wistn~as dirmer a~ ~he 'h~me ~f .Mr. ~ Mrs. An~lrew S~a~'d were: Mr. and Mrs. Run- aM F,~atk~ord, ~V[ike a~d Tracie, of H~go%on, ,Milford S~aftbrd c~ A.gen~a, [Mr. and Mrs. 'Earl Staf- ford, Jr., anti ~m{t~r of (Ma~l~a~o, iMrs. Bera~ita Adams and dau~h%er, Cytr~is. '.Mr. ~,nd Mrs. E. J. Sewtf- ford: /Mr..a~d Mrs..I.6~'ll Dox'~ avid IMr. and ,Mrs. l~.vard Field, ..................... " ...... R~ were ~ dinner Jr. 37 27 Mr. and Mrs. Paxm~ Payne and guests of Mr. and M.vs. ~ (Mrs. Enmm Joerg s~er~t frmn chil~r~ were ~ ~uests o~i W~t~, I~rle~ and Robert. I Fr~ay ~ Sun,lay with ~s. Mvmlay evening of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Higbee an~ f~TAly, followed [Mr. ~ Mrs. Leo Bland~r~g:Stell~. Detri~he in ~. . by ~ (3hris~nas ~ ex~m~e, sper~t ~ a~ the home of} OhNStmas dinner guests of Mrs. Mr. and ~ffa~. B~Mey Keeler, l,~}a~.~ ~andt~ff~t:M~s~ _~.b~, W..F..~m~. I~u~h were: Mr. let l~t L~[ ' '*~ u~..~ e~s ~ ~-,an~ .~vs. t.:art DiecKn~an a~a so~s l:~t. Larry Kee off . ~rd ...... ,,~ ~ ,.~ wi~h~ , I~ans~, Mr. and Mrs. Mlax of ARon, ~ ~ Gort/an/er wuu~.t. ~v~.~. ~tr~ ~*~*~ '~** ,Bl~ " " "' ~v~ ~ ~ ~^,~_a ~-=o"- ^-'~ I' ndh~g and family off Palace of EIDorado Mx a~i Mrs W L ~-~-'-.~.,~--'~,~,."~,~ II~ock were also tueS. Lo~a,n, and ,~nr~ ~arles" I~n" ~'&'hNv"e4~-'a--~%- g~T&l ~ a-d ms. mhner Brow~ of Mrs Irene Park' Mr. ~ ~-~:s'. home ~w ":~Ix" ~ ~irs ArzlSuper~or were Chrlstnms dinner ,I~le Swi~er, ~ale, Jr., and ~r~ 0 ~ , o Wankl,m ~ sons e~ ~nd & ,~uests ~f Mr. arid Mrs. Vau~ & ~rles, ~x.. and M-re. F~ancls ~Reed --~ .... d~u and/M " his' tw~o sisters f~vn Franldo~.~ ......... ~s, The Br~wms are Mrs. o ~ r. and {Mrs. J~ck Hi'gbee arid Kausa~. ~va~voru s gmrmparen~ 1 zamr~. . lBarsh Baird is spending t~he~ Mr. and Mrs. ~ Hanson off l /M_r. and Mr~ It. C. Hettinger hoii4~ays a~ the home off Mr. and ~/v~Ma~, Mrs. ~ Slhedden andand Mr. and /Mrs. Don He,inter ~Mrs. Hugh Baird kt Santa a~d a~ I~aX. and Mrs. Lewis ~ were ~ dauNh%er ~ ~nith Cen#er the E. W. Wade home e~t Pratt. guests in me W~l ~ hame spe~ ~he week~xi ~f Dec. ~1 a~ ,~'Iv. and Mrs. Cecil Clark, Mr. for O~ dinmer. Mr. and Mrs: the ~(~ne of [Mr. and Mrs. PAehard and Mrs. ~ Clerk a~d ~ of Wayne liar.san a~d da~.4h~er af Hed~tinger of Adr~n, Mb. Fennel, Mr. m~ ~Irs. Mehri~ Manka~o were afte~m callers. I Guests ~f ~x. m~d .Mrs. Michael ~aoohi~ a~d t'~m,/15" off Cokm~/bus, Guests off Mr. and Mrs..l~y _N.. Peters awd ~mil~r for C~ristrmas Nebr. and Mrs. Mm'ie Fa~,e od ttowh~l and family for ~s dirmer were: Mr. and Mrs, ,Emery Superk~r were guests for a pre- ~mer were: Mrs. ~tMe MoOtme of BeloR, MeI~ C~re~: C~ ~nner o~ Sunday af ~, Mr. and Mrs. ~ of O~ta~va, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. liet. Mr. a~ Mrs. Richard Rambau, gh Hit ,tdhison, ,Mr, and Mrs. Melvin ~inger, (Mr. and blrs. l~hael I~.. ~rgdy ~ ~$~r. HUN lind f,,~'fi~ and Mrs.; Mr. and Mrs. Bud Bowles mid Florence ~ of 3"ewell, /v~. ~n~ly of Lawrence, Kan.~ were Edna St, adlford and ~ Engle. ~. Helen, H~bee of l~orrno~, S~y ~ guests of Mr. ~. Sm-n Bowles. The B~vles Mr. and Mrs. C~tvk Dudley and were en.vo~e h~ne af~ ~ ~rl~llof Aumm ar0d Mr. arid Mrs. i~ ~ a~ ~he h~ae Ttbbe~ o~ Sa~ma were parents, ,Mr. and ~4xs. J. A. (rnr~S~ms d~mer guests of Mr. & I~rwles of A~vood. Mrs. Vern T~,bbetts of Selina. (Mr. and M~. J&n Bal~h were Mr. a~d Mrs. Leo t~lar~ling and C~r~ dimmer guesem of Mr. & ~W_r. arid Mrs. Ol~ford Higbee and Mrs. ~ B,~ch and f~mil~,. ~mq&~y w~'e Samday d~m~ guests ~et Bak~ of ~ of Mr. avid Mrs. I-~rry H~gbee. w~s an a~ernoon guest. ~ues2s ~ l)ay of Mr. Will Pa~m'vk was d~ and Mrs. Itamld Mb~er were: Mr. mm the ~t. Hosvi~z~1 ~I in told Mrs. Ver~x)n [M~ler and Oomx~lia enSatind~__ ~na~y of G~de~ Ci~r, Mr. and and of family off Hays, [Mr.ar~cl ~rs. Ox~rd, 'Nebr., Mr. and Mrs. Everefte Doxon of Greet Bend, & I~l~nd T~ner and liarokl of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hum m~d H~Sh'nws, Mr. end Mrs. Duane d~t~tters ~f Pl~11~burg were Wi~ ~ ~an~ly of M~,nka@o. Mr. C~qstnms dinner guests af Mr. & and Mrs. Vi~gll IW0~ler, ~k~a & Mn~ C1ms. Doxon. ~mel, and Mrs. ~ Huber. ,1Vr. and NL"s,. B. A. Field mad Jr. Steve were trusts tDa fmrfi~ Sp-4c Hem~ l~per is expeoted C~ dirmer ~t fl~ir home. here New Year's I~y from Ft. a~ter~g were: Dr. and I-$ood, Texas oa a 20 day fu.v~u&~h. Mrs. ~ms. C4hsc~ ~d Jill of lie will viSR ~ the borne off his Comer, Dr. and Mrs. Ken- ~aer, Mrs. Jim S~msl:~T, and me.h Derll~ & family off O~tha, ~ier~ Mr. ~ Mxa Wybem ~ Mr. en~ Mrs. H~wm'd Hughes mxl ~mfly, Mr. and Mrs. _Sem ergt~vnsofH~ysandMr, andMrs. Bawles and Mr. arm Mrs.I~a~-,,,- tl~e ~IcCtme ~.Ed ~-Iu~es spen~ ~ Day at ,Mr. Pad Mrs,. Iw~ and Brenda, ~Lrs. ~mron li~rrper end ~thi~rea of W~ta, and $&r. end ~ Laverne S~msbury, ~- ~rn ~m~ Rudmrd, were dimmr @uests of :Mr. and Mrs. Ed ~d.r. m-M IMI~ Ja'n ~ m',d son sper~t Chrismms DeS, with her ~m~s r, ~V~r. and ~L,~. Ehner, rela~ves e, ~e~e~: Nebr. Gues~ ~f Mr. arm Mrs,. A. C. were: Mr Ve~o~ Quy m',d ~maily of 'S~peri~, (Mr. and Mrs. Rormld Dayrue ~and f~n~ilsr, arid Mr. and ,Mrs. Imverne Stay.bury aad fam- ~Y,~. a~ [Mrs..~ Patrick at- t~ a family g~ering o~ ".Oh_,~tn~s Eve a~ %1%e home ofMr.. ~rs. ~ Flordl off Scandia. On f~is~as Da~ lhey were din- ner ,gue~ of his t~aren~s. Mr. a~d Mrs. Elmer l~tNek. AddRi~nal ,g~skev0t, re M.r. end Mrs. Dale and fam~lv eft Wich,Ra. On rdgh ~ I:~4cks were (~rl $~rell of C~ur~nd. ~r~t- mas ~te~.c~n Ney were callers at l~he Jim I.mndbhde tmme near Mr. and FMrs. L. C. Hau~hn ~f Weltswfl%e. K~ns.. were ca:llers o~ ~is~s m'~rn,~.ng at the h(~ne cf (Mr. and ~ La~vre~,'e l~nieh. Mr. awd {Mrs, Rvm,ald Price arm ~rnil~ of W~a]ser~bu~ 'Oolo.. were csl.lers Ba#bara Wiley of ~Mlanlva'o spen Friday m~ ,~nd ~aq~urd~y at ~e H, avat~ IM~,%r b~"~,,'~. On Sa%urday even~. Mrs Date Hoard ~ ~he ~ efa ~u~rt~e paw ha o~ex~anee of her "_l~- day. ~ e~md'~g, wery: ~r: /Mrs, croup, mr. ~a ,THE MORE OUR BANK CAN HELP YOU' o~ example, here y0u'll find: OHEOKIN@ AOOOUB~t service %o save you bookkeepng and bill-payLn~ time, efZovtl SAFE DF.~0SI~ boxes 0 prot, eet all yov2 valuables I I~W-fIOS~ I~OANS for business, family and pe~,sonal needs : aud top K~VINGS ACOOUNT service -- qulolL'l.y available under one It, oe fe~' you~ oonvenienoe ! THE STATE EXCI'IAN BAA Lewis H. Siaffoed, ]Preslde~ Helen M. Stafford, Vle~Pres. o. Richar~ L. ~ Cashlerl~m B, M~W~n, Cheryl ]g. ~, ]$ookkeep~ ~ ~ Bookkeeper ca~am Sm~m~ (Ret.), ~Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Stag ford and family, and Mrs. Zce J(~asvn. ,Mr. and, Mr.s Vernon Evavt and Pemeh of ,Be~lev~lle spent Chris~ mas ~tSternoon at the home of Mrs. V~muneta Weir and had ~heir gift exchange. Mrs. J. A. Spiegel was a guest for ,C~ristmas dinner o~ her so~, Richard, and ~mily. Virginia S~l~Syrd spe~ Friday afternoon and nl,gh~ with her gnandmother, Mrs. Edna S~rd, in ~serwnee of her 3nd birthday. Mr. and ~ O. J. Lee of Oehey- don, Iowa, and her mother, Mrs. J~si.e Jenr~ings, were Christmas d~nner guests of [Mr. and Mrs. Am- fold Jenr~ings o~ Clyde. Mrs. Floyd Ross and He, bert Ross drove ~o Grand I~land on Fri- day. ~ get (Mr. Ross, who was dis- mi, ssed fr(~n ~he Veterans Hos~al. Guests (:Ynvist~nas ~ of Mr. m'~d Mrs. Orville James were: Mr. and ~'s. John KindsCher and family, (Mr. and Mrs. Don N~h and fern- fly ~f BeloR, Mr. ~md Mrs. De, me Lee and ~arnily of Glass, av~cl Mr. a~d ,Mrs. Gerald J~mes end f~y of Fbrn~oso. (Mr. and [Mrs. James sDerrt Christmas ,Day at the h~ne of ,his paren'ts, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. James, ~n Beloit G, uesis Friday in the James h~me were: Mr. and I Mrs. M. R. James of Beloi%, Mr. i~nd ~My ~ m~, ~. ~n~ Mrs: l~xmrfie D~y and &~mAly o~ ~ Cotl.~s, Col~., Mr. and Mrs. Bob D~rml~ue and Jean of Spread, M~., ,Mr. and Mrs. Hetty Jemes a, nd family of Aghervi~le, Kims., and ,Mr. and Mrs. Gerald James and fatty. Mr. mad Mrs. George Berneking, Mr. and ',Mrs. Wayne Bemeki~g and sons, and Mr. ~ Mrs. Wy- bern Bei,nekillg ~ famil, y all~end- ed a (:~S ,Eve DaVy at ,t~e Chris'tm~ dinner g~es~s ot Mr. ~n,d Mrs, Cecil CMrk were: Mr. arid Mrs. ,Melvin Jaeabi.'tz and ~am- i}y of C.~olu~bus, Nebr., ~Vlarie Naye, ~VIr. and {Mrs. Richard Rurn- b~ugh a~nd family of Superior, Mr. ~ tMrs. Bob Chrk and sons. Mr. and {Mrs Cu~ter M~rb~e end ~n~!y of Birmingham, Ala., end Mr.' v~l Mr& Joe YAr~ey were Christmas dinner guests of Mr. a~l ~Irs. Tim '~VLm~ble. tMr. arid ~SxS. ~i:,l~n Kir~g.zley daughters ofJ4~, Texas, and his ,paren4s, ~M..r. and Mrs. A. it. ESingsley, spen Chr~t2vms w~L~ Mrs. ~,~i.l%on Kingsley's pexenls,I Mr. and aVirs. Leonm, d Th~npSon! of ,Hays. Mr. and [Mrs. Nelson Keeler ~nd t~mil3r en,te~x'~ined the ikfllowing ~vIuests on ~,~ Day: Mr. a~d rs. Edgar Wrigh:t and baby ~f Ober]in, Mr. ~ Mrs. ~lenn W~ht of lV~an~a~o, and Mr. and Mrs. No]~n tM~'~irmis and ~amily of M~Farl.and, Kams. Mr. a~ :Mrs. C~,rry Keeler of [Ma_nha~an and Mr. ~ Mrs. Nel- son K eeler and family were nor guests Tuesday off Mr.. and ,Mrs. Roy Keeler. .