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January 6, 1966     Jewell County Record
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January 6, 1966

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Sewell County Record, Mankato ~.~ o ---.--~~ and Mrs. perry Erk~land. The'Simmons and 1yIrs, Gerald Mc- ~ ~ ~~ t Hoskins' have nioved from Iowa Mainssponsored'~ party for the ~U l~l~ I)/~J~ IN I~YV ~ !to Belleville. i Junior High Youth Group at the MRS. FORREST HOWARD I Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Alexander, Christian Church, Friday night. ~~-- ;David and Nancy, left for their Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Myers and Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Fogo home in Springfield, Mo Sun- Mrs. Lester Suchsland and fam- and family of Manhattan spent day after spending the past week lily attepded the Hauschel and the New Year's weekend in the visiting their parents, Mr. and lPumarlo wedding Thursday at James McCormick home and vis- Mrs. C. W. Fearing, and other' the Catholic Church in Mankato. ited other relatives and friends, relatives and friends. Mr and Mrs Forest Foster Thursday, Harris home; guests were Mr. [ Mr~,and Mrs. Merle Reed of 'PN||]~ITIhr ~N|I of the persons had and Mrs. Lynn Harris and Tom-/Gtert :Elder were Wednesday sup- ~UUl~ 1 ][ ~Ul~:: I since before n idni ny.- Lyle Jeffery home, guests tp~r gtlests in the Everett Reed!~n~TT.~^mv before. ~ .--- were Mr. and Mrs. Jake [ hGme. McD n'/ Mr andMrs Ciaron e Black LURbifliVAIlUR,December 28 at ml, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jef- Murlin Smith, :'cry, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jef-!of Mankato, Mr. and M's. Ken-t wa1~r~mmi~w~lLv 'ery and Mrs. Lowell McNichols'neth Wilsman of Mankato, and' INI'0111RAIIUN Chevrolet lost at 10:30 p. m. 2.6 Burr Oak on K-28. injured. The to the car was Mr and Mrs. Jake McDonnel Mr. and Mrs. Larry Thompson took their granddaughter, Patty and James McDonnel, Lillie of Boulder, Colo spent the Foster, back to Phillipsburg on December 28 at Moon were Wednesday supper weekend in the Hhrvey Fogo Friday. She had spent the hull- the main street of guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer home. day with her grandparents, the Simmelink of EsbOn, Lewis Grubbs. August Montey and family of Fosters and Mr. and Mrs. Rus- - l Mr and M~s Bob Switzer inla mile one can ride in the court- 1960Chevrolet, aI "" - i an aivlr, ann Mrs. Lavon r-owe~ [ oil Sell Lew S rn n callers were Mankato .ty mat you cannot imfl some s Cpl. David Oliver, who is Osborne were Sunday dinner Eugene Everson accompanied ~r~?rSan~[st?r~:and Mar, Dil' Mark klnderwood w-sa Thurs-[and water conservation work Burgess of Esbon, dri~ Chevrolet, collided on home on a ten-day leave from guests in the Richard Frasier Joyce Fogo to Kansas City. u," ~,T~,o~ p,n(,on home ~uests~dav overnight ~uest of Johnnie that has been placed on the land; street of Esbon There Twenty-nine Palms, Calif will home. - j,~, u leave to return to camp Thurs- Bob Garman returned to Hays Joyce went on to her school m D n ~n~ ~on~i Run I Ga' man - terraces, waterways, native grass injuries. The estimate~ n- Eu ene wen- to ~'~ "'~*" a, ~,--~ ~, ~ o - t day Sunday afternoon to resume his mttsourg a a ' g t a ~,-~1, ,~ ~,~,h Oo,~ ] Mr and Mrs Clovd Mverlv of ~ seeding, ponds, contour farming to the Burgess car w~. h~s school m South Carohna. -~- ~,~- ~- ~- *-'Mankato called on Mr and Mrs land other related praetmes and the estimated da~* Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Paul spent college studies after spending " " a a - ~ - "!- a~ nigh ""ests"f Mr - A.uy xxem~ ~; ~;u~ : -, last Monday afternoon visiting the holidays with his parents, *~, s s ~ s- ~, "were Mr and Mrs Ivan Hu~hes Mack Harris, Sunday evening I The newer practices, which Simmelink car was $151 in the Howard Larson home, vis- Mr. and Mrs. Lee Garman and and Mrs Homer Lewis Grubbs ~ .; . " ~" .i I use toda" are the so called ~::~^ ~ ~ ~- a ann ~amuy an~ Jerry riancocK oz1 A co~ree was nela in me ~ ~' " - " Office of Co. Supt.: iting their son, Lyle Mullins and Carla, and other relatives, wtne. ~J~. o~.~y ~-?, ,~,~Mankato - James McCormick'Reeve Hawkins home Tuesday]management p.ractmes, tlamgs family, of Denver. Mr and Mrs. Everett Terrilltmnme t~nne r rrmn~sw a " " ; - nd [ sWhea ~:~ lCOip Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Jones and spent Friday evening with Mr. BTexaSssBeverly Jeffery and Gale ~ ay ~gUtoS~ :~e~alsV~o,a~iflr.lVatr~ ~trsernl~iOn ~a~v~l]Or :nfdM~rl: r~entgpa~~F~l~u~ul~:- exceptSympathYwhen youiS giveneVe'i Mrs. Taylor of Bethesda, Md and Mrs. Arby Cole. g "- n Mrs. Earl Garman and Johnnie, Kansas City Guests were Mr ing reszdue on the su.face, p o- self." were Friday afternoon callers of Mr. and Mrs. Reeve Hawkins ~n~lrl~Ianaan~rhrLs?rH~ar~ne mpS o Mr. and Mrs. Emerald Ost and and Mrs. Curtis Jeffery and faro-IPer grazing of pastures and put- Tho,;e who called in' a y r od Fo~'o r an M tm~ ~ough land to grass instead Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Pixler. visited Saturday afterneon with " " ;" - "r n ~,~rfamily, Mr. and M s. R ~, ily, M . d rs. Kermit Jeffery " ~ " ~ " " ell; Don ttowland, Mr. and Mrs Ralph Soliday, Mrs. Etta Foster, who is a pat- caeca 2u~aaYFn~rmng o "and family and Mrs Ada Stun- and family, Mr and Mrs. John of fencing out the ditches The Dst week were: Joe Be, Linda and Jimmie, of Cimarron lent in the Belleville hospital, la,~ F '~ ". -,ton Afternoon callers were Mr ~Abel and Susan, Mrs. DonaldlCounty has replaced several spent the New Year's holidays Mr. and Mrs. Art Aspegren, lvlr ann ~vtrs aumor wmpple " " " ' Hafner, Burr'()ak ttigh ]of Brod, Neb~:, were weekend and Mrs. Gary Garman and Pam-:Diehl, Reg~ and Angle,Patty budgeswxth pipe drop struc- Gent Wester Mankat0 with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Powell. Floyd Aspegren and Emil Aspe-~ guests- <'m me--'" aumor" " uarnes~" ela. - Nelson Harris home; guest Fosterocm of Phillipsburg. Olive[tures.m~ droM restructuresand more Veto controlare us: ras, Ore.; Mr. Glen Sunday dinner guests in the gren attended a family reunion,was Mrs Pearl Harris - " Miller and Hazel Korb . ~ P or; Mrs. Agnes SimmelI Lester Suchsland home were Saturday in Courtland. home; Br ndon Rhoe home; guests were Mr. and l Mrs. Lucretia Gibbs of Esbon[gullies working back from creek Madras, Ore.; Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbure Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bennett ~^.~mlerSinn tt~nea~Ywee~awere Mrs. Roy Headley, Oscar Rhoe :wasa Saturday afternoon caller banks . Tammy and Sylvia, Car daughters and Donna Montgom- spent Sunday evening in Man ~ ~ . v r and Howard Rhoe !of Mrs Etta Masters and Edna [ Basically, conservatmn ~s the cry of Superior, Doug Warne of kato with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rev. unn l~elt, Mr. ann lVl s. x~r,~.~ J,~, r~: o~ ~n, andl T^.~" ~ n ^ ,~ ~,+ ~a~ ~.~[same old thing; waterways, ter- Mr. and Mrs. Leroy ~' ~(~l;~rn M,-C:n.o Mr~ Etta vv~ ~-~y, ~ ,~-, .~,~ ,~.u ,~ ~ ,~,~ :,~ . ~ ,-, dalia, Mo.; Edwin Ma~ ' Ran ' " [races, ponfls, anu gra~. ~UnLVU~ Lovewell, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Meeker miner Mrs Wendell Snowbarger, -Kansas C~ty and Conme and Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Haroid New Year's Eve guests were: Masters, Mrs:, Chr tine Z, Y dy and Jeffery, came to the Ira !Wayne Fogo called Saturday on farming and, the proper use ofEdithMrS" Beulahost, Mankato.Fayle' u Bailey and family, and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dillon oflman, Mr. ann Mrs. aorta ~ate~, ruwe,n~" ^, ,~ =~" ,*.ua ,~-~'~*~ --,-w~'"r na"'~--'~,* a,~=-y ~,v,~.~^-~'~ [residues~. makes me Ola mmgs . . * Mrs. Encille Lewis and family. Manhattan and Mr. and Mrs. I Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Wood, Maxeo~ r~,~ Mn~,o~ Iowa to attend I ~n~ ~ ,a~.~,~ot.~, ,~e ~ new. I erraces are not much good The Jewell CountY ine Walker, ~v[r ann Mrs. ~ari ";~."" ~y, ~ I :"'~" "~*~;~ ""F~ ~,---~v lif they are so full of silt from Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Alexander Mike Caldwell in the Dallas l~,m,~ Mr~ ~1~r1~ C-~l~h~na weuumg. ~anuy anu aene~y]ermr anu rmwara ~arvey or Ke-I, " . . losis and Health AsSO . ' ' " " r ' " iarming 6ver mem anu summer visited with Mr. and Mrs. Har- Caldwell home. - Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mildred Cummings, M. a d . ~ ~. ,~^ .:. ~ -.^ [fallowing by early plowing that preciates the assista~ old Beam in Esbon, Sunday af= Harve Decker, Mr. and Mrs. r n aer staying w~th thmr grandpa -pubhc spent the past week m " " who assisted in mak!~ ;~ ~ ~,a ~o,eats While 1:rleh pat .~ a*~ltne l'~ULlll l 1*Jlllb IIUIIIU I~ . ternoon. Glenn Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. ~vxt~. x uttxa o~,~v, ~ ~ ~n 4 ~n ~ ~t 1,~ c ttnev soon overtop. ,a ~ ~,~ ~ ^~.~ a ~a,o gone,~**-. ,~,~, ,--~. ,~-,~,=~ oe~,~,~-~ ~ cess of the tubercUU an~ ,rs ~,~,o,~-o,* a,- n House guests in the Art As- Floyd Myers, and Mr. and Mrs. I XXrr'TrT m ,~eet Jan 11 at ,~e V-ma Ariz ~v~, ,h ai The Great Plums ~.onservano and mobile X-ray prod/ n " ' v-.--,-- in s pegren home during the New Clarence Meeker in the Carl La- Mrs Wayne Underwood a d " h Program ties all of these th g 2:00 m the Methodmt Churc . ]parents of a baby girl born Dec. . Year's Holidays were Floyd As- Rue home at Mankato. - Mr. and Cheryl called on Mrs. Floyd S~m- [ w~, ~,~a W~rs Reece Sander- 19~ The littD ,~i s~-~,~,~ ~ ]together. Farmers ,m Jewell pupils,are pleasedteachers,that mOreandc ~ pegren of Nampa, Idaho, and Mr. Mrs. Larry Thompson of Bould- mehnk at Ionm, Saturday after-[son and family of Manhattan~lbs 11 oz and was named [county have acceptea thin pro- and Mrs. Leonard Aspegren and er, Colo Mr. and Mrs. Marvin noon~2:l~e ~mmt~l~kw?il;a~zO spent the holidays with Mr. and Ren'ee LeAnn. Grandparents are agramc: na gnre~e: :t~eat ~)hvaen ceivedl,000 tookthe tuberculinadvantage t~0 boys of Chicago. Willis and boys of Colorado g ]Mrs Fred Sanderson. I Mr and Mrs. Lee Spurner of Eli Y Y ". X-ray services. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bausch Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Junior[visit her bromer, warier lucKer,[ ~. nnd Mr~ Perry England t'~in, c~if lone-half minion uonars m cost in Oregon " - ""~ sharing have been obligated in We thank all who ~ and Dean spent the weekend in Whipple of Brady, Nebr Mr. ~-." ]were Sunday afternoon callersI Mr. and Mrs. James McCor-[ to the Christmas Sea Kansas City and E1Dorado and Mrs. Junior, Barnes and fam- ~ ~ar. ann lwrs:.~ ~ouney O~[of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Pixler. mick and John spent the Christ-[me~reat mares program which makes possible Springs, Mo visiting Lester's ily, and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford ~uperior spent weaensaay even-] ~m~,~ O~levie visited Mr and ,~n~ h,~lidavs in the Rodnevl btOCKwater ponas nave long q . , parents, borthers and sisters. Barnes and family in the Harvey [ing at the B}ll Yetter home. [M~s. Jake ~'l~cDonnel, Sunday af-iFogo home'in Manhattan retu~'n'-[been an impo[::nt partra~ theerUeringrespiratory f tuberculosiSd~sea~ Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bennett Fogo home. - Mr. and Mrs. Rod-] New Year s Day dinners were[ternoon i in~ home Wednesday evenin~ i son conservat p g returned home last Monday af- hey Fogo and Karen in the Alec held in the following places:[ Mr and Mrs Guy Oliver and ~. o,~a ~.o ~ ~ e~ a,~.~' ~ [Jewell county Through the ef- butions in 1965 exc~ tel" spending the Christmas hull- Arneson home at Inavale, Nebr.]]Have Decker home; guests were ]Mr ~u~d Mrs "Irvir~ Peters and!an~"~am*i'~v:'~Ir"~m'cl~ ~j~.s?~.re~[[f rts of the CounW.ASC Com-. of 1964. , Mrs Mmme Scott and Da Mon days in Hutchison with Mr. and - Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Under- " " le "" "",~' " mittee, and the ~OiL uonserva- Carl A. WeS~ - family were droner guests"Sanderson spent Monday even- . Mrs. Paul Barnes and family, wood, Dewey and Cheryl, in the [Ellis Benbow home; guests were day of Mr and Mrs Roy Fuller-[;, in *h~ r~nnio ~,~inert home] tmn Dmtrlct and those working Alabama's light, si Callers during the past week Raymond McDill home near ]Mr and Mrs. Irwn Neff of Be-[ton and family in Superior. ,~,~ ~ou w~*'" ]with them, cost snaring .m aga ball team of hom~ of Mrs. Je~e Htmtsinger in the Mankato. - Mr. and Mrs. John]lint, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Louder:] Mr. and Mrs. Joy MmhaelI Larry Suchsland is stationed]70.%f r ponds and erosion con decisively defeatea Lela Dillon :home were Mattie Gates in the Glenn Paul home.-]milk and Rebecca Calahan or,were Sunday supper guests of a, the Naval Trainin~ Station in[tro[ u ares: ~'ayments mr. water-whose players' resid~ Mrs Harold ~ ~" way shaping nave also mcreas Van Schoiat~ Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hughes, Carla [ Superior, Mr. and . [Mr. and Mrs. Forest Fostei~. I San Diego, California[^~ " many states. High P Baker, Alk~ Austin, Maymehome.and Leslie key.in andthe Mrs.Lynn LeeGarman ~ n cruiting in high scl~ Hil [Peugh, and Mr. ann lvirs, rrea[ Mr and Mrs Ivan Patnode I t~,~ vo,~ ~ao~,~, ",r~,mo o,nWu- Carman The shaping and estabhshl g I Sanderson. - Loyde [Terry and Conme, returned Martin were Sunday afternoon l ~. ~ ~ ieges does not bri~l Lamb,Glover.and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar lery and 20 young people at the[home guest was r~enry ~arman.:[home to Kansas Cffy, Monday, ws~tors m the Wayne Under- [~ nwate~,~o,WaY~ ~,~, t,n.nn~=""=~h.'~ watar"" ~'~- results. , Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hoskins Loren Fogo home. [Afternoon cauers were ~ary anal after bein~ called here on ac a ~ ~ I .~ --- " e~ ~v ~ ,~*** 1 n o] an and Susan of B~lleville were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Garman,[Larry Burger and Mr. and Mrs.[countof the neath of Ivan's ~ ~ a ~. ,m vo+,~, always are the foundato y IJay Beale and family. - Mack[mother Mrs Steve Patnode xxr;u ,t,~ t.h~;~,mo~lsofl conservatmn program 1 t Richard Brook, Mrs. . ClarenceI . count We need to doublen the Jewell County Tea~ Saturday supper guests of Mr ~-~ y he clarion will hold its Mrs. Dallas Ca]dwell called on holidays in the Larry Schertz[ " " in- in ing at Burr Oak Hid[ IMrs. Mac BGitnott, Saturday af- home in Monument, Kansas,[~ag~t ~yesateT:YtSnmPuc~ to Thursday evening, Ja ternoon, While there Wayne Yetter ands-- " n * * " kr nave me waterways snapeu o Mr. arid Mrs. Derald Coc oft family called from Nampa, [xrnur f~rm Tho w~fpv~g,v.~ d~n't We were very plee and Darwin of Hebron, Nebr Idaho and talked to all. [~aI~e out"mucla-lan~i'-a~cl-inman: ing for Christmas' were Sunday morning guests in Tuesday night supper guests] ~ooon ~. n~,~ *h~ book rack made by the Arthur Cockroft home and of Mr and Mrs Everett Reed] ~";. v"~': 8th grade woodwork|~ were dinner guests in the Clair were: "Mr. and ~Irs. Dale Hen-[are, n~,~armea~n v ==, der the direction ~ Lamb home ~x ~ .n-. w~.=~x ~,~ ~==~- Wesley. Our sincere ningsen of Ionia, Mr. and Mrs.] Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baker an- Wylie Blair and family of Man- THAT COUNTS to this marvelous nounce the arrivalof a baby boy kato, Mr. and Mrs. Derald Dec- I ~ ~ teacher. born Jan. 2 at the Brodstoneker and Cheryl. JEWELL COUGH Hospital in Superior. He weigh- Bob Malty of Lebanon was a Mr. and Mrs. DoW ed 8 lbs and has not been ham- Monday dinner guest of Mr. and ~n~ql~|/l~|TOl~ ~1111~O Nelson, Nebr Mx ed yet. He has one brother, Kel- Mrs. Roy Brandon. |.||| IK I M|IIINP. WF.W~ Ralph Kol~en of S ly, to play with. Grandparents [ Wednesday dinner guests of ~'~'~ ~'~"'-" ~'~" " Clem Warne and are Mrs. Jennie Huntsinger and iMr. and Mrs. Everett Reed were: Hale were New Mr. and Mrs. Ray Baker of Es- Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Rawlings According to Nyla Berg, draft guests at the home bun. of Fremont, Nebr. In the after- board clerk, Gary Lee Dow has Sweet. They Mr. 6rid Mrs. Jim Barnes and noon Mrs. Rawlings and Mrs. enlisted in the Navy. I Bowl parade and lly of, Esbon and Mr. and Mrs. ]Reed called in the Arden and - --- T.MrV s. In 1965, Mankato has seen many improvements in Merle Spooner and family of lThaine Clegg homes in Mankato. Judicial: Tom--"~" Gaylord were Sunday afternoonI Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cline of Ronald W. Clegg, speeding, GraikO the business and residential sections of town. Right callers in the Harvey Fogo home. t Phillipsburg, Mrs. Agnes Mic- $15.00 and court costs. [lins, Colo. came on now, there are several new houses under Marvin Montey of Osborne hael of Ft. Collins, Colo. were Jannett J. Stafford, speeding, [Sunday night to [spent a few days last week in Wednesday afternoon callers of $10.00 and costs. I days with her construction, the Buffalo Roam Steak House is the Richard Frasier home.]Mr.and Mrs. Reeve Hawkins. Sweet. nearing completion, good progress is being made Linda Garman was a Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Fogo left Pat McMurray was helping on the R-K Shopper, the Senior Citizens Home Are supper guest of Sylvia Modlin. Sunday to take Marilyn Hart, in the county clerk's office this Miss Audrey over half completed. Other improvements, too Tuesday dinner guests of Mrs. 'Connie Fogo, & Rena Schneider week. The county clerk, Alvin Sunday to return numerous to list, have been made in 1965. Pearl Harris were Margaret Har- back to college in Bethany, Ok- C. Fall, Jr. and his helpers ~vere after spending two ris and Mantey Harris of Wich- lahoma, helping taxpayers fill out the home of her Progress promises to be even greater in Mankato ira, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Patnode, assessment cards they received Mrs. Henry Ahrens. in 1966. The town is definitely "on the move". An- Mrs. Willard Harris, and Mr. and Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Patnode, Steve with their tag applications- nouncements of future projects, when they be- Mrs. Nelson Harris and Shelly. Patnode called on Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Kell, Mr. and Mrs. Reeve Hawkins Van Schoiack Friday af- A long line of persons were at employed with the come certain, are expected to be made in the corn- spent Sunday evening with Mr. ternoon, the county treasurer's office kato, has accepted ing weeks, and Mrs. Darus Henningsen in~ James McDonnel returned Monday morning when the of- line supervisor in A full page story, on Mankato will be printed in the Mankato. home to Goodland, Kansas after rice was opened. They were Sutton, Nebraska. Midway Magazine Section of the Topeka Capita/ Mrs. Christine Zimmerman of spending the past week with his waiting to get their car tags. started work in S Superior was a Thursday over- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Mc- Monday was the first day that and his family Sunday, January 9. You will want to read it. night guest of Mrs. Etta Mast- Donnel, and other relatives. 1966 tags were on sale. Several Sutton Saturday. ers and Edna. [ Saturday overnight guests in The Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Morris the Lvle Jeffery home were: Mr. called at the Ray Hayes home and Mrs. Chaser Jackson and Sunday evening. ]family of Wichita. Mr. and Mrs. Howard War-, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Peters and neking and family of Loomis, Darrell of E1 Cajun, California Nebr spent from the 25th to snent Sunday and Monday with the 27th in the Keith Morris Mrs. Peters parents, Mr. and home. ] Mrs Guy Oliver. in Mankato, Kansas Mr. and Mrs. Roy Headley Tol~ff and Lynn Everson were were Sunday evening callers in Thursday dinner guests of Mr. the Fielden Figgins home. and Mrs. Clarence Pixler. FIP T BANK IN MANKATO Jimmie Spooner returned to iJudy Frasier was a weekend his home in El Cajun, Calif on guest of Shelly Harris. OLDEST BANK IN JEWELL COUNTY Christmas Eve after spending 18 month on Guam. Jimmie is in Denise Marie Howard ESTABLISHED 1883 the Navy. ] ~~ On Dec. 26, Mr. and Mrs. Rod-] Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Howard ney Fogo and Mr. and Mrs. are the proud parents of a baby ~~~ James McCormick went to Kan- ~rlborn Dec. 31 at 10:30 o.m. ~~~"~ ,~ s as City where theymet the The young lady weiRhed9 lb,~ ~ ~ plane and got Mrs. Ada Stanton, 5 oz and will answer to the who returned home after a two name of Denise Made, She has months visit with her daughter, three brothers to welcome her. Rada, in Kentucky, and at the Grandparents are Mrs. Glee Jimmie McCormick hurtle in In- Howard and Mr. and Mrs. Clif- diana. While in Kansas. City ford McCune. Mrs. Wild, on Mc- Member F.D.I.C. Since 1933 they also visited Mrs. Nellie Cune of Beloit and Mr. Ray Fo o. Jenkins of Garden City, Karts Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mullins, are the great grandparents. Member Kansas Development Credit Corp. Mrs. Etta Masters and Edna, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Buster and family Carl Westin attended the an- of McPherson were. Sunday din- nual business meeting Saturday of, New]in In of the Scandla State The above cap b oo in the K apr Rea oake. / 4