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January 6, 1966     Jewell County Record
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January 6, 1966

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6, 1966 a,U CamWR, -t M,m m (CVA-66) Itwo guided missile cruisers, . and [ancial affairs since the last an-[including the allowance of fees testamentary have been granted Boilerman Third about 16 destroyers. [nual meeting. [and costs of probating said to him as such executor; and Caylor, USN, sonI When not operating at sea, [TWO ]will, for a decree ordering final that you must exhibit your de- s. John J. Caylor America will visit port cities [ They shall conduct an election [distribution; f6r construction of I rounds against said estate within Mankato, Kans is ~ throughout the Mediterranean. [by secret ballot of the land oc-[the will of said decedent; for lnine months from the date of rd the attack air- [cupiers there present of one sup-[final discharge of the executor the first publication hereof, or USS America, oper-[ Mrs. Lois Diamond spent the ervisor to succeed Norman C. from his trust; and you are here- be forever barred. Mediterranean with 'j Christmas holidays with her Greene. The newly elected Sup- by required to file your written JOHN H. ABEL, [brother, Lawrence Brown, and ervisor shall hold office for a defenses thereto on or before Executor. the Navy's newest wfie, Grace, at Phillipsburg. term of three years from the I January 24, 1966 at 10:00 o'clock ATTEST: Byron Rogers, ,is armed with date of said meeting. The pres- a. m. of said day, in said court, [ (Seal) Probate Judge. 'Terrier" guided I . ent incumbent or any other land [ in the city of Mankato, Kansas, I Weltmer, Weltmer & Weltmer, the latest in-Navali(First Published in Jewell Co occupier is eligible for nomina-iat which time and place saidi Attorneys for Executor. She is Dart of an[R,rnrd Th, r~ Jan 6 1960 It tion to the office of Supervisor.[cause will be heard. Should you,~ ier Stril~ing Force, ]"~w'~,~INANCE NO' 367 " All persons, who hold title to I fail therein, judgment and de-(First Published in Jewen Co of two large carriers,[ . ~r~, or are in possession of any agri-lcree will be entered in due[Record, Tnur Dec. 23, 1965) 3t o [ ~ uramance .relating to ~;~ cultural land lying within the[course upon said petition Wit-I IN THE PROBATE COURT OF salaries ot certain umcers an A --[ a boundaries of said dlstrmts whe-]ness my hand in the city of[JEWELL COUNTY, KANS S ~.mployees merem nuJu~ ~L~U ,~ ~nters lessees tenants l~-L~-~ ~, .i,~ r~, ~ ~.n! In the Matter of the Estate of N repealing all Ordinances and ~. ' . . ' ~ START LOSING or otherwise are ehglble to votelState, this 22nd day of Decem-/L. H. Stedman, also known as [r T,parts or urumances m coninct HIS WEEK. therewith in said election. Only such per- ber, 1965. /Lawrence H. Stedman, Deceas- ~Easy With "f~.r~At~,t~r~ ~v T~E sons are eligible to vote. Arnold D. Ross, Executor led. IE ~r~ 1~ ~.~,~ [ . POINTMENT R-X by P.D.A. ~ o vc~r~v r~ T~E All in Jewell County and all By. Robert H. Meyer, His ] NOTICE OF AP ~J~Vr~r~,J ~,-, ~ :~ ch~ ~f w ^+~ i NF EXECUTRIX ,g sienuenzlng mrm-I '-'~" FORMOSO KANSAS ~ ~ . ,le with no nrescrin- [u~ ~r . ' " Jevcell County Soil ATTEST" Byron Rogers [The State of Kansas to me ~rea- r ,- ion I lvia or anti I.-,ouI1Cll- . . . " o . . . el- ~, ~ I bect .: Y Conservation Dlsmct (seal~ Probate Jud~,e htors, Heirs, Dewsees and Lega- w av. w~.u ~ ~,~ ouncnmen . . o j ira .]men. The lvtayorana c . By Jay Wmrenga, . f tees of L. H. Stedman, also nnl,~'~;: ~" the City ot rormoso, i~ansas, Chairman (First Published in Jewell Iknown as Lawrence H. Stedman, t~e+~ 2~ ~lshall each receive the sum. of ATTEST: Edwin C. Marr, County Record, Thursday, ]deceased, and all others who are der ~z~ ~.'~'~ ~.' $4.00 for each regular meeting I Secretary. December 30, 1965) 3t [or may be concerned: ~"~ ~'=~ ~ ~-"~" of the Governing Body of the ,IN THE PROBATE COURT OF] You and each of you will take :.re put,an end to City of Formoso Kansas, at ~,r ~ JEWELL COU]~TY KA notice that on the 20th da of we ~,NSAS Y ~ood craving. As ' n- trirs~ ~bhshed m Jewell Co. ~elps you stun your whmh they shall be in atte d [Record Thur Dec 30 1965~ 3t In the Matter of the Estate of December, 1965, Alcie E. Sted- a *"~ an ' "' " ' " " " i, ce. * I wA~a~ [Harry W Suthff Deceased [man, was appointed executrix of ~,~al&~, 1E smr~s you he ~l~lr~ ur ", Sechon 2 Clt Treasurer T to a more attractive " Y - ! -~.; ~ JEVgELL COUNTY, ss" I NOTICE OF HEARING I the will of L. H. Stedman, also t~,ty ireasurer of the ulty oT :1, it ,~,~ ;+ ;+~ *,T~ nn,r,t,r'n~,t #',1 [Th State of Kansas to All Per- [known as Lawrence H Stedman, .hat',~'Y~ .'~ ~,; Formoso, Kansas, shall receive a I sons Concerned: 'deceased, and duly qualified as :you ~et with other salar.y m the sum of $2.00 pe !Kansas To the Public l You are hereby notified that such executor and letters testa- o month. - - [ Y~, 'oro h~r~h, n,~if;~n *h~+la petition has been filed" in said mentary were issued to her on ~LLv xxrr~vtzcl Section 3. Members of t f ~ ,~ ~h.nnm ~ court by Minnie M. Sutliff, as December 20, 1965, by the Pro- Poun~ n ~ Fire Department. Members o !~ h.~,~a 1, T U wldow and only heir at law of bate Court of Jewell County, ;'~ 2Z "~ :~ the Fire Department of the tA[yl~" :'"-~ ~." ";.'~ ~'~ .~"L" Harry W ghttllff ,~oo~ Kansas lu, 6o, even 41) ~ ,~ ~-~- -chlt~ounty at a tax sale on June 1, " . " "K ' '- - " Or ~,~9 W, o~,or rormoso, x~ansus, bum, va . [to~~,a ,h~ o.;n ~.I~ ,~ ~ praying ior me oetermination ofAll parues lnterestea In sam eC '7"'~ .'"? ~,~"receive the sum of $2.00 for ,~ i~: the descent of the following de- estate will take notice and gov- o~enaer-x Just liKe . CUHIIIIIIt~U till ,June "-:t, l~OO, that . o . discovering all over regular meeting of stud Fire De- scribed real estate in Jewell ern themselves accordingly. All You h . partment, $2.00 for first hour oftm re than six months has ex- t -- ave notnmga fire run and $1.25 per hour forlPired since such confirmation of County, Kansas: creditors are notified to exhibit ~ mose unslgnuyeach additional hour at which lsale and the County has not yet estate in Jewell County, Kansas, their demands against the said ~;~ you aren't com- they shall be in" attendance,t sold said property, but that by The Southeast Quarter estate within nine months from .~u, yOU II get your Section 4. All ordinances and ]resolution of the Board of (SEV4) of Section Five (5),the date of the first publication ~o .get on the road Darts of ordinances of the City lC unty Commissioners said real Township Two (2) South, of this hotice as provided by IOOklng you this of Formoso, Kansas, in conflict lPr perty is ordered sold and will Range Nine (9) West of the law, and if their demands are x of herewith are hereby repealed. I be sold pursuant to K.S.A. 79- 6th P.M. not thus exhibited they shall be ,tablets gives Section 5. This ordinance shall 12804(f) to the bidder submitting and all other property owned by forever barred. supply. A ~a;ubtake effect upon its passage and ]the highest sealed cash bid the decedent at the time of his ALCIE E. STEDMAN, I therefor which is received by death; and you are hereby re- Executrix of the will gives you a ztz- nublication in the official citY lthe County Clerk on or before quir to file your written defens- ~et it today at paper, of L. H. Stedman, also ~[lllrlZll~ll~ll~ll~ I Passed, adopted and approved [January 24, 1966, at 10:0O es thereto on or before January known as Lawrence H. o[-]ur, r'~,~ by the Mayor of the City of For-[o'clock a.m. at which time said 24, 1966 at 1:00 o'clock P. M. ofStedman, Deceased. moso, Kansas, this 29th day of bidding will close, said day, in said court, in the By: Robert H. Meyer, m December, 19652 You are invited to submit city of Mankato, in Jewell tier Attorney. HOWARD E. PATRICK, your sealed bid on the following County, Kansas, at which time ATTEST: Byron Rogers, - Mayor [described property: and place said cause will be (Seal) Probate.Judge. ATTEST: Phyllis Hurd, (41) Lots One (1), Two (2), heard. Should you fail therein, (Seal) City Clerk. Three (3), Four (4), judgment and decree will be (First Published in Jewell Co. Five (5) and Six (6) in entered in due course upon said Record, Thur Dec. 23, 1965) 3t petition. Witness my hand in the State of Kansas, FUND, INC. COmplete adver- tel mall It to your WAUG~ Belo~iuum (First Published in Jewell Co. Record, Thur Jan. 6, 1966) 2t NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING TO BE HELD FOR THE JEWELL COUNTY SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT To all occupiers of land lying within the boundaries of the Jewell County Soil Conservation District, notice is hereby given that pursuant to Chapter 5, laws 1949, on the 20th day of Janu- ary, 1966, at 7:30 p.m. an annual meeting of the Jewell County Soil Conservation District will be held at the Mankato City Hall. At the above meeting the agenda shall include the follow- ing business items. ONE The Supervisors of the Jewell County Soil Conservation Dist- rict shall make full and due re- port of their activities and fin- Block Twenty-nine (29) in Jewell, Kansas. The bid submitted must iden- tify the property bid on by its number given in this notice. Do not enclose any money with your bid. The successful bidder will be notified promptly and must complete cash payment within seven days from the date of such notice, and will there- upon receive his deed by the County Clerk upon written order from the Board of County Com- missioners. An abstract of title will not be furnished. In case of a tie bid the successful bidder will be selected by lot. THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS Neat Harris, Chairman V. E. Tullar, Member Ray Dietz, Member ATTEST: Alvin C. Fall, Jr. (Seal) County Clerk ,INC. MASH CRUMBLES or PELLETS can pay more but you can't buy better feed. See Eldon Grout, Owner Mankato, Kansas (First Published in Jewell Co. Record, Thur Dec. 30, 1965) 2t NOTICE OF MEETING The Burr Oak Unified School District No. 277 Board will hold a special meeting of the Valley View School District No. 66 patrons onMonday, Jan. 10, 1966, at 7:30 p.m. in the Valley View School House. The purpose of the meeting will be to vote on the operation of the school for the 1966-67 school year. Order of Board: Don Modlin, Chairman Don Diehl, Vice-Chairman Gene Frerichs Gerald Boyles Lynn Harris Glenn Fearing (First Published in Jewell Co. Record, Thur. Dec. 30, 1965) 5t NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE OF STRAY ANIMAL Notice Is Hereby Given: That I, the Undersigned, Sheriff of Jewell County, Kansas, will of- fer for sale, said stray animal, described as follows: Whiteface Steer Calf The.sale of said animal will be held on the 4th day of February, 1966, at the hour of 3:00 o'clock P. M. of said day, at Mankato Sales Co Mankato, Kansas. CHARLES R. MURRAY, Sheriff of Jewell County, Kansas and l mg distance buyers for ste ker & " Le of aH clasps. - also stock hogs of all (First Published In Jewell County Record, Thursday, Dec. more informatmn on prices for your 30, 1965) 3t KINDS AT THE McKEE CALES CO SUPERIOR, NEBR. have 7 packer buyers present each week C ws, bulls, fall cattle of all kinds, plus get in touch with us and we will come and Qlem. SALE EVERY IN THE PROBATE COURT OF JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Vida M. Hendricks, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to All Per- sons Concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said Court by A~rnold D. Ross, exe- cutor of the will of Vida M. Hendricks, deceased, praying for settlement and allowance of fthe ezecutor's final' account and inal settlement of sa d estate, MeK S= LES CO. Phone Snp or, Nebr. J. Ftdton, Mmaka,phone I IIF/ IeMm, SmNet,N r. City oI Mankato in said County and state this 23rd day of December, 1965. Minnie M. Sutliff, Petitioner By: Robert H. Meyer, Her attorney ATTEST: Byron Rogers, (Seal) Probate Judge (First Published in Jewelt Co. Record, Thur Dec. 23, 1965) 3t IN THE PROBATE COURT OF JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Elmer A. Staatz, Deceased. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT THE STATE OF KANSAS TO THE CREDITORS, HEIRS, DE- VISEES AND LEGATEES OF SAID DECEDENT AND ALL OTHERS CONCERNED: You are notified that the un- dersigned was appointed and qualified as executor of the will of the above named decedent on December 20, 1965; that letters Jewell County, ss: IN THE PROBATE COURT OF JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS. In the Matter of the Estate of Floyd H. Easter, Deceased. No. 5696 NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to All Persons Concerned: You are notified that a peti- tion has been filed in said court by Betty J. Clawson, administra- tor with will annexed of the estate of Floyd H. Easter, de- ceased, praying for final settle- ment of said estate, approval of her acts and proceedings as ad- ministrator with will annexed, allowance for attorney fees, and expenses; and also praying that the court determine the heirs, devisees and legatees entitled to the estate and assign the same to them in accordance with the will of Floyd H. Easter, deceas- ed; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses WHICH KIND DO YOU USE January SALE 1:00 P. M BELOIT, KANSAS AGE: 12 - 28 MONTHS ULL All lots are sired by WHR Vern Aster 29th. Truly a massive bull-wide deep and tremendous rear quarters. This is the best offering of bulls I've ever had. Most of them are serviceable age. There are several herd bull prospects and top notch range bulls. The herd is now 26 years old, without ever straying from the original aim of breeding cattle with SIZE, BONE, and MILKING ABILITY. (If roads are impassable, sale will be January 25) For Catalog, write Elmer Rebenstorf, Sylvan Grove, Kansas. thereto on or before the 17th i 111 ii day of January, 1966, at twol|MANl~flDl~ ]:l q o'clock P.M on said day, in said [IL|,al"ltt~Jt V~I.I~ |, I court, in the City of Mankato, [| at which time and place said [|Bonded Abstractor cause will be heard. Should you [~ Mankat^ zr, fail therein, judgment and de-]DP .u, ,~mms cree will be entered in due' I course upon said petition. BETTY J. CLAWSON, Petitioner, Randall, Kansas [ REPAIRING Thomas H. Conroy, [ JEWELRY REPAIRING Attorney for Petitioner, Beloit, Kansas [ W~ do ellqU~lMl ' t NELSON JEWFLRV I Mankato, Kans / ~i DR.J.R. SPENCER ] DENTIST ]Office Hours: 8:80 to Noom IAfternoon by aN Imtmemt [ MA.NKATO, KAMSAS I [ DR. DALE A. PEWAK"r E U ATION I Optometrist Th'at's just one of the good things you can provide for [ 12 2 N. Mill your child with a State I 3 doors North of ]Bel t Farm Junior Pro- tector life insur- I I [ Theatre ance policy. Ask l [ rneaboutittoday. IPh ne 26' Befit, Kz z l W, l~ ~[][sp~ ~ ;IIHIHIIIIIIItI=II|III~IIlIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIII~! Phone FR 8-8298 I Dr. John J. Pa 'tzel 308 S. Center - Mankato, STATE ~'ARM LIFE INSIIRANCE C~),'?.'J~ HOME OFFICE; BLOGMIYGIGN, ILL,ib~$ JAMES BLASS General Contracting Commercial and Residential Building or Remodeling Free Estimates Phone PE 8-2116 Beloit, Kansas I rle For T. V. Antenna and Radio Service. Call for Don at L & B Electric, Mankato. Don is a graduate of Milford Trade School, Milford, Nebr. CALL L&B Mankato. For This Service ~JL . . i I DR. JAMES L. TEACI 0R CHIROPRACTOR Located 2 miles south of Superior, on state highway Phone 875-8652 Mankato Feed and Seed and Trucking Service Mankato, Kansas ICC and KCC Carrier Cargo Insured Eldon W. Grout Bus. Phone FR 8-3381; Res. FR 8-8601 Fast Service & Quality Handling of All Loads 24 or 16 Ft. Trucks - Call us for Semi I Optometric Eye Slmeialist Smith enter, Kamm - - : - -- -,i~~ AUTOMATIC Coin Operated WASHERS mid DBYER8 A convenient way to wash Open 24 ho s per Sevm Days A Week MANKATO LAUNDRY & RRS Phone Fa gog DR. MERWIN PETEI ON Doctor of Dental Surger 8:00 a. m. to :00 p. m. Monday Through Saturday Door South Wagn Drug Sto PHONES: Office FR ~1~1~; Re~dence Fit 8.1VIU. Closed Thursday afternoon . For Men or women Licensed by the State Rooms have Radio aml Air Conditionin Member Kansu and American Nurmng Home .Association 808 N. Commorcial Phone FR 8-3917 II I III I II JOHN W. ROSS Attorney ,& Aimtm t Dial FR 844 116 N. Commemlal, Ma a ,Kamms III % s m os: Sete, Pcmaaen a 1st Homm Naz gweden Phon GREETING CARDS Never 8ef0re Sound So Full, So Clear, So Truel For All Birthday, Chee miv , Thuk You, S tl r, Gift, etc. HAX DRUG 8TOR R. J. FULTON Phone 84176 - Manka 'Wlk~ ~mml~ y~r m~, wm~ ~ MMmm I~. ~mmm MONtX MgRy Au lm i