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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
January 2, 1964     Jewell County Record
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January 2, 1964

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JeweH ~. Record, Mankatu, Ks. ................... Mr. and /Mrs. Bud B'laln were Roy. and Mrs. P~ul Herrick of 'Mrs. Glen Jones. Due to the sr~owlweek wish his parents, ethe Ctar- Mr. arid `Mrs. T. R. Smith. Mr. Christmas eve guests at .the Charles Lincoln. Nebr.. ate supper Monday forecasts, GleI~da returned to Kan- ence Sho0ks and at the Leland and Mrs. Cur ~tis Dietz and Doug- ~hitemound Whispers Lea, dabrand home. On Wedn~dayievenm*g with .Mr. and Mrs. Melvin sos City on Friday night. Frost home. By "FROSTY" the Bhxins. ~vIr. and Mrs. Frank Shipley and family. Mr. and (Ma-s. John Adam and /Mrs. Ruby Parsons of KansasIlas' ~VIr. Henry Nelscr~ of Boulder, .......... VoborM and Mr. ,and Mrs. Edgar A Colo., ~Mr. Clarence Dietz of Sup- pro-Christmas dinner was i family Mr. and ~/I_rs Richard Mr. Donald Beam and daughters Voboril were Christanas dinner held at., the George., Sanderson [Henry' and children of ~alina. Mr. Ciq.y was a house guest of/Mr and erior. Miss Cheryl Dietz and Mr. Mrs. Paul Lamb from Monday un- Dale Dietz of Omah,a were Christ- Mr. and/Mrs. Ctem were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. guests of/Mr, and /Mrs. Deap Blain home ~a=st ~unaay wrm svir. ano and `Mrs. Charles Adam and faro-Ifil Friday Mrs. E. C. Greene re- mas Day gues~ of Mr. and /Mrs and Mrs. Harold Beam. at Edgar. Nebr. ,Mrs. Hal Stephens of Salina Mr I ily of Palco Mr and ',Mrs Herman id and Anne. of Mrs ,Kenneth Dedd spem sev !and Mrs Je~ Crum and bests of ,'~:~, ..... , ~,... ',. . , .- I turned home with her. after spend-[Bill Hajny. here for Christmas Mr. ~nd ,Mrs. Benny Reinert and . " ':M trose ~ ~mc~ an~ enrmren jomeu metr ir~g some t:ime at the Paul Lamb Mr. and /Mrs. Pat Smith an~ Grace Jenkins. family ~ttended .the f~uneral of eral days in the ~ospitat a~ Red ~ oi~] , d Mr. and Mrs. Fred, parents, the Ben Adams' for a home. ~Irs. Sophia /Mann at Osborne on Mr. and Mrs. Cl~a'ir Andersen guests at ~he R. Grkffith home. Miss Geneva Ost Cloud, but was ~ble to be a~ home i ~a'naerson as .their guests. ] Christmas dinner ' family were Christmas Day supper Thursday morning. Friends flx~n for Christm.as. It was necessary for!. avlr. ar~t Mrs. Jim Dutton and [ Mr. and ,Mrs. 'John Adam, Mr. and Corine of Arnold and Mrs. Mr. and `Mrs. LeRoy 2vIcCormiek Friday and Saturday Igsbon ~0~ho also ~.t~nded were Mr. her t~ have ecwo Mood transfusions, lvn-s. M.elwn Shipley and childrenlan,d 'Mrs. Riehard Henry and Mr. Hooker called at the Aubrey Gass an, d Jack of Red Cloud were Wed- Rosbaugh family in end Mrs. Ben Adams, Mr. and Mr and Mrs Fred Shook and were.~. Christmas ca'llers at the era ~nd rMalrSofB~r...A~am#2t~idnedn~ . ~ine. harne Tuesday afternoon, nesday evening supper guests ot ~Irs. Clarence Blew. iMr. and Mrs. Ta~ie of Ma.~hatta,n. Mr. and Hit.ls hc~-ne. ~f e ~ op s 'Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson and her paren, ts. "Mr. ,,and Mrs. Guy Fred Sanderson Mr. and ,/Mrs. `Mrs Leland Fx,ost and family and,_ Mrs. Stella Lamb and Miss Leia Osborne. Thursday morning, daughter of Wichita and Mr. and Ball. ' "" ~, ' - marne and Mrs Grace Chn Merley ,Kindder and A~r. and /Mrs. Dave /Mills were t~'nristmas ainner ..... ~. ' " e of The home of Mrs. /Mable Kind- ~VIrs. Robert Lorence and children T.R. Smith and Cecil Crawford Leo .2~Iizner Our sympa&hy is ex- guests of Mr and rMrs Charles ~l.anKato end ~vlr. and IMrs. Delmer ler and Roy was the meeting place were Cktrist~ztas eve supper guests are carrying the mail for Max Ba~ tended o &he family Front " " i t~oyms and boys of Burr Oak were for the Kindlers to have .their of /Mrs. Jessie Lan4is. and Quentin Aunt, Who are on va- " - .... I Ghristmas Day guests of Mr and Christmas. Mr. a~d ~Mrs. Earl Sils- Mr and Mrs. Hollis Avison spent cation. ~MT. ~ Mrs. Harold Beam en- Mrs. Viola ,Jones ariel uur~aro ~V[ ...... " ioved an oyster su~er at ,the Fro~t ate dinner with Mr. and/Mrs. I rs. r'aul L_a~,o ar~a dames, iMrs. by and Earlene, /Mr. and Mrs./Mer- Ohristmas w~&h Mr. and NIrs. Glen Mr. and Mrs. Richard l~hodo.~ ..... r~__ns and h~_rs. E. C. ley Kindler. /Mr. and ,Mrs. Harry Coltins at Red Cloud. JOhnny .Beam home Tuesday even- Ctaude Frost and Jacque on Christ- i Gr and Jodie of Hastings spent Christ. . " mas Da ~: weret:~o mere .Mr. and /Mrs. Robert Lorenee mas with her parches, Mr. and mg They were Wednesday droner ,y. Mr gtter . Kindler and family, Mr. and lg_rs. ~u~t~s of /Mr and ,Mrs Jim Fogo ~Mr and Mrs John Phil,lips Mr. havin 0fence has enjoyed Lorus Hulbert and Rex. and Mr. and children spent Christmas Day Mrs. Max Ball and Eddie. ~ly. " ' and ,Mrs. Wal~t~r ,M~arihugh, Mr. i hcen~gcrom pal y since ,his return and ,Mrs. Melvin Sflsby were wi~h /Mr. and `Mrs. Tony Lorenee. Mr. ,anal ~Mrs. Eel &hackleton o~ ~~a~.'l~~:MCh~. ~F~gue~/;~~er~l~L~rn'ya~r~ndJ~h~v~wh~t%edf0a~ ~'. aa~d ~s: ~ave ~a_~,~e?wsp2~el MSrev~ guests. Omer ,guests were /Mr. and ~VIrs. Smith Cen~er c~me aNer he~ Bill and h'Ielvin Johanek were Gary Lorenee and Mr. and &VIrs. mot~her. [Mrs. Julia ,Moyer, to spend change ,taCer in the evening [ Mrs. Hazel Sh~p ey a Max e ~: _ ._" _ ~ dinner guests of Mr. and /Mrs. Doyle Lorenee and /Mr. and /Mrs. Christmas a,t lheir home. ary . ehr " g " " " ,'' 1 nd " in Holtis Avison' " . h~Ierley Kindler. Glen Hartford and ehildren of Christmas dinner guests o~ Mr. Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smittb ..... ,**-_ ,-,___ -~, .... __- __~ ,~_.~ :~r. ~_.~ ,~r~ Jo*-n Brien and ~ ,~u, ar~l avlrs l~verett Dodd /Mr a'n,d/Mrs. Leo/Mizner were Mr. and and family of Corm~rdia, ,Mrs. Lfla av~r. arm ~vms. ~e~,, naau~sou anu mm ~vu. a,u ,~,~,~. ,, ,, 'and *" " ..... ' " -- Clemens and 'Mrs. Karen Dykes of ~mily off Pine City, Minn., spen~lfamily of A~hol were Ohrislrnas' a ~v~rs. ~ ~ana~n and.~Ir. Mrs. Sam IMizner. ~_.r. and ~q.rs. el'l, evi~le were (3hrish-nas Day ,Friday wi, th /Mr. and Mrs Charles [ Day guests ef [Mr. and Mrs. /Mel- ~'_~_ a~_~[~; ,~orge.b2~na~n ot Es- Ray McAl, avey of Jewell, and ~Ixs. I [ Frost. vin Shipley ar4~ ehi, ldren. ~e~ a~m uur. a.n~ Mrs. ~eece ~aa- Baird of Bennin.gton. The guestsI ESBON ~P'~,W~ guests a~ the Bruce Corriek home. Clwon arm cmmren o~ Bala were were all grandparents off ,the 'Miz-I ,Mr..and ,Mrs. P~t Smith and - -- -- istmas dinner .guests of /Mr. ner ohMdren. By MRS. R~ol~r~ aw~ ,~ Mrs. R. Gri.fifi~ were in Hastings _ I and Mrs. Fred Sand'erson. Dinner .guests of Mr. and Mrs. Friday. Dr. and /Mrs. Hers~'mer are driv- _~ ~V/r. and ,Mrs. Hil~n Frost enter- Paul Pletaher at Pertis on Christ- Christmas Day gues~ of /Mrs. ir~g a new Buick. CONDENSED STATEMENT mined &he IM~izner family with a ma, s were Mr. and Mrs. Ber~ Peak Wilson were /Mr. and Mrs. /Mr. and IMrs. ~. E. Arisen spe~t post42hristmas dinner ~oday (Sun- Hem-y, LMr. and /Mrs. Harold Hilton 'Frost a, nd kith, Mr. and Ohristmas wi~ Mr. and /Mrs. Glen At the close of business on Dec. 20, 1963 d,a~). Schroder and girls, a~d Mr, a~d 'Mrs. Dwight Frost, Ivan ~t, and CoMins ~t Red Cloud. [Mr. and Mrs. C1 .a~on tMxson Mrs. Vic Gregory of Osborne. [Mr. and Mrs. Burton Wilson and Mr. o_~,d /Mrs. P. C. /Mendenha:ll .... -4------ spent Christmas IMy *with Mr. and Mr. and /Mrs. Clair Andersen family of Bellevile. accompanied ~Kr. and Mrs. Her- . _,0~.~ ~s. Fred Sanderson. and d~ug~ter ~ &he Alfred /M.r. and /Mrs. ,BOb H, ardy and man Myers of ~Ianka~o {o the RESOURCES The Happy Hour Club supper ~, ~ersens and her mother. ~{rs. fam~'.ly of I.~ngmom, Colo.. spem John Bod,ge home ~ Po~is, Wed. ~arty was held ,,t ~'e Claude ~ Hooker, tahe past week. They were last week-end with her parents, nesday. Loans and Discounts ........ $ 826,319.94 ,home Samr~My nigh~ wi&h Hi,lton here far &he wedding of Kay An- Mr. and Mrs. G'lerm ~ropliff. ~,," /Mr. ~d /Mrs. J(ihn Brien/~ .~.~_, Frosts as co,hosts. 10 members and dersen ~ Francis Poison. The Rev. /Mil~er ~nd David le~t early family of Ker~i,r~t~ and . Overdrafts ....................... 431.05 their families were presen,t for a Clair A,nde_t'~en, s were Tuesdey Tuesday morning for Wichita to Christmas Day guests at &he Mel- Bank Building ....... none boun~l supper ~nd an evenir~g evening supper guests of Mr. av.d Hazel 8hipley and /Max~ine were of visiting and card playing. High Mrs. 'Melvi.n Shipley. spend Cb.vistmas at &he /Mil~x>n vin Sh{pley home. Furniture and Fixtures ........... 17,035.00 score winrters were Bryce Dodd ~Ir. and aM.rs. Jerry Hickman Miller home. Other Real Estate Owned ...... 4,247.00 and ~l~ulby Blain. av.d low scores a'nd Mary of Hastir~gs and ,Miss ~Mr. and Mrs. Claro~ Paxson /Mr. and /Mrs. Cobu~ Henning- 36 ~ were won by Lila &Viizner and /Myrrm Dodd of Wichita joined the spen,t Christmas ~ the Fred Pax- sen. Ja~ Marie and Vail D.. of Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 3,000.00 Harold Schreder . Marvin Dodds and BaTce Dodds son home. J Other Assets 4,003.36 Glen~ Frost spen,t Thursday ~or a Christmas IMy ga~ering and Mrs. ~Ge~. ge Btwgess and family t~loit and Mr. ar~ /Mrs. Rober ..................................... night and ,Friday ~i&h her parents, gift exeh, ange. spen,t t:nristmas Day ~ith her Ost, Kendall, Ki_~ azgt Kim, wer~ U. S. Bonds ............... 320,535.00 ~r. and /Mrs, Claude Fro~t and /Mr. ~ ~rs. F~d Shook and father. Frank ~E'm~kleton, a"c Red ~ ,.~e ~ HennL~g~_m home or ~trismms eve ~ their Christina: Bonds & Securities 35.000.00 Jacque. Dinner guests ~'iday Tammie returned to/Manhattan on Cloud, SEI~ Cash & Sight Exchange 775,249.56 were Mrs. Viola Jones and Mr. and Saturday &fter spending &he past Dinner .g~e~ts a~ ~he Ohav]ey pm~. .... Und~ home on Wednesday - were Dale ,Underwood of Tacoma, Wash.. and Mr. and /Mrs. Nolia Total Reserve 1,130,784.56 1,130,784.56 . Hajny and fro'nile. WE /Mr. a~ ~rs. c. H. Frost and Ask Any Businessman Why He Cal~ Mr. and ~s. Fred Shook and Brown-Mackie First. ! Total Resources $1,985,820.91 ~ daug~er o~ /Manhatta~ spe~ Christaz~ at the Lelan~ Frbsts. EMPLOYABLE EDUCATION MeaS# : ~ C~ristmas eve sup~0er guests of LIFE-TIME SECURITY. /Mrs. Jessie Lantis were Mr. and LIABILITIES ~-s. John. ,I~a~son and daug, hter Wll~R CL~S~S JanB;gtmo of Wichita and Mr. and Mrs. Rob- Capital Stock $ 50,000.00 er~ Lorence end family. . Surplus 50,000.00 ~eP ~ Christmas Day ,guests of Mr. and For College Transfers, High School Gr~ ...................................... Mrs. Bill Baker ~nd daughters Undivided Profits - 71,084.91 were Mr.'a~d Mrs. Pony .Baker, Mr. Adults. IBM KEY PUNCH - SE, and IMrs. 3:aek ~ker and son. /Mr. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Deposits 1,814,736.00 and ~I.rs. John Wilson and Tina. Mr. an~ /Mrs. Lyle Baker and sons ing, Calculators, Posting, Adding MachineS. T0tal Liabilities $1,985,820.91 I A~g/l~ ~i! of Kensi~on. ~rm and Mrs. ................... . ClaUdeerior. ~{rs,WaddleMaudeand t~milYsteir~howerO, ~u~ BROWN- MACKIE ~o-------~ and her dauber and husband, /Mr. and ~rs. Ge~ge Ru~ of Log- SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Inc. First National Bank k.ato.an',Mr.ar~d, ndRichardMrs. FreddieBurns of FielderNan- N3me126 S. Santa Fe .... SALINA, KANS. Ph.~~4 ~// 2~/~~/ ~ ~ a,nd ,am'fly of Bel, levilte spen, t Address Clhri~as eve m ~e lEk~uce COr- - ....." ....................................................... rick l~ne. 6 MANKATO, KANSAS F. R. Fair, Presideni Nlta E. Fair, Vice-l~s. Lowell O. Yasmer, Vice-Pres. L. M. Wood, Director Miriam A. Knisley, Director D. K. Baleh, Cashier Blanche Thonu~ Asst. Cashier Annis Hill, Bookkeeper Pat Czirr, Bookkeeper 0~ I_ We hope every room in )'our house is filled with happ: hess and good fortt,ne during every hour of the coming year. Servinf, you has always been a welcomed pleasure and *(s a special pleasure to wish you the best of everything as we come to the New Year. tL WAGNER DRUG STORE US ,t U You st .> ut~ to the 8iacla %lltai l~lueh tliffen ~e look to the new )'ear with great anticipation. Having At this time each year all of us speculate on had the opportunity to know and what will come in the future. It's time for new ~erve you in the past makes our plans, new efforts for .making the coming year ~ ~l]J iuture bright with promise, even better than the one now coming to a close. We hope you discover a new world of happi- May every season of the new year ness and prosperity during the next twelve months. | be a season of fulfillment for you. May it be only one of many ycar~ of good things for you and your family, Herb Lungre n MANKATO, KANSAS